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Unpopular opinion: Dracoceratops is a necessary part of the post-boosts game

I get the frustration behind being finished off with a swap-in, but I personally find it way more game-breaking to be against an overboosted Tyrant (especially in the speed department, when the dino is already a big hitter) that just has the stats to sweep your team from the get-go, and there is no dino you can use to do anything about it.

The most common example used to be an overboosted Thor, but at least if you invested in the speed of a bleeder or distracter you had a change. Or got lucky with Erlindo’s cloak. With the latest buff, an overboosted Procerathomimus looks scarier than ever. And unlike Thor, you can’t bleed or distract her, and she can Nullify your Cloak.

There is still no “Forfeit” option, so you just waste time waiting for the Defeat screen.

If you use the Rat, and were lucky in that particular game to have her in your random 4, you can at least work on doing some damage to the overboosted Tyrant, and use the Rat to finish her off, before she sweeps your entire team.

Again, I understand where you are all coming from, but I would much rather have the option to put a stop to a Monster that outspeeds all my remaining dinos, and can 1-2 shot them, than just wait for the stomping to be over with, so I can search for a new game.


This is why I am happy I invested in Alankylosaurus. I noticed that none of the top people are have any shield users. For purposes of this topic instant invincibility does -Not- count as shield usage.

And how does that work for you with all those allosino, thors, indoraptors and many others with defense shattering moves around?

Does invincibility stop the Rat?

I just had a battle where I used my Rat to get the 3rd kill. It was a Paramoloch with about 1400+ hp left and had its shield up. My Rat killed it easily.

So would invincibility by Alankylosaurus stop the Rat? I have not encountered Alankylosaurus in my battles. Currently in Aviary.

I have no qualms about using the Rat. It is part of my team. I use it when necessary.

If my opponent uses it, I pray I have something in my team to kill it within 2 hits.

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Very well since I don’t lead with it.

It does stop him. That was his one nerf, they took away defense shatter from his swap in.

alanky make a draw against him,
You swap in rampage,he swap in invincibility
and then,a strange match begin,
if you do long time shield,he can stun you making you loose one turn shield
if you don’t do superiority strike,he can minimal speed up strike to outspeed you
and don’t forget he can heal over 2500hp,which is barely an high lvl alanky can do on rampage (lvl 26 with 30%boost) (which nobody have,i guess)
Its more like a strange battle where nobody really win on same lvl and where the rat can get of easily

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In some cases you do need the rat, if a tier 6-7 Thor comes in the owner shouldn’t whine about being killed bij a DC. But getting ratted 4 times by the same tier 6-7 rat in one game should never be an option. The priority regen should be taken out. It can regen but only as a regular move… most of the imbalance should be fixed then…


“Necessary” no; I don’t currently use it and prefer my teams balance without it; but it does have its role to play. I find teams with an overlevelled/overboosted Thor in comparison to the rest of their team more of an annoyance.

And what’s your counter to a over-boosted Dracotops?

referring to the topic of this thread - I agree that swap in attack is a necessary tool because of overboosted uniques, but also I agree that DC requires a nerf (regen to be removed). But it looks like Ludia wants to go this direction giving swap in stunning strike and dig int to monostegotops, einiasuchus, sinoceratops, triceratops which be mild version of what DC is doing… if not more obnoxious. What do you think about that?

People who use over-boosted Unique will say they did that take out Dracotops.

L28 6/6/6 Erlidom (and even more so post update) and L29 5/5/5 Thor can one shot most Rats; Dilorach, Tryko, Utarinex and Magna normally need two shots to get the job done.

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We don’t get to use 2 turns.

The nerf which means rat users have to account for shields and armour gives rise to so many miscalculations now with them failing to do the maths.

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I Boosted my Erlidom just to one shot Dracotops.
But I am beginning to see Dracotops with more Health than my Erlidom’s 2x Damage.

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Depends if they try and attack or use regen - Magna, Dilorach and Utarinex can all distract first turn to blunt any attack (if Utarinex crits its a kill); in all those cases even if the Rat runs the next creature gets a face full of a powerful attack which quite often results in a kill - makes me laugh when they save the Rat and then lose a full health Erlidom.

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Some Rats survive with 250-ish health - the 1.9 buff will put a stop to that.

It’s true but Dinos with no Sheild or Armour suffers the most.