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Upcoming Mystery Event


this could be exciting. possibly a halloween themed strike/scent event


Knowing ludia it’s probably something like dinos in diguise…

you think you’re darting sinoceratops? wrong, it’s triceratops G2 in a mask. Enjoy the DNA.


Don’t give them any ideas! :joy:


Dino’s in a witch hat anyone…?

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Did I miss something?
Was there a mystery event announced? ^^


they should just heavily spawn stegoceratops everywhere lol. now thats scary


Diplocaulus would be worse.


Koolasuchus, both gens

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Shouldn’t that be for April’s fool though? :grimacing:


(complete sentence)

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Got so many of those :rofl: But! She is still better looking than Koola.

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I wish my 2.5k dna for it had a use.


Did someone say Concavenator??

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Concavenator and Koolasuchus. Painful lesson for me about buying incubators. :frowning:


Omg and your Concav is a level higher than mine :joy::skull_and_crossbones:


what are your thoughts about koola at that level?




I was the desperate idiot that Ludia counted on to make money :joy: Was, because no more incubators again !!!

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I haven’t used her yet :rofl: I just leveled her up to 20 to get rid of the dna because all the dna is reminding me of the mistakes I made about incubator purchases :laughing:

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