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Update 13 - Balance & Bounty

I have seen comments about changes to dominate, however, I have not noticed any alterations during game play. Both, my success rate and the duration of the effect seem unchanged. I must be overlooking something. Can someone highlight how dominate has changed with this update. Thanks.

Dominate hasn’t mechanically changed but more Restore options including by the bots.

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Great to see them making some changes

And a good idea to boost and nerf some character abilities however the Changes to characters that they have made seem odd

Rogue was fine as is, didn’t need pull or other abilities - I don’t think I saw many if any complaints about rogue

Warlock hold - one of the most complained about abilities has not been nerfed

Cleric immortality bone has not been nerfed

Fighter was fine as is - only complaints came from inexperienced players.

What they should have done is reach out to a sample of experienced players that regularly post on the form and ask them about their experiences. Better than making changes in the dark


I have noticed another unreported change.

Update 12 seemed to resolve an issue where players would constantly battle one another in PvP. Since update 12 the app avoided matching me against the same player in more than two consecutive battles, which was reasonable. However they have retracted this alteration with Update 13, and have resumed establishing multiple consecutive battles between players. I have just battled the same player 5 or 6 times in a row. Fortunately they were balanced, free, and fun matches.

I anticipate this reversal will upset a few players.

I am in full agreement. The developer could and should benefit from listening to active players. I am continually told the development team reads the forums and listens to our concerns. However, I am confident they listen but fail to hear.

With regard to the Rogue, I believe the decision to overpower this character had little to do with balancing the game. My senses suggest this decision was made in an effort to compel players to spend gems levelling up an otherwise unused hero.

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Is there a reason that the changes to the Epic Cleric weapon proc % rate was lowered? Also the epic warrior pants action surge bonus to attack % was also lowered without being documented? I don’t play to be continually jerked around and frustrated.

I have to agree with the other comments that indicate no one that’s making these “balance” adjustments are actually playing the game. The previous update drove me away from VIP, and this one seems likely to drive me to another game entirely.

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On another note, I have just run the Heartcoil Deeps Challenge four times.

Even with my best 4 x level 16 characters. each laden with levelled items, I was utterly unable to complete the challenge.

My progress went as follows:
1st Attempt - All four heroes killed in the fourth room.
2nd Attempt - All four heroes killed in the seventh room.
3rd Attempt - All four heroes killed in the seventh room.
Final attempt - All four heroes killed in the fifth room.

In each case my heroes were nearly fully health upon entering the room. However, the monsters in these rooms were much too powerful.

What makes this uber frustrating is that I just spent a month nagging the development team to correct my account because it was previously unplayable. They were reluctant to even look at it. Now after the update the dilemma has returned.

As I don’t want to nag Waldo and the Ludians for another month, I suppose I will need to use the hack and bump my players to level 25. This may be the only reasonable way to make it playable.

I surrender.

Saarvin common helm is changed I think. We no longer get random attack pass the second row

And with the damage changed to bow only farideh epic and legendary weapon use 75% damage for a 3 range weapon

Easy there, Saarvin. Don’t lose your head over the new update!


I haven’t see someone else mentions this, but does anyone experienced a problem with the quests since this new update?

For some of my quests, my sucesses don’t compute toward the rewards! Making it impossible to complete them!?! For example, a daily quest expect me to gain equipment as a reward for “Sharpstone’s Dungeon”! Despite succeding donig that, my records still 0!

So, maybe someone from the support team?!

Norricksson, this seems to be a common issue. It is being discussed in the following thread.

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Thanks Buddy.

Since the mods have begun deleting unfavorable threads I will post my follow-up to another thread here as it pertains to this topic.

The sage individual [please note the sarcastism] who decided to overpower the bots again is likely the same one who chose to rig the challenge rooms. I don’t know what the developers were thinking with this update.

Issues I’ve encountered include:

  1. Event and Daily Challenges not accumulating (even on Android)
  2. CR of challenges drastically increased making many challenges unplayable for players with well equipped, higher level heroes.
  3. CR of bots drastically increased making Battle Mode a nightmare.
  4. To obtain Jarl, the developers are expecting players to waste resources on a rigged and expensive Heroic Adventure
  5. Inept hero re-balancing. This was a failure.
    Additionally, most developers are wary of doing this. Mass charge-backs for similar action have crippled some other developers, even some with top rated games.

Other than the daily bribe of a new daily reward, from my perspective, each of the revisions is negatively impacting playibility and enjoyment. These changes were all poorly conceived and incompetently considered.

This update is such a travesty even the few players who routinely jump in support of Ludian lunacy have been uniformly quiet. There is just nothing good to say about any pertinent elements of this [expletive deleted] update.


I think the character balancing that most people actually wanted (“most” meaning the complaints I’ve seen on the forums, and had myself) was to make the characters less powerful for PvP, so that there were no more one-shots like the wizard’s Disintegrate


To funny , I said something negative and my post was hidden

U not need to be ofensive to put your opinion.

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High powered office

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My level 12-14 characters (19 renown) used to always get level 16 bots. Strangely after the update my first bot battle was against level 11’s, absolutely crushed them. Don’t know how the hell they r calculating the bots

It seems the bots have been removed from Battle Mode. I no longer get the ‘fight now’ button. Instead, after waiting for the button to appear, I matched against an opponent with a trophy variance up to 1000 above or below my count.

Additionally, i keep fighting the same opponents 5 or 6 times in a row, which is awful when the trophy variance is considered. Except for rare exceptions where someone comparable is available, I can neither gain nor lose substantial trophies. The gain or loss is often 12 or less points.

These changes were not included in the update notes.

Another thing that wasn’t included in the update notes: they changed guild donations. I’m renown 18, not a VIP, and before the update I was able to request 7 rares and 31(I think? Can’t remember the exact number) commons, and donate up to 3 rares and 11 commons to fulfill other people’s requests. Now, I’m back where I was before I hit renown 18: only able to donate 2 rares and 10 commons at a time. (It looks like I’m supposed to only be able to request 6 rares as well, but when I tested it last night I did get 7 pieces of the wizard’s rare weapon.)

Even though it’s not all that big of an issue, it’s still somewhat frustrating that this was changed with no warning or anything.