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Upcoming Challenge Events (week of August 12-19)

Notably there is a 2-hour time limit Moment of Glory event for Tommus with the Frostsilver Mines challenge on Wednesday August 14th running from 9pm - 11pm EST. You will get 25 free runs for this challenge during the event. This week’s moment of glory is VIP only.

Thank you for sharing this here.


Guess they don’t learn after all. That’s 3am in Europe.

Yep, 2am for me. They are throwing more and more events behind VIP but at the same time pushing people away from VIP with such silly noob company attitude towards time zones.

It’s another slap in the face to non-VIP players.

Thank you for posting that here. Sad that the players have to do the communication job for the paid employees.
This makes 2 weeks with no gem event at all, anyone else concerned about this trend?

The paid employees posted on Twitter and Facebook, both of which are platforms linked to from within the game.

I grabbed the image from Twitter because people forum implies that they missed the announcement last week.

If people want to pay me I’d be down for that. I accept payment in Google Play gift cards XD.