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Update 12 - Skill & Style

The Skill & Style update adds new Quest Types, establishes a League structure in Battle Mode, and marks the grand entrance of a new hero: Jarlaxle Baenre!

Laeral Silverhand introduces two new types of quests that players can complete to earn quest prizes: Battle Quests and Daily Quests.

Battle Quests

Battle Quests are completed by participating in Battle Mode - you can earn Quest points by earning trophy points, collecting a certain number of Battle Chests or Brawl rewards, or by defeating enough opposing heroes.

In addition, performing actions in Battle Mode, such as moving, attacking, or using special abilities, now count towards completing other quest objectives.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests are a set of three short quests that appear once a day at the top of the Quest list.

You have 24 hours to complete each quest and earn a reward. If you succeed in completing all three Daily Quests, you can collect an additional gold reward as well as Quest Points towards the current Quest prize.

At midnight UTC, new Daily Quests appear. Rewards from any completed quest are automatically collected and added to your inventory, but any incomplete Daily Quests are lost.

Players active in the legendary Vault of Dragons arena have a new set of goals in Battle Mode - reaching the highest ranks of the Battle Leagues and unlocking new chests as a reward.

League Ranks

There are five Leagues, each with a different Trophy requirement to unlock. Players earn League Reward chests when they move into a League for the first time in a season.

League Rewards

You earn a League Chest each time you reach a new League in a season. The contents of the chest increase in value, the higher you get.

If you enter a new League, drop down into a lower League, and then re-enter the same league, you do not receive another League Chest.

League Seasons

Leagues are structured into Seasons. At the start of the Season, all players in the Leagues have their Trophy Counts reset, and then resume battling to earn additional League Chests.

After the trophy reset, players start the new season at a lower League rank, but immediately earn the appropriate League Chest(s) for their League.

The current reset values and rewards for each League are shown below:

Jarlaxle Baenre - outcast of Menzoberranzan, secret Lord of Luskan, and icon of the Forgotten Realms - will soon be available to be recruited to join the Warriors of Waterdeep!

Laeral Silverhand has her suspicions about his real motives, but is willing to let him do some good for Waterdeep (and keep a close eye on his swashbuckling adventures).

Jarlaxle is a drow elf rogue with the Mighty archetype. He uses trickery, stealth, and surprise to win battles with style… though being handy with a rapier and a bracer of flying daggers certainly helps.

Early Recruitment

Jarlaxle will soon be available as part of an Early Recruitment bundle for VIP players for a limited time, followed by a different Early Recruitment bundle available to all.

The Early Recruitment bundles include the Jarlaxle hero pack, and three equipment card packs.!

Recruitment Event

As an Iconic hero, Jarlaxle must be recruited to join your party of heroes. No amount of Renown is enough to persuade him to join without a demonstration of your swashbuckling skill and style.

Starting after January 2020, players can attempt the Jarlaxle’s Grand Entrance recruitment event - a recurring multi-stage Special Event where Jarlaxle is the grand prize for completing all the stages. Along the way, there are rewards to be earned for completing each of the stages.

Once recruited, Jarlaxle joins your party immediately. If the recruitment event ends before Jarlaxle is recruited, Jarlaxle will not join, and you will have to wait for the recruitment event to return to make another attempt.


  • Fixed Saarvin’s legendary bow - the correct number of attacks are performed at level 2 and level 3.

  • Fixed the collision bug that let some units walk into obstacles or over gaps in the floor.


  • Added a confirmation popup for during Battle matchmaking in the Vault of Dragons arena. Players can choose to continue waiting for a human opponent, or play against a bot for lower trophy rewards.
  • Added SFX to the dragon emotes

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Looks great and thank you for finally fixing Saarvin’s bow!

Prior to today’s update I was able to defeat all three boses in Heartcoil Deep. However, since the update I have noted the level of the opponents in Heartcoil Deep has been drastically increased.

On my first run I faced level 19-20 opponents in the fifth room. I could not penetrate or do significant damage. I was easily defeated.

My second run was similar, however, I faced the level 19-20 foes in the fourth room, with the same result.

On both occasions the opponent level has significantly increased from being easy prey to becoming overpower foes. I did not see any comments about challenge level adjustments in the update notes. Can someone from Ludia provide comment to clarify this change?

@Orloch Ouch I hope they didn’t up the challege dungeons difficulty. I was struggling already getting to room 6 in Lightfinger Estates.

Hey Orloch, I’ve asked our team, and they confirmed that no changes were made to the difficulty. I’m in the fourth room, and the monsters are at Level 14 for me. My party is around Level 12-13.


Thanks Ned. Your quick response is appreciated. I must have encountered an anomaly.


I think you’re correct, I have been able to get the second boss in HCD consistently and kill the third about 10-20% of the time. I struggled to even get to the second boss today. HSM was also similar. I barely beat the third boss today, when I can usually do it quite easily.

Although on the other side I’ve had two named rooms for halbernet and saarvin at lvl 15 for about 6 months, since I hit level 12, today they were level 13 so I was able to go into then which was awesome

Bug Report: I have a daily quest to “Use PULL 24 times”. But no matter how many times I use PULL (with warlock’s epic weapon or Barbarian’s pull item), it doesn’t count towards the 24. And I’ve tried in both Challenge mode and in battle mode.

UPDATE: I also have a quest to do 18,000 damage with shevarith in battle. I’ve gotten 8,000 or so so far, but I’ve since done several battles using her (and she does damage), but it doesn’t count towards the 18,000. What’s going on here?

UPDATE #2: through sheer number of battles, I discovered that doing damage with Farideh, not Shevarith, actually allowed me to progress in the quest. I’d say there’s a bit of a bug there. I still have no idea what random ability will help me progress on the “PULL” quest. Hopefully I don’t get that one tomorrow.

This update was awesome! Thanks.

I went to battle for some of the daily quests and all of a sudden I’m fighting people way higher than me and it has made the daily quest impossible.

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I’ve been meaning to post about the 4th and 5th room in mind flayer challenge for some time. It’s always been like that Orloch.

Every now and then you get an absurdly deadly room

There is something wrong with some of the possible enemies that come up in these rooms.

It is ocassionally substantially harder than room 7 or 8. Eg you get 3 level 18 or 19 iron golems that you can barely scratch and which can one hit any character. There are a couple of other absolutely deadly combos for this room. One has 4 mind flayers that always seem to get the drop on you and all 4 do AOE attacks which wipe your entire team. Another has two Minotaurs which immediately move forward and wipe your entire team.

As others have said great updates thanks - I note there seem to be new locked rooms in some of the challenges? :slight_smile: Or has the quest to collect gold from hidden forge just made meant that I’ve gone back there after a long absence …

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Hi Deimos. Perhaps you meant awful, as opposed to awesome in your assessment of the recent update. :wink:

I’m glad someone approves of the update.

Another thing that’s changed - they fixed the exploit in mind flayer boss - all reflections show same hp as real boss :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone receive more than 10 trophies for PvP battles?
I continue to get 10 trophies per battle regardless of my opponent’s trophy count.

It’s based on your trophy total vs. your opponents so I’m assuming you are on the higher end? Right now I’m mostly getting only 10 trophies but it also sucks for my opponents because I’m generally way, way higher level. My guess is that once I get up to the next arena level I’ll be facing more opponents similar in trophy count/levels and then there is more chance of getting closer to 30 trophies for a win or even more if my opponent is higher.

Sorry a more concise answer is I think that is an anomaly of being at the very beginning of the update and facing opponents much weaker but that should level out in a day or so.

I believe it is another unintended bug.

Some players (myself included) are getting 10 trophies per match regardless of the opponents trophy count. It will take me days to ascend to the next league assuming I am fortunate and continue to win all of my matches.

Meanwhile certain other players ascended to 3500 trophies within 30 minutes of the update.

Oh sorry to hear that Orloch. BTW did you know that some players started at 3500? I can speak for myself that is what my starting number of trophies was. But yeah the 10 trophies at a time is taking me forever to get to 4000 and I want to see in actual gameplay what it means to be in a different league.

Matchmaking is ludicrous. My level 11s are facing level 16s, consistently.


Maybe you’re right however I would like to note that IME there seems to be several default templates for each level where the difficulty scales from roughly 1 to 4. So a the 8th room of a dungeon might be set at level 1 difficulty which means it could actually be far less difficult than the prior 7th room which was set at level 4.

This is just me guessing on how it’s structured but I have definitely noticed that sometimes the difficulty for a particular room level is just insane. Like three level 20 juggernauts or a room packed with succubi, only to then move to the next room which has lower level, more easily defeated and less opponents.