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Update 12 - Skill & Style

Maybe you’re right however I would like to note that IME there seems to be several default templates for each level where the difficulty scales from roughly 1 to 4. So a the 8th room of a dungeon might be set at level 1 difficulty which means it could actually be far less difficult than the prior 7th room which was set at level 4.

This is just me guessing on how it’s structured but I have definitely noticed that sometimes the difficulty for a particular room level is just insane. Like three level 20 juggernauts or a room packed with succubi, only to then move to the next room which has lower level, more easily defeated and less opponents.

I agree the pvp needs to be fixed soon as far as the range, in fact I posted about it, but are you sure those people “ascended” to 3500 or are they the ones who started there

I’m with you. Matchmaking in this latest update seems broken. I just matched with someone with 600 renown higher than my own.

In the other post I started about this topic I posted a pic of someone i fought that was 772 above me

Same 700-800 above me

It says at the start of this thread.

I was at 2900 for example so got reduced to 2500.

Pity because I’d been above 3000 fir a fortnight before :op

Lol got some issues like this, but just happened 2 times.
my worst team 8-9 level vs dudes lvl 14 and 15
That was the fastest lose ever

Man I am glad to hear that I am not the inly one experiencing that. I fly thru the first couple rooms and then walk into a room, get one hit and die.

Thanks Turbotarry, i thought the reset chart was for future seasons only. I should have read the update more carefully.

However, it seems unfair to start a new event with players commencing from divergent starting points.
A better player who had poor luck on Monday may be forced to spend 4-5 days clobbering inferior players to reach the starting point of an inferior player who had favorable matches on Monday.
With the current matches being completely unbalanced, they could have started all players at the same level for event fairness, without any further negative impact on gameplay.

Unfortunately I fall into this category because I did not compete much last weekend. As such, I now have to spend days smashing inferior players (some opponent heroes have been 6 levels below mine) just to reach a competitive league.

This is exasprating for me and I assume it is frustrating for my opponents.

I do like that there is a countdown now for the end of the season. That is much better than a calendar posted on Monday that says that there is downtime on Tuesday and you have to guess whether or not there will be a reset

I’d been up to 3400+ then was hanging Around 3200 before a horror run to 2900.

Was reduced to 2500 and horror run has been continuing. Just match after match in which I have no hope from the start due to character mismatches and initiative

If you buy the Jarlaxle bundle, do you still get to play the “event” in January?

One of my three daily challenges was to do 18000 damage in battle mode. This only increased when i also won the battle which is not how the challenge reads.

Everyone complains about mismatches in PvP. Ludia releases an update that massively increases the mismatches in PvP. gg


2507 (me) vs 3891

Might be a good idea to not bother with PvP fir a while let everything settle

It’s like New Coke.

Let’s remind the players just how bad it can be to let them know just how good they had it.

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Hey everyone, our team is looking into the Daily Quests issue.

Regarding the matchmaking in Battle, our team would like to thank everyone for their feedback.

Good update apart from total mismatched opposition in pvp… guess to win anything now you gave to be vip or spend money… fun going out of the game

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Every time I get into arena 7. This is just dumb. Oops, screenshot didn’t grab their levels… 15s and 16s.

Yes we know. There have been quite a few posts about this as well as a response from the moderators.