Update 1.5 new dino leak

The clue for 1.5 is here all this while, left by Ludia. We all so blind & didnt notice that clue everytime open game all this while

Its a Pteranodon + Trex.


That was often enough discussed already. This is a Dimorphodon.


oh is it? sad… then its going to be a another new common/rare flyer then instead of hybrid…

As a new dino based on TRex appears, I get angry a lot. I hope not so. I’m tired of there being a lot of dinos sharing the same DNA while there are a lot of creatures without a hybrid.


Me to i only go after one of the hybrids and i won’t be going after another if rexy does get another its indo or nothing for me. I am just darting what i see at the moment as migrations will come into effect so want to be prepared

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Wow … *facepalm

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Umm… when I opened the game on the update, that dino was the first thing I saw, and I just want to tell you now before people yell about this later: its a dimorphodon

The very first response to the OP stated it was a Dimorphodon.

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you are correct and watch it be a bleeder!!

My intuition tells me that Tupandactylus will have a hybrid soon but it is difficult to play with the words “Dimorphodon” and “Tupandactylus” … to justify the name of the hybrid.

In fact, if the Dimorphodon existed in real life, it should be a new dino, not a hybrid.

It did exist in real life and probably will therefore be a new Dino in the update. I second the thought of a Tupandactylus hybrid tho.

Dot dinos will be the new meta of the game

thats the assumption.

Yh i don’t even know how to prepare for this i am just running around darting everything i see

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yes you all correct. its a dimo new flyer. not a Trex hybrid. lol. ludia put this in twitter

Don’t tell me it’s a hybrid for Tany (facepalm) coz it has striking similarities

No it’s a real flying reptile, not an hybrid

Challenge Accepted :wink::blush::yum:
I can make a few up: Dimodactylus; Tupandodon; Tupanphodon. I prefer the first one, as that one is more easier to pronounce than the second and third one x3