Unrewarded Incubators/Not Given Hybrid DNA


Just now, I used 10 cash to finish a 3hr incubator. The game froze so I closed out and went back in. I have come to find my 10 bucks and the incubator are both missing, with no rewards. This isn’t the first time it has happened (luckily with just another 3 hr).
Similarly, when combining DNA, the game will sometimes freeze and will consume the two dino’s DNA with no hybrid DNA.

Just getting a little bit fed up all these bugs ruining rewards.


With regard to the 3-hour incubator, it’s possible that you did receive the DNA—you just didn’t get to tap through and see exactly which creatures you received DNA for. This has come up in other threads before.

I’m not as familiar with the issue for fusing DNA into the hybrid, though. I recommend not leveling or fusing creatures out in the field–do it at home or a place with a stable Wi-Fi connection, if you’re not already doing so.