Update 1.5: Indoraptor meta

As soon as I started battling after 1.5 update noticed a pattern in battles. There were way more crits and most dinos dies in two or three turns. That wouldn’t be problematic if pattern would be without huge differences, but yet again it seem you either ride on good RNG winning almost everything or you are falling hundreds of trophies lower losing battle after battle.

Anyway, no matter how annoying crits are, they are still less problematic than some features. Through over 100 arena battles since 1.5 update one thing is obvious. We got new meta king. No, it’s not a bleeder, neither is immune dino. Indoraptor inherited Stegodeus throne.

Lower arenas don’t have problem with Indoraptor as it takes alot of grinding to get one. After Halloween Indos are way more common. So after 1.5 update almost every match that I played came to Indo vs Indo duel (I’m in Lockwood since update and for one day I was in Aviary.). What bothers me in these duels is Evasive stance. Indo vs Indo is now longest fight after Tragodistis and Tragodistis vs Stegodeus duels. Each Indo duel includes several dodges and usually the luckiest player who manage to hit twice through Evasive stance wins. This has nothing to do with skill. Even three years old child can repeatedly click Evasive, DSR and CI. Most annoying thing is that Indo took crown of dodging king from castrated Monomimus. Yet again there is only one reliable counter except Indo itself, that can survive a hit and nullify Evasive stance - Monostego. And Indo got hp buff with 1.5. Sadly, Monomimus hp nerf as expected didn’t solved Evasive stance problem. Indo took most out of 1.5 update and become way OP. Now Indo has only two faces, either it dodges almost everything (over 80%) or nothing at all (0%).

I’m never crying about nerfing something, but it’s even more obvious that Evasive stance needs a rework or we need more nullifying dinos that can suvive and take down new meta king Indoraptor.


Fear not! I am having pretty good success with Suchotator with superior distraction, nullifying and bleed. I consider this Dino having pretty good skills against Indoraptor.


Indoraptor is probably weaker this patch than ever due to power creep.

But to address your specific concerns - going Indo v indo at all (unless there’s a level disparity) is not a smart way to go. There’s a way to play these matchups so that you have better odds of winning. If you’re the higher you CI first and then evasive. IF you’re the lower, you evasive and then DSR. The higher always has better odds with a free strike and gets CI off cooldown faster for a kill in the case of above-average dodging.

But again, don’t play indo v indo. Play a nullifier and beat indo. Play suchotator. Play monomimus. Call your shot on when they’re going to use CI and distract them. This meta is far more the distracting/stunning/hit and run meta than it is the indo meta.

I’ve got nearly every dino in the game unlocked, and yet i only have one dino on my team with evasive. Why? because you minimize your 50/50 rolls and you get better results.

ALSO - Prior to this patch, Stegoceratops had a 32% chance to beat indo. Now that both stuns have been increased to astronomic levels, the chances are FAR better that double stunners beat indo because it kills cloaked turns even when it doesn’t do damage. Try a stunner.


Benched Monomimus (lvl 18) after update. I just don’t like gamble of losing in one shot.

Suchotator can be an option, but I have concerns leveling it up (currently lvl 16). Stegocera is long stuck on lvl 16, cause of Monostego (lvl 20).

I’m trying to avoid Indo vs Indo but if I don’t have Monostego in team or any other option to counter I try with Indo. Mostly other player chose Indo when I already have Indo there.

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No way is this Indo meta. Indo has various counters at rare or epic levels. Even more counters at unique levels

I know this doesn’t make sense, but my Pyrritator (22) hits through evasive more than it should and is quite tanky so can take a hit. I use her if I’m out if options… no nullifyer and neither Indo nor I Rex available.

Because sometimes it just comes down to RNG… whoever is favored wins :thinking:

Thank you for reply.

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Sadly, no Pyros for me. Pyrri is still only lvl 17.

Congratulations, you’ve hit the Indoraptor bareer! Once you’ve learned how to take out Indoraptor, you’ll unlock your own. Then there is a moment of peace until you face more and more uniques. Face challenges and grow!


The whole evasive move lasting 3 turns is crazy .
It should be a maximum 2 , better still just one . Or make it 100% evade turn 1 , 50% turn 2 and 25% turn 3 . It just gets to the point that battles come down to rng instead of skill .

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Don’t make blind assumptions. I’m well experienced countering Indoraptors. What annoys me, is that dodging marathon when my Indo faces other one. Luckily opponent always dodges first hit when mine is higher lvl. :grin:

Exactly. That’s what I’m talking about. No move should be so overpowered. SS was, but they nefred it. Evasive was overpowered but they nerfed Monomimus.

It can’t evade bleeding, stunning and slowing. And then there is nullify…

Well said… I made that exact comparison in another topic: Indoraptor is the new Stegod… but way worse because of Evasive Stance… And in Jurassic Ruins they are already very common

This thing takes the strategy out of the game… becomes a matter of luck… so annoying

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Indorap is barely a scratch at 5.2k and above… it means nothing without the Evasive move (which will not work most of the times anyways)…
There is a bigger problem (another dino which I declined to point out) for most players (or maybe it is just me with low level dinos - L26 - L30).

Probably you are talking about one of other unique dinos. Those are the only ones that I don’t have much experience battling against (only few battles from time to time).

Indoraptor was nerfed awhile back and is in no way overpowered. Yes nearly every team now in ruins and the manor have one but it’s likely the first unique you’ll come across. The first one is always tough. For example, the first times you encountered stegodeus you likely lost or got lucky until you found ways to beat it. Let’s hold off on crying nerf on something that doesn’t deserve it.

Except for the fact its not a dominant force in the meta at all. In the little mini meta that is in your current trophy range sure its a dominant dino… but like the trex meta that takes place before the indom meta that is sorna… gain enough trophies and youll enter the tryko meta.