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Update 12 review and insights

Hey all - Im finally back on making a psuedo-guide/review. The new update brought us a few changes, some good some…well not so good, but hopefully in process of improving.

#1. The Bonus rooms in challenge dungeons have been updated! They now offer level appropriate to each dungeon random rooms for heroes (unknown if heroes owned, or all heroes in general). This is a nice update compared to what we had previously (rooms stuck at super high ridiculous unachievable levels like 20/21 or 8 levels apart from current).

#2. Guilds had some changes. The gifting option doesnt freeze up after giving 10 anymore, just have to wait one real world minute and u can donate ten more. not bad.

Also, guilds now show who is online/offline and list when a guild member loots a legendary! Fun fun ~~

Also, theyve fixed the amoutn # donated, so we can use this partially as a guide as to who has or nas not been online (partially) its not perfect, but better than it was.

**Hint - we woudl love to have a “last seen” or “last online” aspect for guilds. Also looking forward to implementation of the battle tab.

  1. Fix to gear pieces, specificaly - the warlock common headpiece now lasts the correct amount of turns at max level. Much appreciated.

  2. The order of the battles in challenges has once again been reverersed, with the toughest challeneg on the bottom. I very much disapprove, as why scroll for the most likely dungeons at the bottom to be run, and put the least useful at top…weird.

  3. Update to the daily quest system - YES. It was soooo tedious doing one daily quest a day, for 15-25 points once a day, to gather 500 for a major pack. Now at least we cut that time in half, and get some extra rewards along the way too. The gem bonus on the dailys was a nice, small, but yes nice addition.

  4. FYI Ive been seeing weird visual glitches in the chalenges tab when I open it. It looks like the progress bars for Jarlaxie’s unlock eventfor 2020. I can access it, as it splashes each loot card for half a second then disappears. #weirdvisualglitch

  5. PvP “Wait for a BOT” button is not yet implemented, though promised, in case u were unaware. This may be something of value to some players, where you can choose to play a human, or just wait for an auto-generated bot. However, just so support knows, clientside does not show this yet.

  6. PvP - There are a ton of threads complaining about the changes to pvp, so ill just skip that, I also ask that you skip that too. Theyve posted a statement that theyre addressing the pvp changes.

  7. Jarlaxie - Coming Soon! (Do I get him for free since I predicted it? :slight_smile:

  8. Not sure if I missed anything, but this is my takeaway of it so far. Cheers!


Thanks Xx_YESPA_xX, this is a very concise and well reasoned summary of the changes.

I have a few additional thoughts for consideration related to some of the items.

  1. Hero Rooms - The additional hero rooms have been a beautiful addition.
    Also worth noting, there seems to be a slight change with the frequency each of these rooms populate. Based on my experience, prior to the update, each specific hero room was available on each pass through a challenge until the chest was opened. After the update the hero rooms may not be active on each pass. You may need to run the challenge a few times to get the hero room to repopulate.
    Once the chest is open the room will not repopulate. (Same as before)

  2. Crashing - It is nice that the guild room does not crash after gifting. But it would have made more sense to fix it so players would not have to suffer through the 60 second delay. I can reboot the game on a crash within a minute. This is a poor work around rather than a fix.
    Additionally, I have noted Apple users are continuing to complain about assorted device specific crashes.

  3. Daily Quests - The daily quests may be the best part of the update - Unfortunately there have been a few issues with quantity miscalculations (ie. numbers in the negative). However, once fixed these rewards will be extremely valuable to novice and intermediate players.

  4. Glitches - I also experience glitches on some attacks. Occasionally an attack will appear to be a hit but there is no damage done to the opponent. I’m not certain whether these are misses shown as hits or hits which are not recording damage. Other have reported a similar issues with the related sfx.

  5. Bots - The proposed ‘BOT’ Button - I would recommend we have two buttons on the screen; essentially a ‘BOT’ button and a ‘HUMAN’ button, with each being treated equal. I recall the update note indicating battles against bots will likely offer lower rewards. I know the devs wants to discourage players battling bots, however bots are a necessary reality. If trophy counts continue to matter after the update, trophy scaling for bot battles will be unfair to players choosing to fight in balanced matches.

  6. PvP - Anxiously awaiting the update … tick-tock, tick-tock, tick…

  7. Jaraxle - This will likely be a nice addition. However, I recommend focusing on correcting bugs in the recent update prior to releasing Jaraxle.
    Perhaps the devs may consider gifting Jaraxle to all players as compensation for the current state of play.

I think the hero specific rooms is actually a bug and not an update. The couple hours I played the evening of the update I got random hero room after room. When I got back on the next day they started drying up one by one in the different challenges. I haven’t seen a new hero room since. It doesn’t matter what challenge I’m chasing 20 rolls in now. If I’ve cleared them they don’t show up anymore. The 3 rooms waiting on levels to clear are still sitting there waiting. It would seem the servers have caught up on my account at least and register the correct cleared/waiting on level hero rooms. It was awesome while it lasted!!! I don’t think it was intended though.

I don’t think it was a day one glitch I think they just have a maximum number of hero rooms and if you play a lot early it just seems like they dry up the second day. I’m starting to think they focus the gameplay on the average user (which makes sense) so it doesn’t necessarily seem completely logical to someone who plays way more than average.

I’m all for giving a set number of hero rooms every update. If that was the case, 2 days a month better then one time only :slight_smile:

I opened a few rooms, now I have one for halbernet at 18, and I’m at 14. No rooms for me for a long time.

I also have cleric level 18 room and he’s 13 so some rooms are a long way off.

Of course the rooms dry up after a while, this is a paid game, they can’t keep giving away gear and gold at the rate I was flushing out those hero rooms on the first day :slight_smile:

Interesting, guess I have those rooms to look forward to again, bleh lol

Got to be a guaranteed legendary though :grin:

I don’t see that. Rather I see the following on the challenges page:

It just looks like how many story nodes you need to clear before unlocking a challenge.

In the events panel, I get this weird screen:

There seems like there’s room for a special event.

Yes I see the same as you, also see 3 tabs briefly when I open events then it quickly switches to 2

I kept trying to get that ss, nice to finally see what that brief flash is. Now just need to catch that character standing between screens when going from challenge to store

Restart your game

Thanks for the info. I will delete my previous post.

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