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Update 1.7 thoughts?


Let’s hear some thoughts on the update.
Hyped for cenezoics?
New abilities?
I personally think that definite and precise attacks will ruin indominus and indoraptor.
Boosts for creatures sounds pretty cool.


I’m pretty ok about the update.
Hopefully that everything goes ok with it, and that everyone has fun with it.

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All hail the Siberian Tiger wrapped in Razor Wire - Megalosuchus.


Why did Ludia nerf Postimetrodon? Why wasn’t Mammoth added? Why was there no new non-hybrid dinosaurs added?

Other than these questions, I like it.


I like the idea of many aspects of it. Others I need to see fully rolled out to be sure of how they will actually function.


I really look forward to try out these anti-evasive/cloak attacks. Can‘t wait to destroy all these multidodging Indoraptors, Erlidoms, etc. :relieved:


I just want to see it now. Going a bit crazy waiting.

Daily migration is huge for me. If its 1 a day meh. If its 3 a day its wonderful. Would transform my enjoyment of the game.


They nerfed ankylosaurus,ankylosaurus gen 2,monolophosaurus gen 2 and some already useless dino you had never see on the battlefield while in the same time,they buffed thor and utahsino which are already overpowered…
I will give a try but i don’t think it will please me


It doesnt have to please you, it just has to please everyone else. :wink:


The fact is 1.6 was the worst since the beginning for 3 reason,ludia management mistakes and bad communication
New weekly schedule replacement (nerf)
Becasue there were only 10 viable dino over 150,so the unbalancement on this patch make me think the problems won’t be solved .
Maybe because of the buff of 3 uniques and the new hybrids,things will change but i don’t think so


I’m really looking forward to it. I think this may well be the best update so far.

I wasn’t, but I am now. I was expecting a lot more in the initial release so only having a few chilled me a little bit. Plus, as a friend pointed out to me recently, this makes the game more like Primeval than Jurassic World, and I can happily live with that.

I like the idea, at least on paper. It would add a random element that isn’t part of the RNG and make the battles more interesting.

For the most part, yes, but not the ignore evasive attacks. These I think will ruin the whole point of Indominus and Indoraptor - bear in mind that some players put a lot of time and effort into getting these two (plus a couple others) and these attacks will make that effort pointless. But, we shall see.

Although I would have liked a mammoth to be added too, most cenozoic animals aren’t well known as dinosaurs, so holding back a few well known ones might not be such a bad idea.

I was a little disappointed here too. Considering they promoted it as “ice age” type thing, some arctic themed dinosaurs like Cryolophosaurus and Antarctosaurus would have been a good addition.


I look forward to any update and new content.

I have no preconceived opinion of how it will affect the game, I take a wait and see attitude.


I too will wait and see, I just hope they add more time in between rounds so that we can look @ stats. With all the buffing, we won’t be able to go off levels like before.

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We’ll see. It wasn’t Ludia if this update would work acceptable from the beginning. Some things sound promising, other sound requiring getting used to.

What I don’t like is that SI-DRS still will be a thing. A thing that made, makes and probably will make battling super annoying. We’ll see what the new SI-skills can do about it. Wouldn’t consider them real counters though. Tryko is still pretty op, but one Dino has to be the best, I guess.

What I like is new creatures and opt-out from tournaments. I also like the Thor buff because Tryko gives me hard times, even though there was like no single reason for it. Buffs and nerfs often feel super random.

What I am not sure about is boosting. Could make matches more diverse, could go terribly wrong with like Draco doing 3k swap in damage. We’ll see about that.


I too am worried about boosting .
I still can’t understand why Ludia nerf and buff dinos , then add boost which effectively negates any nerfs and buffs they’ve implemented .
If a Dino is op Ludia nerf it go make the game more playable .
If a Dino is underpowered Ludia give it a buff and it balances things out again .
So now all that is completely irrelevant and we can have a Dino with huge hitting power like T.Rex running around like a velociraptor on speed . How is that possibly a good idea ? I suppose because the velociraptor can hit the T.Rex with more power than the T.Rex has if it’s boosted itself . It makes a mockery of the game .
The majority of players hated the op Dracoceratops so Ludia add boost so it can become even more op . Great move huh ?

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Monostego wasn’t a genuine nerf. More like 3 straight buffs and 1 nerf. Health was originally increased several updates ago.

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Initially it is their perceived balance. With 1.7 I think they have adjusted them in preparation for players to boost their dinosaurs.


One thing we will most likely learn is Ludia in the past has made good things sound bad and bad things sound good via the patch notes.

Remember how happy we were when we read…
“We have rebalanced spawns to take into account a dinos indgredients to multiple hybrids like T. Rex for example”

Which could have also been worded as…
1.5 spawn mechanics are here… hope you like majungas, succos, eionos, diplo, irritator gen 2 and a few others.


LOL, last week you were like “OK I’m leaving”, you changed pretty quickly


Although I hate the update, I still want to hear some thoughts.