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Update 11 - Guilds & Guile

The GUILDS & GUILE update introduces a new way to experience the Warriors of Waterdeep community with guilds; a new way to earn rewards with battle events, and expands the exploration mode into Waterdeep itself with the Lightfinger Estate.

The features of the GUILDS & GUILE update have led to some renovations at the Yawning Portal:

New Tabs

Guilds are unlocked when you reach Arena 2 in Battle Mode.

You can create or join a guild to chat with other Warriors of Waterdeep players, and to request/donate extra gear cards from other guild members.

Joining a guild is free, but your request must be approved by the Guild Leader.

Creating/Joining/Managing a Guild

For detailed information about creating, joining, and managing a Guild, please see the Guide to Guilds document.

Guild Chat

All guild members can send chat messages to other guild members.

The maximum message length is 140 characters.

Guild Trades

Players can request specific cards from other guild members, and donate cards to fulfill other requests.

Requesting Gear

You can have one active gear request at a time. The request remains open for a set amount of time. When the timer expires, you may collect any gear that has been donated.

Note: The number of common and rare cards that you can request increases with your Renown level.

Donating Gear

Gear requests appear in the Guild Chat. You may donate gear cards to the requests of other guild members, if you have cards of that hero and type to spare.

As a reward for your gift, you earn gold and XP for the hero related to the gear. For example, if you donate Tommus gear, your Tommus receives XP.

Note: The individual donation limit for cards is indicated in the request. The overall daily donation limit for all requests increases with your Renown level.

Battle Events are a new way to earn prizes by playing Battle Mode.


Battle Event Rules

  • Every Battle Event has a Prize List, a number of attempts, and a number of attempts per play session.
  • Every victory in Battle Mode adds a step to the Prize List gauge. After a certain number of victories, you can collect a reward from the Prize List.
  • Each defeat in Battle Mode removes one of your attempts, but you can continue to play.
  • If you have no attempts remaining, you must pay the Refresh cost to continue playing from your current position on the Prize List.
  • When all rewards have been claimed the Battle Event is complete!

Note: Playing in a Battle Event is not the same as playing a regular Battle. The key differences are as follows:

After halting the mind flayer invasion in the Heartcoil Deeps, the heroes are sent to investigate a disturbance at the mysterious Lightfinger Estate in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep!

The Lightfinger Estate contains new monsters to challenge even the most experienced heroes!

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If something happens to your game or connection while opening a card pack or chest, the rewards are automatically added to your inventory. The Recent Rewards popup appears when you return to the game to give you a summary of what was added.

  • Expanded matchmaking time in Battle Mode
  • The DOMINATE effect now works in Battle Mode as intended
  • Various stability and bug fixes
  • Rebalanced hero XP
  • DISARM effects only block abilities that deal damage

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Is the paladin not being released during this update as well?


Nayeli is still in early access, she is not released in this update.

Can you tell us when she is releases how we will be able to get her? I have 4 party members that I can level but am waiting in case it’s having to get to next renown level to get her. Would level them if I knew it was a different way to get her.

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That’s too bad. This seems like it would have been excellent time to release her.

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Hey Moni13, I’m sorry to hear that your game is crashing after the update. May I ask which part of the game it is crashing at? It might help if you restart your device.

seems to have resolved. it was my free challenge. 4 crashes.

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I’m glad to hear that! If you’re having issues again, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at

I agree it would be a good time, but in the game it has said the whole time that she will be released “after” October

This update broke arena rewards. I just finished 2 arena battles and the first win awarded a chest AND reset a previous chest I had already opened. The second win gave me the same chest that I was awarded from the first win. Not another chest of the same type, but the exact same chest. As if it wasn’t already there.

How do you get to battle events?

“Guide to Guilds document” doesn’t seem to be linked from the paragraph in this post that mentions it… Is that somewhere else that I have missed?

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Hey PointForce, our FAQ here has more info:

I hope that helps! :smiley:

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My game keeps crashing I keep getting discounted from the server after that I can’t reconnect

Join my English speaking only guild
“English Knights”

The Good:
More single player content.

Less of a grind for XP. Thank you for the free renown rankup and legendary.

Broken PvP rankings are fixed. No longer have to look at the top 3 with 50k rank vs your 2400.

Good ideas all around. Great job dev team.

The Bad:
Single player content is still not repeatable.

The UI is starting to get cluttered.

The new Icon and loading screen are ugly and don’t represent dungeons and dragons. The dragon was perfect as it was… Whatever. Somebody got paid.

The Ugly:
Guild UI is suffering from network issues constantly. Your main feature is basically broken.

Some of your mini-boss loot is broken. 20g for a card pack at 14 renown? Heh.

Your new character is still pay-to-play, despite a month+ of “early access” testing. Call it what it is - a premium character. Your users aren’t that stupid.

How do you get battle events? I thought it had something to do with guilds since there’s no longer a link to these forums to come back and look so I spent 150 gems to make a guild. Still no battle mode, and you can use the guild to trade cards? Dude, I need those cards. Why would I trade them? How do I get battle mode?

More explore content. Yay!

New final boss isn’t a beholder? Boo!!

Text and sound clips still do not match before levels? Come on guys you’ve got bad references in your code.

No narration for new explore content. Boo! You could have hired another voice actor if the previous one wanted too much.

Description that Domination now works as it was supposed to. What does that even mean? It sure seems like it works as it was supposed to before the update. I haven’t noticed any difference except when I had a character Dominated by Qholillaroon who already had counterattack activated they didn’t counterattack when Qholillaroon attacked them. Come on guys stop having him spam Domination if you aren’t going to let Counterattack work. Might as well just have the last character autodie since you are going to keep them dominated with no chance of escape.

I agree with a lot of this but as far as I have seen the new character has always said it will be free “after” October, which on my calendar would be in November

Also, I can’t seem to find the update info, but the way I read it it sounded like battle events where going to be special events, not something that was there all of the time