Unpopular Opinion

The game is over a year old and still is full of bugs. You introduce new dragons, new ways to spend runes but simple things are not cleaned up.

Arena hangs or freezes and one loses points, moreover, you also lose your 5 win streak plus all shield points.

Alpha freezes and keeps glitching. Slowly Alpha is more dependent on the board one has rather than Dragons one gets. If you cannot get the bomb down you doomed, all trickles down to how is the “counter” to alpha.

Lately when you message to the support the replies they give are like “tutorials on how to play Arena”, I mean please at least check if the player someone who has just joined or has been with you long enough. Earlier there was an option to attach a screenshot of the glitch and now even that option does not exist. Instead support team will reply “this is the last time we are helping you with this” is that support?

I’m sorry to hear that, Antz. Please rest assured that our team is still actively looking into some of the issues you had mentioned.

Regarding your option to attach screenshots, could you check and see if your Support Privacy Protection is toggled on in your in-game settings? As that could prevent you from sending screenshots.