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Unusual High Level Creatures

Just like the title says, I want to see what everyone has that’s high level and unusual. Unusual like in that it’s not meta relevant or just odd.

Can’t wait to level up Anky. Need to save up for it.

I like that Tany, looks like a Erlidom killer.

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She almost Is. Need one more attack boost



Man, I guess that question applies for you better than anyone else so far. How does the Postosuchus do in battle?

I don’t think I’ve used it since the boost reset but it was fun for boosted tournaments. It had t5/5/0 boosts before the reset. Can’t afford to do fun stuff like that anymore but it hits pretty hard still with stock stats. I’m gonna level it to 30 one of these days but its a slow moving project because of coins.



Now that’s interesting, does it work well for you?

At not much boost creature really good and for sacuarie points

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