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Unreachable incubators


I just want to express my discontent because it is not the same as in the beginning this good game. before one could dispute a battle to win epic incubator with opponents of the same rank or level of dinosaurs. Now that is no longer so, one faces opponents that will never win. that’s bad because as one can not compete with that level, it gets bored and leaves the game.!
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Yup,ludia have increase the difficulty over the time.
For people like me which have all unique,its not a big deal but for newcomers…


You can reference the schedule each week to see which strike events your team will be able to complete. Then as you level up your dinos you’ll be able to complete more of them.

Also, lots of folks post how-to videos with the epic strike events if it is possible for lower-leveled dinos to beat them. Keep an eye out in the forum for videos before attempting them.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing for 1 year and I dont even have a lenedgery but im 129 on spinotahsuchus


spinotasuchus is good but sadly,you will meet lots of lvl30 (sometimes 3),so as newcomer,your best card is the suchotator.
Overlevel him to lvl24 and he will be able to destroy 2 lvl 30 (if they are not immune )by bleed
Spinota is hard to lvl up and oftenly he will die in one shoot.
Well next challenge will be the 3 (or 4?) raptors lvl 30…
I don’t really have the solution…
Maybe suchotator ,alankylosaurus ,edmontoguanodon and stegodeus?
If they are at least lvl 20 ,i think,you stand a chance.


I write to express my dissatisfaction. every time I want to fight for a yellow incubator (spinasaurios) I have to face dinosaurs that are very close to mine and that makes it impossible to win. They should be more aware of people who can not be buying everything. it was very good the game until before the update since now it is only buy to be able to advance
What a pity that a good game kill him so fast so you can make money fast and easy.


You only have to kill 2 dinos? Use 2 bleeders.


You can’t win them all.

They are geared for all levels of play.

Lower levels have some they can win, they don’t give out lots of DNA because lower level players don’t need lots of DNA.

Higher level players can win more challenging incubators that the lower players can’t, because they need very high numbers of DNA for each fuse of the higher creatures. These higher level/more challenging incubators have much more DNA in them.

If lower level players were awarded vast amounts of DNA, they wouldn’t have the time and experience needed to play intelligently at the higher arenas.

That’s just my opinion.

I see cheaters with high level accounts that haven’t a clue what they are doing. They got there quickly and didn’t take the time to learn the game.

No need to buy anything in this game, you’ll get the good stuff eventually if you play.
TBH, buying incubators is rarely worth it.

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You’re definitely using the wrong type of dinos for this strike though. Look to use bleeders, immune creatures, and ones that can reduce opposing dino dmg


I dont understand how people still don’t realize that not all strike towers are meant to be winnable by all players. Some are just going to be out of reach for low level players sometimes, by design.

Psa: you’re not entitled to a victory on every strike tower


Thanks for the tips. but here in Chile there is not so much dinosaur divergence. those that more appear are the majungasaurio, dimetrodon, apatosaurio, irritator. with telling them that i fought against an indominus and never seen her to shoot her darts


You are in local area 2, those are the same dinos I see commonly.

Indominus in the wild is a very uncommon thing.

I get most of my DNA from arena incubators, strike towers and special events.