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Unpopular Opinion: Patch 1.6 is very uninspiring


There’s something about Patch 1.6 that didn’t carry the same luster that Patch 1.5 brought to the game.

2 Unique fliers whose hype was stronger than their actual kit/stats, valuable dinos such as Anky & Tenonto thrown into parks, meta heading toward who can have a Swap-In Shattering Rampage in their hand, and now making an Epic a potential menace in upper leagues (both of which SIA & Epic Dinos are still SuperHybrid eligible, plausibly just leading for a quick money grab on Ludia’s end so they’ll eventually get nerfed when/if they get hybrids).

I think the Alliance Missions are a great addition & I hope more additional features are intended to be introduced on the alliance end, but seriously what direction is Ludia intending to take at this point? Why not work on fine tuning past content that can be improved (I’m looking at dinos like Diorajasaur, Tuoramoloch & Grypolyth). I might be the outlier here, but this update feels pretty stale. I’m welcome to criticism or input on what other’s take on this update is to them.


I think very much the opposite, I think last patch did very little and that this patch has been much more exciting. I’m far enough into the game that new commons rares and epics with no legendary hybrids aren’t really worth my time though I enjoy unlocking new dinosaurs. I’m disappointed that swap in shattering rampage remains in the game but glad for the 2 move lockdown.

I totally agree with you on the alliance missions, that’s what I’ve most enjoyed so far about the update and something that was missing bigtime from the game. There is finally a reason to be part of an alliance.


Thw problem i have is ludia seems to be taking us down a most of our epic dna will comes from events, incs, and missions. I feel like the ar portion of this game is suffering because Ludia seems to want the ar game to supplement getting dna elsewhere.

And yes for me it makes the game less exciting… back in the summer i used to walk with my kids and we be like take a short walk… then wed see something we need and walk a little farther eventually a short walk would end up being 4-6 miles… now its ok nothing but majungas lets go home .


Direction is simple :

  1. Add busted new dinos “miscalculated” or change attack to a Dino with little “miscalculation”
  2. Let enough time to players to level it up high enough
  3. Say something about diplocaulus messing around
  4. Nerf the Dino and release a superhybrid of it stronger
  5. Rinse and repeat.

Apart from that, alliance missions are a good thing and solo mission rework is a nice touch (little late but better late than never right :+1:)


Agreed. Stigidaryx is nothing more than an annoying gimmick dino and Pterovexus is just a worse Monomimus. At least missions do give something to work towards. :woman_shrugging:


Things that were not dinos were awesome, things that were dinos were pretty underwhelming to bad.


I honestly did expect more selection of hybrids coming. The two new uniques are very underwhelming. Not even worth the impossible feat to create or lvl. There is really nothing left to work on. Sure the new epics and legendary bomb are fun. But as you said. They both will get nerfed and replaced in the coming months. The alliance missions are an added bonus. And something that can bring your team together. But as far as the arena. We will continue to see the same Dino’s over and over except for one. Magna


I think what I had in mind when mentioned of 1.5 was there were big splashes made. Thoralodosaur & Tenontorex were introduced, big splash dinos to the meta, Erlidominus went from irrelevant to prime time of the Meta, Utarinex & Diloracheirus got more power to their punch, and most importantly Trykosaurus got it’s drastic revamp that has turned it into the king it is. I was looking forward to 1.6 due to new content released…but when the 2 new Uniques, of whose kit/stats do little to inspire, require the same ingredient whose spawn stems from parks, what’s the point of getting worked up for? But hey, atleast I have Scaphognathus to get juiced up about :joy:


Tenont has been moved to parks?

Where did u get spawn mechanics from?

I do feel there should of been more added. The lag and new glitches arent inspiring. And yeah SIA seem to be the new strength.


I drove by 4 parks yesterday and there were Tenonto’s at all of them, all in different territories

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We have all been in parks hunting Darwin. And they are everywhere

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You’re 100% right and I knew it from the patch notes. The arena is the exact same, the stats of the two uniques made me literally lol , and the quality of life improvements are nice but should’ve been there at first. A fresh coat of paint on the supply drops makes this update exciting for a couple of hours. It’s the same game and it’s stale already. I don’t have any incentive to spend on the game anymore and I have spent more than most sane people would. What would I even spend the money on? VIP since October and a total of ZERO “special” offers. It’s a fun game when I’m bored but i don’t see the need to spend any more than I have. I’d think , as a company, that not what you’d want someone to say who’s willing to spend.


Thank God someone else feels the same. We went from a huuuge balancing of dinos in 1.5 with new content, and alliances to very few changes to existing dinos, barely any balancing of stats to allow more selection and variety. More bugs were added, and an overall hit in responsiveness of the app (delay, lag and crashes are more noticeable).

Edit: 3 months for an update this insignificant is a bad sign.

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Its inspiring to know theyre everywhere! Makes getting tenon leveled up easier in 1 zone i guess. Does darwin appear or does he get epic blocked by othes?


I darted two without scent. One with scent. Go figure lol. Also darted an anky in the park off of the scent


Lets hope i dont look like a weirdo hanging around in parks :smiley:

@Marktheshark of the new birds which of the 3 would you say is the best? Do you find the game to be laggy? And are the spawns better or worse? (I havent had chance to hunt since update)

I find as you get into the top 500 its massive on RNG. I hope they take a turn away from chance and maybe add a move or 2 extra to the uniques to give more strategic play. Maybe prioritise SIA functions so a slower dino doesnt attack 1st a faster 1


Stygadaryx is probably the most meta useful, but with tactical use. Pterovexus is basically a Monomimus repeat but without any evasion and even at level 30 it dies in 1 hit to Erlidom lvl 30. Ironically, I think the new Epic Procerathomimus offers better use to the meta than the 2 Uniques. Sure, it’s frail but it has Immunity, Evasice Stance, and the same base damage as Indoraptor. That 131 speed can make life complicated for everyone. If the Evasion works it can be a menace.

I find it interesting Pterovexus is as underwhelming as it is considering it’s components are comprised from 2 Epics & an incubator exclusive dino.


Yeah the two epics are easily the best hybrids of 1.6, but power them up with caution due to gross miscalculations. Edmontoguana is an absolute blast to use, has a massive effective HP and thus more damage output than may initially seem. It can also stall for bleed damage just by swapping in. Don’t think I need to say much about Proceratm due to everyone already knowing how great it is, but don’t sleep on Edmontoguana!


do you have the new spawn locations? could you share pls!!

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I don’t have the full info. I’m just going off what I & my alliance mates have come across in the last 24 hours. @Idgt902 found an Anky in a park & I’ve seen a handful of Tenonto as I’ve driven past parks. That’s all we have to go off for the time being