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Update 10 - Balance & Bravery

The Balance & Bravery update changes the Challenge Mode and Battle Mode rewards, and sets the stage for a new hero to join the party!

We’ve made some changes to Challenge Mode to improve the pace of play and the rewards:

  • All reward dice are now d20s.
  • The regular free challenge is now the highest level unlocked challenge.
  • All challenges are now 9 rooms max.

Change 1 - d20 Reward Dice

All the reward dice earned for defeating a Boss are now d20s. Even if you only defeat a Boss once, you have access to the entire Reward List.
After rolling up to 3 dice, you pick your preferred reward. All doubles and triples are combined, as usual.

Change 2 - Free Challenge

The free challenge is now the highest unlocked challenge, and is no longer limited to Sharpstone Keep. You can now play a more competitive free challenge for bigger rewards.

For example, when you complete Harvestshield Mountain in Explore mode, then Hidden Forge stops being the free challenge, and Harvestshield Mountain becomes the new free challenge. The time between each free challenge attempt remains the same.

Change 3 - Shorter Challenges

Based on the popularity of the shorter challenges, we’ve now set all challenges to a maximum of 9 rooms.


We’ve made some changes to improve the gameplay and rewards in Battle Mode:

  • Brawl chests are filled based on the number of opposing heroes defeated each game.
  • Heroes selected for a Battle earn XP,
  • New battle tooltips display opposing hero actions
  • Increased Battle chest rewards

Change 1 - Brawl Chests

Brawl chest progress is now determined by the number of opposing heroes defeated, instead of collecting a set number of victories. Each defeated hero adds a point to your Brawl chest counter. This means you can still earn points for your Brawl chest even though you lost the battle.

As soon as you start to earn points for a Brawl chest, a 24-hour timer begins when you can complete that Brawl chest and complete a secondary reward - a pouch of gold, or a VIP Brawl Chest.

If the secondary reward is not completed before the timer runs out, then it is lost, and progress on a new Brawl chest begins.

Change 2 - Battle XP

All heroes who participate in a Battle gain XP at the end, no matter which player wins. The heroes on the winning player’s side gain bonus XP as well.

Change 3 - Battle Tooltips

A tooltip appears when opposing heroes take their action, such as a move, attack, or ability. The red d20 also flashes if the bonus effect for a move action or an attack has occurred.

Change 4 - Increased Battle Chest Rewards

The rewards for all Battle chests in all versions and at all arena levels have been increased



Nayeli Goldflower is a human paladin with the Tough archetype. She is a melee combatant with a dangerous mix of Taunt abilities, massive attacks, and divine healing magic.

Players will soon be able to recruit Nayeli as part of an Early Access bundle. The bundle includes a common Nayeli hero pack, and three gear packs.

After the Early Access period, Nayeli will be available to everyone as a Renown reward, or a Quest prize for players Renown 11 or higher.

The following major bugs have been addressed in this update:

  • Anvil of Dumathoin - The Anvil no longer freezes when attempting to use its poison gas attack.

  • Durnan’s Card Trades - Durnan now correctly offers to buy cards which have the most extra copies.

  • Fix bug where play who don’t have enough currency to purchase the product at full-price are unable to purchase the discounted product.


  • The gem cost for Revive has been reduced

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Bug Fixes - Update: Fix bug where play who don’t have enough currency to purchase the product at full-price are unable to purchase the discounted product.

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