Up for a Super-Hybrid (poll)

Of the creatures listed, which would you most want to receive a super-hybrid next patch?
  • Alankylosaurus
  • Alloraptor
  • Phorusaura
  • Procerathomimus
  • Erlikogamma

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I think erlikogamma should have carnotaurus hybrid.Like this! Carnogamma
Delibuiting distraction
Defence shattering rampage
Instant charge
Vulnerability rampage
Swap-in distraction

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Procerathomimus getting a hybri would be pretty epic

Where is my boi porky, i want a hybrid for him


Alankylo : *cries in long invincibility

What about ankylocodon who has no hybrids for like 15 updates already…


Alankylosaurus deserves it as it has waited the longest, but…

I want Alloraptor to finally get one. I want to know if it’s superhybrid will be even better than it is, or if I can finally use my stockpile to over-level it to my heart’s content.

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Add ankylocodon, keratoporcus, and then its perfect

Actually hasn’t ankylocodon? He’s been here since 1.1 while alanky joined the next patch

Nope. Ankylocodon is one of the oldest hybrids to not have one. Finally Majundasuchus got a mediocre hybrid, but now, Ankylocodon and Alankylosaurus are the runner ups.

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I thought we were just going from the poll. But yeah Ankylocodon is ancient. It’s been around since right after launch, and still no superhybrid in sight :cry: :violin:


I actually just thought of yet another Alankylosaurus (I’ve made two already) hybrid. This one is of the Cunning side of things.


I feel like that takes away a lot from alankys playstyle and doesn’t have its main long invinc gig. I would rather have it be pure resilient tbh

Alankylosaurus is the most due for one for sure, but do we really need another resilient unique right now?


Alankylosaurus is Resilient, so I dunno how else to make a resulting hybrid. Whether it is pure or not is something that can be tweaked.

Unless the devs turn her whole entire playstyle on its head, then we can talk about which class she would be in.

As for her being pure Resilient, I can accommodate that. I just need to find the best creature to fuse with her. I’ll be back.

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Gamepress actualy leaked an anky doedic hybrid, so it’s either ankylocodon and doedic or alanky plus doedic

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I feel like her hybrid would at least be partially resilient. I have no problems with her getting a hybrid eventually. I just favor Alloraptor first for the chance to get another endgame fierce, since most uniques seem to be resilients right now.

basic moves are…