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Update 1.41.3

The only new feature I noticed in the last update is that the login buttons on the welcome screen are much smaller now.
I wonder why they did this. Do they know how small these buttons are on a smartphone?


You can read about what was added in the release notes :slight_smile:


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I downloaded this version today, it became available in italian less than an hour ago. I loaded the game and i am stuck on the loadup page. I do non wish to play as a visitor nor i have Facebook, never had it, never logged in through it.
I cant access My level 85 park…

Anyone got stuck like me and know what happened?

Hey AndyLogan71, could you reach out to our support team here at Our team would be happy to try and help you recover your account.

If you remember the support key from your previous game, please make sure to include it in the email.


already did, but still I trust other players’ experience to provide faster and often helpful solutions, so I tried the forums too…

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I have only ever played without Facebook, like you have. When I restarted it, I pressed visitor and it logged me back into my game

thank you @EorlundGraymane91 usually the visitor button opened a new game not the player’s one, after reading your post i took the risk and tried , i got into my park. I only wonder, if that is how it was supposed to be, why not say so from the start… :thinking:
Anyway i got in and everything is ok, nice to see my indoraptors’ pack sitting there waiting for me :joy:


I thought this was obvious, I play on a guest account from the beginning because I do not want to play with a Facebook account too, I refuse to use Facebook at all.
Maybe they should rename this login from guest or visitor to…I have no idea. I think my login is my support key, so maybe they should name it ‘Support key login’.
But as a fact I’m not a visitor I just login without using Facebook.

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No problem man. I figured the same way @Tommi says, that if it’s not the other two, it must be the visitor one.

My real problem is the first thing I did was click Sign In with Apple since I’m on an iPhone and it started a new game… so now it won’t let me link my actual game to my account… @Ned is there any way for me to do this in the game? Or should I send a support ticket? It was a dumb mistake but I would like to have my account linked to my apple account

Hey EorlundGraymane91, if you reach out to our support team, they should be able to assist you further with that. Please make sure to include the support key from each game account, however.


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Thanks @Ned!! Much appreciated!!!