Update 13 - Balance & Bounty

The Balance & Bounty update features revised hero abilities, balance changes for each game mode, Mirt’s Gifts, and quality of life improvements.


From time to time, Mirt may offer players free daily gifts to enhance their heroes. When these gifts are available, you can collect the gifts from a popup window, or by tapping the Gift icon in the Yawning Portal to open the Gift menu.

Gifts may be gold, gems, cards, packs, or chests.

Once a gift is collected, a timer indicates when the next gift will be available to be collected, and sometimes, there is a time limit to collect all the available gifts.


Each of the game modes have been adjusted as follows:

  • Explore Mode
    • Rebalanced encounter difficulty for all locations
  • Challenge Mode
    • Challenge events can now be based on a number of completed runs, rather than on a total number of rewards collected
  • Battle Mode
    • Introduced Battle Mode earlier in the game for new players
    • Adjusted the matchmaking to better account for losing streaks.
    • Updated bot behavior


  • Links to the Forum and social media pages are now listed at the top of the mailbox:
    Join our social channels to gain access to free gifts and learn about upcoming events and new content.

  • In the Heroes section, heroes are identified by their name rather than their class.

  • The end of chapter flow has been improved to allow you to see the statues of defeated leaders and bosses before reading the text for the following adventure.

  • The leaderboard button now appears only in the Battle Menu.


We’ve made the following changes to certain hero abilities based on player performance and feedback in order to ensure a balanced and fun gameplay experience in all game modes.

The changes for each hero’s gear are listed below.



Farideh’s buff abilities have been increased overall to enhance their impact on her teammates.


Fiendish Moon

  • Level 1/4 - DMG increased to 175%
  • Level 7/10 - DMG increased to 250%

Lucky Grimoire

  • All levels - ATK bonus increased to 50%.

Book of Shadows

  • All levels - Cooldown decreased to 3 turns

Devil’s Clasp

  • Level 1/5/9 - Duration increased to 2 turns
  • Level 13 - Duration increased to 3 turns

Dragon Cult Cubes

  • Level 1 - Duration increased to 2 turns
  • Level 2/3/4 - Duration increased to 3 turns



No ability changes, but the stat progression has been adjusted to give her slightly more HP per level.



Halbenet’s ATK and DMG boosts have been reduced overall.


Mace of Disruption & Shield

  • Level 1/2 - DMG decreased to 150%
  • Level 3 - DMG decreased to 200%
  • Level 4 - DMG decreased to 250%

Moonstone Pendant

  • All levels - Regenerate decreased to 50%

Moonfall’s Steps

  • All levels - DMG decreased to 75%

Footsteps of Corellon

  • Level 1/2 - Heal decreased to 75%
  • Level 3/4 - Heal decreased to 100%

Thunder Mace & Shield

  • Level 7/10 - DMG decreased to 175%



No ability changes.



Naomlen gains increased movement and PULL effects to bring her into attacking range more quickly.


Disguise Kit

  • Level 1 - Cooldown reduced to 6 turns
  • Level 4/7/10 - Gain extra action

Goggles of Minute Seeing

  • All levels - Gain +1 movement range

Elusive Ring

  • All levels - Gain RESTORE


Thief’s Cap

  • Level 10 - Add PULL

Guild Hood

  • Level 5 - DMG decreased to 100%. Add PULL
  • Level 7 - Add PULL

Apprentice’s Slippers

  • Level 13 - Duration decreased to 3 turns. Gain extra action.

Guild Boots

  • Level 1 - Activation chance increased to 50%
  • Level 3/5/7 - Gain extra action.



No ability changes, but her stat progression has been rebalanced to even out the proportion of stats earned by gear, and the proportion earned by hero level.



Raika’s buffs and attack abilities have been increased overall, and she now has access to extra actions and Restore effects.



Bulette-claw Spear

  • Level 1/4/7 - INJURE increased to 125%
  • Level 10 - INJURE set to 200%

Yeti-bone Hammer

  • Level 1 - Activation chance increased to 50%
  • Level 4 - DMG increased to 150%

Manticore’s Tail

  • Level 1/3 - LIFEDRAIN increased to 75%

Wolf Skull

  • Level 1 - DMG increased to 100%
  • Level 4/7 - DMG increased to 150%
  • Level 10 - DMG increased to 200%


Ring of Healing

  • Level 7/13 - Add Restore

Indomitable Gloves

  • Level 1/3 - Activation chance increased to 50%
  • Level 5/7 - Activation chance increased to 75%

Mark of the Northern Wolf

  • All levels - Duration increased to 3 turns

Mark of the Wounded Bear

  • Level 1/3 - Cooldown decreased to 6 turns
  • Level 5/7 - Cooldown decreased to 5 turns

Mark of the Ancient Owlbear

  • Level 1/2/3 - Duration increased to 3 turns
  • Level 4 - Duration increased to 4 turns

Tracks of the Enraged Snake

  • Level 9/13 - Duration decreased to 2 turns. Add extra action

Claws of the Ancient Owlbear

  • Level 3 - Activation chance increased to 50%. Duration decreased to 3 turns.
  • Level 4 - Duration increased to 3 turns



Saarvin’s weapon damage for his bows has been increased.


Great Bow

  • All levels - INJURE increased to 150%

The Outlander

  • All levels - Basic attack DMG increased to 100%

Teeth of the Dragon

  • All levels - Basic attack DMG increased to 100%

Eyes of the Hunter

  • Level 1 - Activation chance increased to 25%
  • Level 3/5 - Activation chance increased to 50%
  • Level 7 - Activation chance increased to 75%

Mountaineer’s Skirt

  • Level 10 - Duration reduced to 2 turns. Gain an action.



No ability changes.



Tommus’ AC and DMG boosts have been reduced overall.


Shortsword & Shield

  • All levels - AC bonus decreased to 25%

Dragon Brace & Fang

  • Level 3/4 - DMG decreased to 150%

Bracers of Defense

  • Level 1/3 - AC bonus decreased to 25%
  • Level 5/7 - AC bonus decreased to 50%

Fox Paws

  • Level 3 - AC bonus decreased to 25%. Duration increased to 3 rounds.


  • Battle quests no longer require you to win the battle to complete the quest.
  • The tooltip for Jarlaxle’s Performer’s Blades now lists the correct number of attacks at all levels
  • The PULL ability from Calliope’s Bard’s Boots now counts for quest objectives


  • Jarlaxle’s different flying daggers appear correctly in the Yawning Portal
  • Optimized loading times

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Can’t wait to see raika updated might be my favorite very soon

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Ok, this is a lot of changes. I wont know how I feel about this until I actually play with it. Little bit of annoyance that I now need to refigure out my gear for all heroes, but I’m happy they are trying to even the playing field

I see a lot more extra action and restore abilities in these changes. Should be very interesting.

A lot to take in here. I think most of the balance changes are good, helping less desirable characters in PvP.
But I’m confused about Saarvin. Was he not doing enough damage already? This did nothing to stop the OP Fury plus Legendary bow being able to wipe out an entire team in one attack.
The other change I wanted to see (and clearly this would be a major change) would be limiting the number of major status effects on a character at once. I think Stun, Can’t move and can’t attack should each cancel the previous status out and that being stunned should end when hit.
I’d also LOVE to have all status viewable at once. With the current option I have to wait to see if someone for example has counter attack and in PvP the timer makes this impractical. Someone can have revive, regenerate, taunt and counter attack all in effect and there’s no real time way to know.

As a player, like many players, most of them are concerned about buffs and they want to see more power to some characters. I for one feel the need for certain nerfs.

To start things off, I feel like the biggest nerf here is Halbenet, especially his regeneration from Moonstone Pendant.
Nerfing this item in battle also nerfs it in solo play.
If healing is a big issue in battle, and I know it sometimes is, just make overall healing from any item reduced in battle. You don’t want character overhealing also from life drain attacks or having the battle last 5 minutes because of a tanky warlock or something.

Saarvin’s damage is already ridiculous, but all he got was bow buffs. What about tomahawks? This is sad for players that use tomahawks over bows, like me.

Lastly, i feel like warlock’s helm that inflicts immobile for 3+ turns needs a nerf, maybe longer cooldown.

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The description here isn’t changed in game

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While awaiting the update I put some thought into the proposed changes. I believe some of these changes are needed and may be beneficial. However, there are a couple that I am less certain about.

Potentially Favorable Changes:

Mirt’s Gifts

Gifts may be gold, gems, cards, packs, or chests

Free gifts are always favorable, especially if they are suitable for player renown.

Battle Mode:

Adjusted the matchmaking to better account for losing streaks.
Updated bot behavior

I am willing to consider almost any change to the PvP mechanics.

Potentially Unfavorable Changes

Challenge Events:

  • Challenge events can now be based on a number of completed runs, rather than on a total number of rewards collected

Many players farm the Challenge Events. This will likely no longer be possible.
Also, in Heroic Adventure Challenge events, players will not be able to ‘rush’ through the early dungeons. This will prevent many players from reaping the rewards of the more difficult challenges.

Character Buffs:

I have searched the forums and I cannot find recent requests to boost some of these characters. Raika serves as an example.

Raika’s buffs and attack abilities have been increased overall, and she now has access to extra actions and Restore effects.

Raika is already a powerful PvP hero. Often when I already have 4 chests, I play PvP just to fill the 20 slots. While doing so I experiment with my heroes. I am sure I have frustrated weaker opponents when Raika is my last hero standing and it kills all 4 opponents in one attack. I presume this will be even easier now, which will likely result in further complaints about 1-shot kills.

[Note: My comments are based on my interpretation of currently available information. For better or worse, it is anticipate and expect many of these changes to function different than I anticipate]

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Just updated, Mirt’s gift unable to be collected.

Ahhhh hahaha. They nerfed the short sword and shield…an item that no one was using because it is inferior in all ways to the epic and significantly more difficult to obtain. Makes me wonder if they used a dart board to determine these “balances”.

Thanks for reaching out to us! Please contact our support team at support+dnd@ludia.com Include in your e-mail your account ID (in game’s options, bottom right), and your Support Key (bottom left) also let us know what device you are playing on and our support team will help you out.

The bug that caused the bow uzi has been fixed for months. When the extra effect triggered It would hit each target a number of times equal to the number of targets. If there were 4 targets, it would hit each one 4 times. If the ranger had fury for the turn, this number would just get doubled, and surviving was literally impossible.

First they nerfed the extra effect from affecting all enemies within 3 zones to just affecting all enemies within the same zone as the initial target. They then fixed the original bug. Saarvin’s legendary bow has been shooting mostly wet noodles since then.

First of all, thanks Ludia for the update, second sorry for my English, I am using the translator.
Initially, I come to say that probably after this update and balancing that Ludia certainly does not play her own game. We start with forgotten basic balances and absurd changes.

Farideh already was a monster, now becoming a monster tanker dmg crowd control that combo counter-attack from his epic pants, with reflected ring damage and with his super-puffed diabolic moon (obtains infinite healing and gigantic damage modifier). One cannot forget its broken debuff which has a cooldown equal to duration (able to spam), simply absurd, together with its high statuses make it almost broken.

We continue with Raika, who now uses his common pants to gain extra action and to have 75% attack bonus, which used with his legendary helmet, weapon with 100% lifesteal and 200% absurd damage modifier and 75% proc 50% blocking allows to break solo a entire team, another now absurd tough character with absurd stats. Poor Tommus …

Naomlen, wow, this doesn’t need any comments, extra action on almost all equipment with its legendary helmet allows you to eliminate any hero at the start of the game just by effect, ignoring their absurd damage modifiers on each weapon, not to mention that with its legendary accessory it allows 3 actions in a shift with a very high critical chance, became a glass cannon, or a mobile disintegrate who dies in next turn.

Saarvin was already broken, always a cause for complaints in the game, but there were no major changes. Only high basic damage, which doesn’t count much since it has a 75% chance to activate weapon effects and still wipe ur entire team in one shot…

Halbenet simply forgot about the thing that most irritates him currently in combat, the fact that he is reliving endlessly in a match by his weapon. But in return, they reduced their ability to regenerate, making crap as a healer.

Shevarith without major changes, was broken and remains broken. Being able to kill anyone in the beginning of the game with his legendary weapon or his 350% modifying tome.

Tommus, poor of the tommus, that yes was a little weak now, his main positive point was his movement, which was now overshadowed by Raika and Naomlen, having his AC considerably reduced as a tanker, making him a half tanker.

Calliope, was never very strong, but he was always useful for his domination that should be reduced to 2 turns but kept in 3, which makes him a pain in the ass in any battle.

Nayeli, she was starting to shine today, due to her debuff and restoration, but now with all these appeals from the other heroes, she will probably disappear since her hp is horrible and any character can eliminate her in 1 attack.

These are my considerations about “balancing” since I am an end-game player, and I have at least all the legendary level 2, epics maximized, rare and common next to that, fighting pp with probably equal gears.
Ludia continues to forgot that a 1 hero x 4 hero in pvp can be much stronger than 4 x 4. And buffing so much each individual hero can make those lost battles to easy win.
Unfortunately, I was happy and disappointed with this update,
But it is my clear opinion.


So I started the Jarxale event. Just losing and losing and losing. I am continuously facing super strong opponents, crtits all the time. I lose my entire team against one raika. A level 10 raika wiped alone my 3 level 9 and 10. I just don’t understand anything. He was recovering all the time, each hit recovering all the life. Before this update I was able to win 50% of my pvp games, now I am like 10%. Just don’t understand what’s happening but I think I’m quitting. I have the vip sub but this is over.


its an odd event. I assume it will be taxing for average players.

The match-up mechanics in this event seems oddly random.
The method outlined in Retsamerol’s guide to ToM events does not seem work here.

Additionally, the developers seem to expect players are willing to spend gems to acquire an unnecessary hero who will soon be foisted on all remaining players.

With these thoughts in mind, the gem cost and time required to complete they event seem incongenial for Jaraxle and a single corresponding legendary item.

[Note: I know some top players will quickly complete the event spending few gems. These few players can disregard my comments as these comments are intended for the wider audience.]

Mucha expectativa con el update y siguen los mismos problemas, de 10 ataques 8 fallan incluyendo skills, de 10 ataques de la IA enemiga 7 son criticos o te aplican un efecto negativo, las recompensas se oro en cofres siguen siendo minimas, en resumen mo corrigieron nada de lo que era realmente necesario

Translated From Spanish:

Much expectation with the update and follow the same problems, 10 attacks 8 fail including skills, 10 attacks of the enemy AI 7 are critical or apply a negative effect, the rewards are gold in chests are still minimal, in summary or corrected nothing that was really necessary

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.

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Worst update so far. Already unbalanced characters are made even more unbalanced. I have left and returned to this game a couple of times. Maybe it’s time to leave for good this time.

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I just lost 12 straight fights in battles and test of might (-168 trophies) won 1 in test of might, and lost 5 more. Thanks for the awesome update.

Some interesting changes which I’ll need to test to get a better feeling for, but I’m really glad to see Dominate weakened - thanks!