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I am unsure about what just happened. I was down 2 to 1. I brought in tryo to finish off a gorgosuchus who was at 52 health. I have full health and i am faster than gorgosuchus but instantly the screen changed to opponent wins and gorgo is still standing there. No internet issues or bad connection this happened all of the sudden.

Can someone please tell me what happened? Was it a server glitch or did the opponent hack the game? I don’t understand how i went from full health to dead without seeing the round and being faster than my opponent. My weakest attack would have killed him. He didn’t swap out cause he was standing there after the fight.

Help me understand plz.

Need an explanation

I know you said otherwise, but that sounds like a connection problem… I sit next to my WiFi, and still experience these, don’t worry… it’s a pain :joy:


I’ve been through this m8, it happens all the time


Gorgosuchus is faster than Tryko. This is the speed indicator problem that doesn’t show right.

Try–o-- s faster and you should have gone first.

I’ve had a pokey T-rex go first often. Don’t understand.

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Wrong. Gorgosuchus is 120, Tryo is 124.
You are thinking of Tryko not Tryo.


It’s a known bug. Connection issues plague the game currently. Your battle was still playing in the background, it hadn’t really finished. Next time you face this close and restart the app.
You will lose one turn and probably the match, but at least you can try…

This post should go to bug reports.

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If there is connection issue the game would still play, and his/her Tryo would have done basic attack, now with Gorgosuchus only on 52 HP how would he/she have not won regardless of connection issues.

People constantly claim connection issues, yet don’t realise even with a connection issue that person should still have won.


I’ve run into this several times. Some say it’s a connection issue, I say it’s simply a bug in the code. Either way, when this happens quickly restart the app (force close and relaunch) and it’ll drop you back into the battle. Pretty lame, yes. If you have a fast phone you may be able to still pick your move but need a really fast phone that can load the game quickly. Otherwise you lose a turn or two.


Let’s call it a disconnection issue then. The game stops sending data to the server, client doesn’t execute any orders and the other guy wins. I faced something like this today. My suchotator attacked three times against a i-rex that didn’t do anything at all, not even the basic attack. Don’t ask me how this is possible, but it does happen.

Help support on this site will claim that this is due to a problem with your network or apps running in the background. Doesn’t make much sense to me, but they may know better…


Well support are a load of rubbish then because even with connection issues your dinos still carry out basic attack at the end of the counter, connection issues don’t prevent your dino from carrying out any attack. As I said support label everything as a connection issue.

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Doesnt really matter what it is… if you restart your app and go right in to battle again 9/10 your can get right back into the same match though youll have most likely lost a turn. Its been around forever too.