Update 1.14 Bingo

Have… fun


Someone fines somethig to complain about :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think we’ll get:

  • New broken move
  • new hybrid looks tyrant
  • undeserving creature gets nerfed


  • new bugs
  • premium incubator aspect gets changed again.

It lacks “immune meta continues”

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I didn’t know facts could be on the bingo lol

Hmmm. Let’s see…

  • New Mechanic

  • A new hybrid with a new creature

  • DC gets a hybrid

  • Monomimus gets wriggity wrecked

There. That’s it…no bingo, lol.


I got an idea. What about adding dinosaurs back, and creatures that needs more attention?

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Could add a “inevitable refund boost tread”

gem doesn’t get nerfed
a new hybrid with a new creature
new broken move
game breaking bugs
new creatures are park/ sanc exclusive
and someone finds something to complain about.

… none of these get me a bingo on that board.


I’m gonna make a completely outrageous and ridiculous claim that will almost certainly not come true given what some of the squares are, but if it does for some crazy reason, just know I totally called it!! I’m gonna say that the 1.14 bingo card gives us a blackout! That’s right! I said it! EVERY SPACE WILL GET FILLED!!!

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Permian creatures added in game

‘Something related to Thor’ :rofl:
By golly, I wonder what could that be :thinking:

Who is DC?


Dracoceratops is getting an hybrid? Oh my im sooo happy!!!

Blindly predicted to get one

Yoshi must be nerfed the heck,it is an epic,not even a super hybrid. I am just getting scared if DC and Yoshi get a hybrid together . I could suggest a balanced one but I am not so sure of what Ludia thinks.

They probably won’t since both are already hybrids

@anon42364012 Thanoceratops, Dracoceratops and something else.

I feel like they should nerf Yoshi,remove boosts,Give Yoshi a Balanced hybrid. Fix matchmaking,or make a boost arena