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Unused DNA

I have 50k+ DNA for Einiosaurus.
There is no way i’ll need those.

I walk in my neigbourhood and the most dino i find are those.
I pop an incubator, small or large, and the most dino i find are those.
I’m sick of them when they pop on my screen.

Could we think about a way to convert those unused DNA ? Same for other dino of course.
And/or maybee change the local areas from time to time ?

Thanks in advance for your comments


Thats normal, you life in zone 2
I life in zone 1 and have 250k+ Majungas
Next player in zone 4 and he haves 300k+ Suchomimus


No, that would be absolutely broken. Nobody would ever need to hunt again.

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Changing the locals has been something that has been asked for since the start of the game. At this point it can only be assumed the original design was so short sighted that it is not possible without a huge overhaul in the spawn code.

Parks should also be reworked so you can go get large amounts of dna for certain things on a rotating basis - Pogo has the right idea for park spawn mechanics. Pogo gets you walking in parks for a cpl hours where this game gets you driving by parks every once in a while to see if anything useful is there and then driving away when there isn’t.


Spawn areas must be reworked.

It is a nonsense trying so hard to obtain the Darwin Bird going from park to park just to find one or two. OMG, it is so hard to create a non-meta dino than a meta dino such as Thor.

Why the hell is so difficult to create that bird? My game is SIA based and can’t upgrade it because spawns are ridiculously unbalanced.


Einio has two good hybrids. Don’t complain. I have majung. Local 1 is the ONLY local who can complain, majundasuchus and majung are the 2 worst creatures in the entire game.

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Einia hybrid is good at certain arenas… Even having it boosted is not enough.

Did someone say Majun? DNA for missions is DNA for missions.


If Majunga wasn’t so god awful weak, I’d have one at level 29. 60K more and I could have one to level 30.

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Darwin is not in park anymore… it’s a daily spawn now and only spawn on saturday…

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Trade it in your Alliance. Even if no one needs it right now, nothing says they won’t down the line.

I was gonna post a pic of my Einio DNA, but nevermind. You win. I would feel silly complaining about how much Einio DNA i have after seeing that pic haha


Honestly, creating some kind of system that allows you to convert dna. Could be a good thing…especially with the right restrictions… you could only convert similar dinos dna… so like eino could be converted into trike either gen, or sino… but at fairly terrible rates… 10k eino for like 50-100 sino.
And the conversion process costs coins to boot.

Their is still the risk/reward of converting dna cause todays trash dna can always become much more valuable next patch

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If only there were a way to turn it into a little bit of coins provided someone can act responsible and talk to other people. :smiley:

Joke aside, seriously. Talk to your alliance. I switch up my requests to make sure people can cash out common DNA. I request Hatzegoptyrex Monday night. Tonight I requested Stegosarus. Since I can make two requests a day I don’t only ask for junky things. I mix it up, useful DNA, cash for everyone else.

I have over 110,000 Velociraptor DNA. However anyone that requests it back to back 3 times will get Nothing from me.

Anyway… For the actual value of Stygadrix… The effort to obtain and level it is much more than meta uniques.

The same happens if you want to create Dsungaia. It has an enormous potential… But impossible to find the bird.

I just want to unlock them all so… was lucky to have enough dsunga to unlock his hybrid ^^


The problem is for example if during the week I can only go full darting on Wednesday and Friday I will only take those dinos that spawn on those days.

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Wow my post was flagged cause I called someone out for possibly cheating…hahaha.ok…i won’t post here anymore .

welcome to the club. you can name them as pets.

i have an infestation of diplocaulus here since last winter migration, end of 2018 if i remember right.

i live together these diplos here, and don’t hunt them anymore.

i could name them as pets now. they are here and there all day and night, i place some scent and guess who comes? it’s like feeding chickens in a farm.

diplos everywhere, like a frogs pond. :+1:

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