Unpopular opinion: NO Erlikosaurus week is OK

Before you read anything below, I first want to say, of course I would love to have tons of Erlikosaurus DNA, but my point is, it is okay not to have a Erlikosaurus week.

Most people want the event week is to unlock Erlidominus. Erlidominus is REALLY hard because Erlikosaurus is extremely rare. Erlikosaurus is so rare that many people did not even unlock it.

So, let’s say, we would have a Erlikosaurus week. You would have 15 attempts (the highest attempt for epics in the game so far I believe), and you were on VIP and good at darting (300 DNA per one). You would collect 4500 DNA in total.

Leveling up from lvl 11 to lvl 20 costs 3000 DNA and you would have 1500 DNA left. Each fuse of Erlidominus costs 200 Erlikosaurus DNA, which means you would have 7 attempts. You need 250 DNA to unlock Erlidominus. and it’s very unlikely you would have Erlidominus unfortunately.

Or, let’s say you already have a lvl 20 Erlikosaurus. So, you can use the 4500 DNA on fusing Erlidominus and you would have 22 attempts to fuse. I am not sure how everyone feels about their luck on fusing, but for me, 22 attempts don’t look good, and I expect my Erlidominus would end around lvl 22. It’s good but it’s not great.

Now, here comes my conclusion:

  1. Let’s do not get frustrated that we do not have a Erlikosaurus week, because most likely for most people, you will not be able to get Erlidominus.
  2. Even there will be a Erlidominus week in the future, I do not think it will be often. The chance of getting a Erlidominus is still slim.
  3. Of course, something is better than nothing. I agree. But I remember after the indoraptor event, people started complaining that suddenly many people have it on their team and blamed the bad RNG for battles. It would be the same. People would face many Erlidominus and start complaining the bad RNG on clocking.
  4. It is good to keep it rare and grind for it for long term. In this way, we can enjoy more diverse teams in the arena. Meanwhile, we can less rely on or complain about the RNG.
  5. For me, I would most likely to invest in some dinos that I know I can level them up to a great level. At this stage, it would not be an ideal investment option for Erlidominus if Erlikosaurus is so rare.

I hope my post can make some people feel better if we do not have a Erlikosaurus week this Christmas or near future. It’s okay. Dont worry.

Have it with another epic, 6 tries, seems realistic. Most people that won’t even make a dent in leveling Erliko due to 10 DNA fusions.
Its pathetic i play 6+ hours a day in L3, 5-ish epic scents a week in L3 and haven’t seen one in months.

A level 21 Erlidominus will not completely change a players game at 5000 trophies, is it good? Yes, but will not take you to 5200 alone.


Im ok with no erliko, because even with 6-9 erlidominus its still almost impossible to get, let alone leveling it to a decent level.
Would be cool to see it sometimes though.

I agree! It wont change much if you have a lvl 21 Erlidominus. The worst thing is, if after the event, many many people would have a lvl 21 Erlidominus, the game would be too much on RNG.

Also, yes, a higher leveled Erlidominus is ideal, but sadly it’s hard.

There should be an “an” here…

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Good write up. I disagree. I think everyone should have the opportunity get all dinos. I’ve been playing since beta and have a level 15 erlick. I could make him a few levels higher but no point yet.

I haven’t caught one in a long time so I don’t know about darting 300 on an epic as you say but even if someone was lucky enough to do this 15 times they would most likely not have enough to make erlidominus unless they were really high level to begin with.

Everyone would like a chance to get uniques rather than feel they are unattainable except for people spending a lot of money and already having a level 30.


I got some from the Brachiosaurus strike event, so I finally unlocked it :raised_hands:

Sounds like someone has one and doesn’t want others having fun like them :joy: keep your opinion to yourself we need an erliko week! I have been playing since week before global release and have seen 2 erliko in the wild and only gotten enough from incubators to make it lvl 15. Utter bs. Sorry but no! No erliko week is not okay! Real players need the high tier Dino’s not just spoofs


Sorry, I don’t have one. How rude is that you just assuming I have one? Besides, can’t I express myself freely? Where is my right of free speech? Sorry mate, your comment seemed rude not funny.

I DISAGREE. And it is not about creating erlidominus.
I disagree because Erliko as an epic deserve an event too. Same like sino, ankylo, trex, kentro, pyro, mono even koola & secondo. Almost all epic in the list at least appear in event.

If erli can talk, thats what she will say.
…imagine if we do the same scenario and block event week to sino and anky or trex. do we like it? i can bet suddenly lot of people will complain.

…so its not about creating erlidominus
…and it is not about cloak issue


OP, no offense but your article was too long to read…

And I still want an Erlikosaur event :+1:t4::+1:t4:

There already is one nigh-impossible to get unique (magna), and u can ask anyone who’s gotten it that the extra labor was not necessary, and added no value to the creature.



So…Recently we actually could have:
15 (armor) + 9 (legacy) + 9 (stunning) = 33 Sinocera
15 (armor) + 9 (legacy) = 24 Ankylo

Which are even more important than Erliko in fusing hybrids, and could able to build up 2 Unique from each dino.

Why couldn’t we have Erliko? I can’t get your point.
We didn’t even seem any event contain Erliko, this is the main problem.
Even Stygi and Alanqa released several times in event spawn, which are exclusive arena dinos.


As a erldiom user currently at level 26, an erlik week would be an absolute blessing. Also notice OP, that ur initial argument doesnt adress at all, those of us who already have erldiom :thinking:

So if the duck L’orange is so rare and that is bc the unique is so powerful, then very few should have it, much less have it at Max level. And since that is not the case, as many in the top have Erlidominus maxed, then it sounds like those people don’t want an Erlik event so they don’t have competition coming from the bottom.

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If it were not for the repeated “sino/anky trex/raptor” events most of us would not have their respective legendaries or uniques. By having these events over and over again, its has allowed us all the opportunity to unlock them, or at least give us a chance to do so, thus giving us more dinos to use. This only highlights the fact that Ludia is not showcasing erlik on purpose. Having a single erlik event will help me get a fuse or 2 on erlidom, because my erlik is 19+. I personally want repeated erlik events. Why not? Allowing everyone a chance to unlock erlidom will add to diversity…one more beast for us all to use. I just don’t understand how the OP thinks that NOT having an erlik event will give me comfort.
edit: #freethegoldenchicken

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Enough said