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Update 1.10: Good and Ugly, imo

(1). The “i” to see who donated works again
(2). There’s a variety of regular spawns
(3). Epics occasionally spawn
(4). Battle field is more level
(5). The campaigns are fun!!

(1). Rarity of supply drops in residential areas
(2). Rarity of incubator drops everywhere but esp
in residential areas
(3). Rarity of dino spawns in residential areas
(4). Rarity and variety of strike events in residential
(5). Super duper long cool down times for
(6). Chat is totally broke
(7). Exiting from sanctuary is broke
(8). Spawns pop up too late, when you’re
right on them (slams on the brakes, since
nothing spawns at home anymore and some
will drive to play)
(9). Daily cap is too low for darts, sanctuary
supplies, coins and scents, esp considering
how much is needed to level dinos and the
other negative changes
(10). Parks have more drops and dinos than
residential areas but alot are dangerous and
many people won’t go for a dinosaur
(11). Common dinos don’t spawn on an equal basis
(12). Need alot of DNA & coins to level but need to
be at certain levels to progress in the

Examples of consequences from the ugly:
(1). Let off a scent at home since there’s no dinos,
run out of 140 darts, only 2 supply/incubator
drops in normal radius, can’t get darts, DNA
or coins, can’t level dinos, makes no sense
to battle or play the game
(2). No strike events or incubator drops in the
radius of home, have to drive to some before
the event ends, so you just play while making
your daily runs like to the store, etc. An
epic pops up. You know it’ll disappear in a
flash so you slam on your brakes, the car
behind you rear-ends you, you catch your
epic and exchange insurance info. Not cool!!!

Summary: All those “ugly” changes only serve to;
(1). Make people quit the game or rarely play
(2). Play while driving, in the rain or snow, after
a long, tiring day at work. Is that your
motive, really???!!!
(3). Many people will quit before paying a monthly
fee to have satisfying game play on a phone
game. It was good to give your VIP players
extra perks but don’t make game play more
difficult for those who won’t pay monthly. We
spend money too, just not every month.

Games are supposed to be relaxing and fun, a nice way to wind down after a hard day at work or school. This game used to be that but is no longer fun or relaxing!!

Understand now Ludia??!! Please fix this


2017??? Can’t complain about Ludia mistakes when you have the wrong year.


Lol well in their defense the game was better in oct 2017 than now…yes I know.

This game was released in may/june of 2018

I know lol. Thats why I said it was better in 2017 when it was still just a dream.

lol, my bad. I was texting and doing something else that did concern that year. Thanks for pointing it out