Upcoming hybrid event


For the next two weeks, each of this hybrid’s components will be spawning more frequently in your neighborhood!

Does anyone know what is this dino or what are its components? :smiley:

Thank you in advance.

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thank you :smiley:

more dracorex gen2 + more angry people in the arena = merry christmas everyone


I bet it means more triceratops generation 2 dna the one that I have plenty of…

Everyone should at least get their drac g2 powered up! The hybrid is kinda bad though there is possibility of future switch around nerfs etc so I’m powering both😊

Its hilarious how a ceritopsian hybrid doesn’t have armor!

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It’s even more hilarious that a drac g2 running in from sidelines creates defense shattering rampage with a blunt head! but dracoceratops running in creates a stun?? Surely horns running into something would be a dsr could see horns piercing a shield but a blunt head!?


I have this at a 19 with enough to get it to at least a 21. I’m saving the coins for now and will keep fingers crossed that changes are coming.