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Unwinable PVP

Yet again:

I am dominated for two full rounds
I am unable to attack or move for three full rounds
I am Counter Attacked by two opponents a total of eight times

I will ask again. How does a team under 1200 points have this??? I am sure it is great fun going up against weaker scored opponents. However, I think the battles should be based on gear, NOT scores.

Dominated — Killed myself.
To attack at all had to hit Taunt/Counter Attack == When I could attack
I was basically defenseless for three full turns.
And even the Bard that was dominating me could still attack???


I am now down to 1147 score – Fighting three level 11 and one level 13.

I was killed by one priest – No move or attack three full rounds…THREE FULL ROUNDS EACH.
Priest one shot three…and one shot from the Warlock

And this is not broken, how?

There are times the Dragonborn opponent wins initiate and kills all 4 of my party members on the first shot. My entire party is killed before I get a turn. Unfortunately unbalanced battles such as these occur in PvP.


That still seems like they need to rank teams better or modify abilities a bit.

Disarm = Useless against Bards/Warlocks as they still heal and or dominate…
Way to many turns of Counter Attack and Taunt imho
Not attacking/moving for three turns way overpowered

Maybe not when you fight at higher levels or scores…but when you are all one shot something is not built correctly imho

Sometimes you get the bear… sometimes…

Not trying to make light. I’ve felt the pain many times, as I literally can do nothing but take damage.

But, it goes both ways. You just don’t have the gear yet. But you will. Then you’ll have to laugh when those battles go your way instead.

You know… they have no healer, you do. They have no dominate, and you’ve got a guy that can almost one-shot equal levels.

In the end… you lose trophies, you win them. Sometimes you have a bad day.

This week is especially bad, as some teams are weakening themselves to do better in the battle event.

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Ahhhh, no wonder.

Bad Teams sneaking into lower levels to torment me! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that info

Can you tell me where I can find these teams?

So there is a strategy going around for the Battle Arena event thing where top players play regular arena to lose on purpose. They drop trophy count. Then the go to the Battle Arena event and win a few matches. Then back to regular arena to lose, and repeat. This some how ensures them a better way to win in the event. The thing is, no one can beat the event on a long winning streak because the game’s algorithm pits players against stronger and stronger bots. So they do arena to lose, reset their win count, lower trophies and complete battle arena event.

Once they are done, they go back to arena and climb back up.

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I think Horke may have been asking where to find the teams that he can overpower like that. :wink:

Yes, exactly. Since half my characters are going to be my loser characters I’d like to face teams of the same level instead of fighting characters three levels above them,

My 3x lv 10s and 1x lv 7 versus 4x lv 11s.
First two turns, my bard used dominate, resisted. I get pushed by saavrin, my lv 7 dies, the rest severely injured to half health because of critical hits.
I move my wizard up, she gets dominated, of course, total bull right there.
I move my bard, unfortunately triggered her epic pants and buffed my wizard. Of course… another bull crap.
My wizard goes, of course… shoots her wand procs her electric wand to destroy my other 2 characters in 1 hit. GG, i killed myself.

None of this happens to opponents i face. Either i get destroyed 4 or 3 characters remaining on opponents side or i win with 1 guy left. Never really a total domination win for me.


This is why I say PVP should be based on gear and/or level. Or both.

I dont have a problem with abilities though, but i have a problem with one side getting all the lucky hits and crowd controls while the other just entirely misses.
Alot of ppl agree that pvp is just rng, luck based battles. Gear is important but also NOT MISSING your hits decides the winning factor.

Although i have been immobilized for 4 turns, pushed afterwards, then disarmed while being sniped by ranged. I had all melee characters in the team, nothing i could do. Fight lasted about 7 minutes with arena fire killing me slowly.

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That’s not bad, 7 min. My party is Level 11s, all 4. Vs a level 12 wizard. That L12 wizard went first and used some AOE gear, 1 hit killed my entire party which had full health. I think it last 20sec. The other guy thought for about 15sec of them… lol

PVP is 150% imbalanced and the sad part is, guild leader boot based on PVP score… yay teamwork :slight_smile:

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Just faced 3 level 13 and 1 level 15 with two level 10, 1 level 11, and 1 level 12. How can their matchmaking system be so poorly programmed as to think that was a good match? For crying out loud I have 4 level 12 characters. Let me use all of them if you are going to match me against teams in which every character is higher than every one of mine.

This recent concern with complete overmatched PvP contests since the arrival of “Test of Might” is also being discussed here: