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Unrealistic tourney enemy

I just fought a lev 15 gen 2 T-rex in the hunter league. This is a bit daft bearing in mind it is impossible to own one above lev 10. I will add a photo of my ipad another time which does not show the level but does show its stats which are above the lev 10. It’s 1am and need sleep.

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Tourney enemies (and PvP enemies in general) are almost always bots; it’s not unusual for the game to add new dinosaurs at higher levels in your “live” player opponent’s line-up. I screenshoted a level 13 and a level 18 Gen 2 T-rex in another thread.

Hope you got some good sleep.


Here’s my current opponent lineup. A level 999 Gallimimus, really? The average ferocity for all three is 15,620 while my top three average 11,394. How can this be considered a fair matchup?

What it will look like when it’s maxed out…


I saw a gen 2 velociraptor


That is not in the tourny though. Good luck with that battle.

Looks like a 350 USD opponent!

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What a bargain!

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