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Upcoming weekly event


Finally getting raja and counter attackers!!!


Megalosaurus and raja for me!


Really wish I had focused on gathering Ankylosaurus dna a few weeks back :joy:


Looking forward to the weekend when I go looking for raja and find nothing but concavenator. Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Was hoping for some velociraptors, but Im happy we are getting some megalos :heart_eyes: Been awhile since we had the last megalo event at the end of july. Lvl 26 megalosuchus here I come.

Raja is pretty tempting, and I feel that majority will be going for this dino. This is definitely like a throwback to week 9 of the showcase with the ouranos and monolophosaurus. Everyone went for the obvious choice then bam diloranosaurus popped up, and became the new op dino. Making me look back at all the ouranos I missed. I’m betting some cookies that concavenator is going to get some spotlight pretty soon. Most of the time, dinos in showcases have a purpose :thinking:


What I will do:
Mon-Tue chill out and pray for weather to be good on
Wed-Thu-Fri aiming for Megalosauro still lev 14, hopefully take a step forward for Megalosuco
Sat-Sun crossing fingers, farming Rajasauro and create Rajanchilosauro (now 170/200)

Thank goodness there are good dinos and not only birds!


Megalo and Raja, everything else is garbage. I can’t believe how bad the Concavenator is for an epic, and the Carnotaurus might be the coolest looking dino but also just as useless.


I always need more Carnotaurus, Megalosaurus and Rajasaurus DNA. Concavenator is nice too. Not interested in anything else.


I’ve been getting Raja from my incubators lately. If I manage 100 per attempt by the end of this event I should have more than enough to fuse for a Diorajasaur.

Except I don’t have any Ankylosaurus or Tuojiangosaurus dna :rofl:


Is anyone NOT going for Megalo and Raj?


Wellllll, you know we can never have enough Concavenators. I mean, how can you say no to that face? :grin:


30 megas and 9 rajas. might unlock diorajasaur after the weekend.


i have 70 on dio but ankylo dna is low so i doubt ill get it soon.


Wanna trade? I’ve got 2.5k Tuojiangosaurus DNA just sitting around collecting dust, and pass up at least 3-4 on the daily figuring I’ll never see enough Anky or Raja DNA lol.


you better collect them while you can, 500 a pop goes fast


forgot that i got some ankly today. gave me 2 tries on dio. got a 50 and a 10 so now i have 130.


Went on a buying spree today because I got super desperate after losing 200 trophies against players with questionable achievements :joy: And yes, I’m angry at myself right now for my own stupidity at falling right into what Ludia wants us to do :persevere: The incubators kept giving me Rajasaurus. All this dna but my Tuojiangosaurus is still stuck at level 19, and I’ve had no luck getting Ankylosaurus after 10 scent capsules today. Yes, once again not proud of myself for waste of money :tired_face:

I’m not spending another cent for the next 6 months.


Can’t wait to create my Dioraja! :grin:


Going mainly meglo but going to get 3-4 carno too just incase it gets a sudden boost up or/and hybrid.
I’ve been doing same with lythranax too it’s everywhere around my area so I always farm it just incase ot a hybrid just like the mono and Dimetrodon gen2 got.
Then it’s just raja for epics


I got to say that raja looks nice, but wow this game ate your money :flushed: spare some change while you are at it? :smile:

This is my version of a budget incubator for the price of $1. What do you know a rare :rofl: