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Unreleased characters

When will Cain, Fei, Ian, Julia, Kelsey, Matteo, Nico, Nina, Pamela and Skye be released?

I’ve been waiting for Cain, Nicole, and Skye, so I’d really like to know this as well!

I’ve been wondering about Cain and Matteo.

I wish they’d fix the errors/glitches before releasing anyone else though

I’m looking forward to matching with Fei, Julia and Pamela, so hopefully soon, but based on Ludia’s track record, who knows. :man_shrugging:

Yes, I’m so excited for Skye, Fei, Julia, Nico, Nina, and Pamela. Also João, Roy, and Queen B, but we need more ladies in the mix. Hopefully we’ll see from some of them soon.

I think Queen B and Nico are counterparts but I could be wrong

If you read Julia’s bio she sounds identical to Jamie Grant. But he already has a counterpart and now Felicia is involved in that storyline too, so maybe she’s Felicia’s counterpart?

Am I the only one that wants Ash?! Im very curious to see what that story is about.

If Julia is Felicia’s counterpart she would have been an option already and I think Felicia is one of those with no counterpart

If Julia was Felicia’s counterpart I would have thought they’d have released them side by side.

Also Julia works for the FBI and Felicia works for MI6. That’s like comparing the CIA (American’s MI6) to the FBI