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Update 1.7 thoughts?

Re-read the patch notes. Have a few thoughts on Boosts.

I wonder what the storage capacity will be. I will not be boosting anything right off, I will wait to see how things settle in. Will I be forced to use them or lose them at some point? How long will that take?

If I do not boost anything, will I be match against players who have boosted? Will there be an option for those that choose not to, to opt out by not boosting? Not a manual opt out choice, but done in the new match making process. It states it will be using a new “matchmaking score” when searching for an opponent. Or will it be only those who have boosted to a certain point, as in the example: “(such as a level 21 unique among a team of level 13 epics)”

The first line of the matchmaking notes states:

“Now that you can modify your creature’s strength, it becomes imperative that we consider each player’s creature team when attempting to match users together.”

I remain optimistic but see a possible issue if I choose not to use this new functionality and face an opponent who does.

Example: At what point will a boosted lower level creature be matched against a higher-level creature?

Say a level 20 Rex with stats boosted. Will it be matched against a team of level 20 non-boosted, level 24 non-boosted, Level 26 non-boosted opponent? It could tear up even a higher level non-boosted team if it is faster. If I choose not to boost and it has a speed of 133, it would be faster than anything I have.

Looking forward to new crits and migration.

Disappointed with no alliance tools or fix to the flaky alliance chat.


Its pretty easy for match making to take account for boosts because they essentially have a level value attached to them… the difference between a fully boosted level 30 vs a non boosted level 30 is the difference between a lvl 40 and a lvl 30.

The bigger issues are going to be for the people who have the one lvl 30 on a team of 26. If they boost that 30 they are going to be setting themselves up for some terrible match making.

This match making fix isnt going to be a fix all for imbalanced teams either… your team score may vary well line up with a guy with a very unbalanced team where if you get his best 4 your gonna be at a level disadvantage but if you get his worse 4 could be at a level advantage.

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Ludia is tired of getting slammed for every buff/nerf they introduce, so 1 fine day, the developers say, alright if the players have so many opinions in us tweaking the dinos, why don’t we let THEM do it… N thus boost was born lol


I think the update’s going to bring much more good than bad. I can’t speak for lower tiers, but in upper tier it’s just become a repetitive cycle of who has Dracoceratops & who can tap their buttons fastest. Now we can put to rest those constant speed competitions, and anyone that attempts to speed tie @Idgt902 already knows they’ve lost the battle :joy:


Me being the cynic I am, I’ll hold my breath on the update not being bad. I certainly disagree with all the optimism around and I’ll leave it at that.

Why the hell did they nerf the brachi…damn I worked to hard to get that to 25 and it was still worse than almost all the uniques, plus way way way harder to level than something like a thor

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I’ve read the patch notes, but have not studied them extensively… For now, I’m mostly curious about trying my “new” Diorajasaurus. The boosts seem interesting: I already think I’m gonna boost members of my team progressively so to keep a balanced team, with maybe other creatures that I like and which are too weak as of now to be useful…

I can’t wait to see how much these boosts will cost. I may limit my boost usage the same way I’ve limited my creatures to level 20 if costs become too high at some point…

Oh! And I want my smilodon! :smiley:

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I try not to over think it.
I’m hyped for the newness of it, prepping the best I can with resources, but I need hands on the new mechanics to see how real world vs paper plays out.
My focus is on what I know for sure.
Today? That is finishing Tenonto darting.
I’ll probably think more about it on Wednesday.
And that thought will be “when does it launch?”

Great work mate! :black_heart:

Marktheshark - what makes you think that Dracoceratops isn’t going to still be the pain it is now . It’ll be even worse when it’s got 50% more attacking power , 50% more health and 100 more speed .
Within weeks the entire top 500 will have max boosted Draco’s , Thor’s , trykos etc… and you’ll still have the exact same teams with the exact same speed .
Surely the best way to keep players playing is to keep bringing out decent new dinos which will be made from new dna . To simply give the players who are willing to spend a fortune on the game the option to op their own dinos is just crazy .


Now that swap in attacks can go before draco, dracoceratops has an official counter.

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Considering “a fortune” is likely to be much greater a fortune than any of us can fathom, I doubt we’ll be facing those sort of problems in the immediate future

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I hope you’re right Mark

I like it! I’m especially thrilled with the Spinonyx and Erlikospyx! I think the Erlikospyx is what will really send the Indoraptor away from the very top-level meta. Not only does it have a precise rampage, but it’s also faster.
I don’t think the Utasinoraptor got “buffed.” Its attack was boosted from 1590 to 1600. It just got rounded. I already thought the Utasinoraptor was kinda crazy, but I still like this change because I like even numbers. :wink:
I’m kinda concerned with the stat boosts, but still looking forward to them. I’ll have to see them play out before I’ll know how I feel.