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Up and coming alliance recruiting now!


A friendly community, UK Valkyries is recruiting any and all members, we are all active and only ask that you contribute towards alliance missions! Apply today :slight_smile:


What is your exact alliance name please I cannot find you


Hi, it’s exactly as shown ‘UK Valkyries’ :grin:


I did try that several times but it kept coming back saying not found. I have since joined another alliance but hopefully will meet some of you in friendly challenges in the future.


Ok, sorry it wasn’t working for you, good luck wherever you are :slight_smile:


Your alliance give me the chills man feels like an empty ship that was once filled with the best people. You should leave and come join our alliance UK DPG. Oh wait its already full up after being created 5 days ago. We hit rank 4 in just two days just time for the reward on Monday and same again this week. Rank 5 is easy with this bunch of legends. We are pretty elite and only expect the best of out everybody!