Update 1.5: Indoraptor meta

Hmm…who said I-raptor meta?:thinking::thinking::thinking:



Indoraptor meta :joy:

People are still trying to find (seriously) the meta but I guess the search is over :open_mouth:

On a more serious note that could be the meta at your level. But the title of your post is clickbait then. There’s no way the “meta is indoraptor” at high level or low level :wink:

Indoraptor is one of the most balanced uniques, leave him be.

  • Nullifying counters it.
  • Stunning counters it
  • Playing bleed cleverly counters it
  • Dodging counters it

But if Evasive is so broken, I’d gladly have Cloak back on Indo :sweat_smile:

You made me thinking. Agree there is no meta currently, we only have several submetas. Only meta was Raptors meta (which I slept over as I didn’t play then).
Stegodeus never was meta, as it was found only from Marshes up. Same with Indo and any other powerfull dino.

Didn’t want to create clickbait post, only discussion.

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But it Is Indo meta I start with Indo and sometimes sweep whole team I start with any other Dino it’s a hard battle or possibly a loss power hit Dino with dodge and a cleanse move such op ness rings alarm bells please let Indo be awesome he deserves it!!!

He just feels op because he can whack any tank, cleanse bleed and dodge instant stuns Outspeed debuffers/stunners 2 shot almost anything…

making this the meta meta, obviously.