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Untameable are recruiting


Currently have 4 spaces in Untameable due to the removal of inactives.
Easy going, family friendly alliance. The only requirements are to contribute both dna and to alliance missions. We try our best to fill up dna requests.
We have just started a facebook group for ease of communication and to post helpful information.
Most of our members are 3000-4900 trophies but this is not a requirement, as long as you are active within the alliance.
We are currently rank3 but should reach rank 4 tonight or early tomorrow and hopefully reach rank 5 by reset.


Hey, I would love to join. I had the app for a while but really got into the game the past month or two. Only have between 2100-2500 trophies but very active and trying to improve my team. I will donate DNA and help on alliance missions as well. Always up for a friendly battle to help complete daily requirements as well.


Sure leave your in game name and i will accept you when you request


bsusko - just requested. thanks. Also interested in joining the facebook group.

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