Until that day comes (a small tale)

Greetings everyone
I want to tell you a small story about my park
It started small, like all of our parks, but with some patience it grew as challenges were won

some members that watched it in the forums called it THE COLLECTOR’S PARK and it was no wonder, because it had at least one specimen of each type (or at least with most of the creatures)

over time I started to breed hybrids and then I became a VIP in order to have a lineup large enough to go through any tournament succesfully

But something was missing, the creatures weren’t balanced and many players noticed it, in my “hybrids section” I reserved a space for an amphibian hybrid or S-hybrid, one stronger or almost strong as the GORGOSUCHUS
In the forums I discussed and shared ideas about new amphibians or amphibian hybrids with other players, but I’m concious that it only depends on ludia that they surprise us with some special amphibian that most of us are dreaming with.

For now this space is empty waiting for that one new amphibian hybrid to reveal

and will remain empty until that day comes


cool story!!
I love the lineup, it looks deep!!


32 of 32 Pterodons, 27 of 28 Amphibians, 52 of 55 Herbivores, 53 of 62 Carnivores - that’s the dream! That’s what I am working towards.

Sometimes, I am so caught up in the battles and the tournaments that I forget to step back and see just how nice the animations are and how gorgeous the icons for the dinosaurs are.

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Yep it’s definitely worth ot to have at least one of each dino. I have every dino and hybrid unlocked and I can get through any tournament by just using 1 copy of each dino, and still have my S, A, and B tier rosters left

This also includes Aquatics and Cenozoics: