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Unsure about the direction i should go

Hello everyone,

as im getting more and more legendaries im kinda unsure on which to use. well, not only legs but which dino in general. also i want to avoid investing in low tier dinos since its becoming really expensive. tell me your opinion. btw im stuck somewhere around 3500 trophies. greetings from germany.

I would switch out Thylaco for Spinotasuchus. Thylaco whilst not out speeding can do more in different situations. I would also work towards Carnotarkus and replace Purrutaurus with it

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Part of this game is investing in various resources. Some avenues are a complete waste.
Others are surprisingly good.
So let’s look at some Dinosaurs you have that would be good to invest in, for the long haul

Monostegotops can be used all the way up to the end game.
Indominus Rex Gen 2. This epic, is amazing, the only issue is you want to get a certain level and use that DNA to make Indoraptor Gen 2.
The same thing can be said for your Indominus Rex… Use that DNA to make Trykosaurus and Erlidominus

Sarocrixis this is one of the best epic hybrids in the game. The only issue is, it will take lots and lots of DNA and coin to level up.

In your collection is procerathomimus. This is also one of the best epic hybrids in the game,
Also sitting on the sides lines is Thylocator. This creature is also end game worthy.
It is up to you to decide what to swap out.

Monostego is really good and can stick with you until the endgame. Sarco isn’t something to underestimate and can be on a team for quite some time. Tarkus is something to invest in over puru and can be carried to the endgame. Indom gen 2 is good, but try to get indo gen 2. Also put that indom on your team for allosino or edmontoguana. Same with the trago

Thanks guys! Procera is great but ill pass. Seems to be smth personal :confused:

about stat boosts… my idea is to use them on speedsters to get them to 129-131. is this all right? what about the other stats? thylo seems like he needs boosts on all stats.

Rly, get speedters fast so they always go first. Tanks never except paramolch.