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Update 1.9.34?

What changed?
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I was hoping it was the special offer bug fix but no.
Never thought a bug so minor would slowly grow to be so infuriating.


I bet it wasn’t park spawns.


Something was benefitting players that Ludia couldn’t control so they fixed it.


I just can’t say anything positive about this… It’s nice how they seem to do “some” hotfixing, but why the obvious fixes stay behind release after release is just completely beyond me.
Big bugs need to be fixed, quick. If not in a hotfix then at least in a next release, but that doesn’t happen either!
Why hasn’t the chat scrolling and sorting been fixed 1 week after its release?
Every software publisher would do this. But when it’s something that might affect buying of items, then they have an instant fix ready. It’s unbelievable. Doesn’t Ludia realize that this behavior leads to less sales too?


It wasn’t:

  • Store Notice dismissing after the first time
  • arena bug where you can’t click the “fight AI” option
  • donation bug
  • scents in parks bug

Shall I go on? Lol

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Patch notes would probably be something like:

Fixed some bugs
Added more bugs

Also, on the list of bugs not fixed:

  • Sanctuary not displaying the correct DNA you would gain 3 hours later, if you left your game inactive for a while. You need to re-enter sanctuary if you notice this.

Any news on this from ludia

Communication? From Ludia?


Park spawns need fixed.

They’re keeping them off until they release turtle incubator I bet. Maybe even 1 more month from then.

Tactically the should wait a bit. Because people might lose interest when they complete their dinodex. When no new patch is in sight, and they have all dinos, they might play other games to pass the time. And get hooked to those.