Update 14 - Rallies & Reels

The Rallies & Reels update introduces three new features: guild events - three new ways to cooperate with your guild members and earn prizes; spellbooks - items that enhance gameplay rewards for a limited time; and a new hero - Joppa, the human monk who brings a fishing rod into battle!

Topic 1 - Guild Events

Guild events are a new way for players to earn rewards with their guild and compete for bragging rights. There are three types of guild events:

  • Rally - Defeat an endless stream of monsters and earn individual rewards
  • Raid - Attack an endless stream of bosses and unlock rewards for everyone in the guild
  • Battle - Carry your guild’s banner into a Test of Might and unlock rewards for everyone in the guild

Active Guild Events

To find which guild events are active, tap the Guild icon in the bottom navigation bar to open the Guild screen, and then tap the Battle tab to see any active guild event.

There is usually only one guild event active at any given time.

Participating in Guild Events

To participate in a Guild event, a player must be in a guild before the event started, and have enough guild currency in the form of tokens [image] or keys [image].

In addition, for Raid and Battle events, a player must participate in the event at least once in order to collect rewards.

Note: Players joining a new guild while an event is in progress will not be able to participate in that event.

Earning Guild Currency

There are two types of currency that are required to participate in guild events:

  • Tokens - used for Rally events
  • Keys - used for Raid and Battle events


Guild Event Details

Members of the same guild, play and earn individual rewards in the rallies, and then cooperate with their other guild members to unlock bigger collective rewards in guild raids and guild battles.

Rally Events

In Rally events, bosses like Harkald Firesworn and Qholillarroon summon portals into the streets of Waterdeep, and all guild members are rallied to defend the City of Splendors against the surprise invasion!

The Rally event is structured like an endless challenge mode using brand-new encounter types and monster combinations, but the bosses are nowhere to be found!

The goal is to clear as many rooms as possible in each run, but each room is more challenging than the last.

Each cleared room adds another point to the reward track. The main rewards are guild keys, which are used to participate in Raid and Battle events.

Raid Events

After defending Waterdeep in the Rally event, the guilds bring the fight directly to the boss’ stronghold, and strive to unlock rewards for everyone in the guild.

The Raid event is structured like an endless challenge mode, similar to Rally events, but every encounter is against a tougher version of the Boss. The goal is to defeat the Boss as many times as possible in a single run.

Each defeated Boss adds another point to the shared reward track for the entire guild. Once a reward is unlocked on the track, that reward can be collected by all eligible members of the guild.

Guild Battle Events

Similar to Raid events, Guild Battle events let guild members compete in individual Battles to earn prizes for the guild as a whole.

Guild Battles can either award points for each defeated opposing hero, or each overall victory, depending on the event. The points earned are added to the shared reward track for the guild. Once a reward is unlocked on the track, that reward can be collected by all eligible members of the guild.

Topic 2 - Leaderboards

The main leaderboard has been expanded, and guild event leaderboards have been created.

Main Leaderboard

The main leaderboard now displays ranking of all guilds in addition to the player’s global ranking among all players.


Guild Event Leaderboards

Guild event leaderboards allow players to check their overall standing for guild events.

Tap the crown icon to view the leaderboard for the current event, or the previous event, if no events are active. Leaderboard details depend on the type of event.

Rally Leaderboard

The Rally Leaderboard shows each player’s standing within the guild in terms of points earned. Players who have not yet participated in the Rally event have their scores marked with a dash.

Raid / Guild Battle Leaderboard

The Raid and Guild Battle leaderboards show the player’s standing within the guild, and their guild’s standing compared to other guilds in the event. Players that have not participated in the Raid or Guild Battle event have their scores marked with a dash


Topic 3 - Spellbooks

Spellbooks represent magical effects that instantly boost the rewards for adventure for a limited amount of time.

Spellbooks can have the following effects:

  • Increase coin rewards
  • Increase XP rewards
  • Reduced event costs
  • Faster Battle chests

Types of Spellbooks

There are four types of spellbooks, as shown below:


The effect of a spellbook is constant for each type, but the duration can range from 1 hour to 3 days.

Spellbook Effects

As a general rule, the base values affected by an active spellbook are displayed in blue.

Grimoire of Gold / Coin Boosts

While the Grimoire of Gold is active, all coin rewards earned by playing Explore and Challenge mode are increased by 200% (i.e., triple their original value).

In Explore mode, the coins earned for each completed room, and the coins found in Dungeon chests and Secret Room chests are affected.


In Challenge mode, the coins found in Secret Room chests, Hero chests, and in the Reward List are affected.


The effects of any Challenge event are still applied on the increased based value of coins. For example, a 2x coins event played when a Grimoire of Gold is active will double the new increased value of the coin rewards.


Atlas of Adventure / XP Boosts

When the Atlas of Adventure is active, all XP rewards earned by playing Explore mode, Challenge mode, Battle mode, and all related events are increased by 200% (i.e., triple the original value).

The increased XP can be seen in-game after a room is completed, and in the Results screen for each mode.


The effects of any Challenge event are still applied on the increased based value of XP. For example, a 3x XP event played when an Atlas of Adventure is active will triple the new increased value of the XP rewards.

Book of Bravery / Event Discount

When a Book of Bravery is active, the entry cost for Challenge mode, Challenge events, and Battle mode events like Test of Might and Heroic Adventure, including hero recruitment events and Silverhand Trials, is set to free (e.g, zero).


Treatise of Time / Battle Chest Speed-up

When a Treatise of Time is active, the time required to unlock a Battle chest is reduced by 50%.


Active chests have their timers reduced immediately. Locked and inactive chests display the new reduced time. The gem cost to unlock a chest instantly takes into account the time reduction effect.

If the Treatise of Time effect elapses, the active chest is unaffected, because the time reduction has already been applied. Locked chests will then display the original full time requirement.

Acquiring and Activating Spellbooks

Spellbooks are available for purchase in the Store from time to time, as one of Mirt’s Daily Gifts, or activated automatically as an event for all players by Laeral’s decree


Spellbook effects are activated immediately once acquired. If duplicate spellbooks are activated, the durations are automatically combined.

Viewing Active Spellbooks

When spellbooks are active, the Spellbook icon appears in the Yawning Portal. Tap the icon to view all active spellbooks, sorted from shortest to longest duration.


Topic 4 - New Hero: Joppa

Another original member of Force Grey is ready to be recruited into the Warriors of Waterdeep - Joppa, the fishing monk!

Joppa narrowly survived a kraken attack while on a fishing expedition in the Sea of Swords to celebrate his retirement from monastic duties in Saltmarsh. The experience renewed his sense of adventure!

Laeral knows that Joppa would rather brave the roughest ocean storms than set foot in any city… but Waterdeep is a different kettle of fish.

Joppa is a human monk with the Skilled archetype. His training as a monk lets him unleash multiple attacks with surprising speed, while his love of fishing gives him the patience to both overcome adversity and make his own luck.

Early Recruitment

Joppa will soon be available as part of an Early Recruitment bundle for VIP players for a limited time, followed by a different Early Recruitment bundle available to all.

The Early Recruitment bundles include the Joppa hero pack, and three equipment card packs.

Recruitment Event

Players can also recruit Joppa as part of the Ocean Adventure recruitment event after the early access period. The Ocean Adventure is a multi-stage Heroic Adventure that offers the Joppa hero pack as one of the final prizes.

If players do not complete the Ocean Adventure event, Joppa will still be available as a Renown reward.

Renown Reward

Starting in Summer 2020, Joppa will be available as a Renown reward for players at Renown 12 or lower, and distributed to players at Renown 13 or higher.

Topic 5 - Hero Recruitment Bundles

Recruitment bundles for most heroes will be available to purchase from time to time. These bundles include the hero pack, and a selection of other equipment packs appropriate for your renown level.

When a player purchases a recruitment bundle, the highest available New Hero slot in the player’s Renown List (Renown 13 is currently the highest New Hero slot for all players) is replaced with an equivalent equipment pack reward.

Bug Fixes

  • Healing effects now work in all secret rooms in Lightfinger Estate
  • The high-level Saarvin bot now appears in-game with his head attached
  • Tommus’ epic weapon now counterattacks correctly against the pit fiend boss
  • Gear with a 100% effect chance now activates correctly

  • The Guild icon in the bottom navigation bar has changed from a book to a group of three helmets:

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Hello :shield:Adventurers :shield:

We are aware that some players are unable to get into the game after downloading Update 14 - Rallies & Reels. We are investigating, and ask that you do not write to support at this time.

We will update everyone when the issue is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank You


@Keith. Thanks for the update.

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Confused. My game says under maintenance. Am I supposed to wait out the maintenance or delete and re-add the app? I haven’t been prompted to update it i don’t think.

Hey gpinsky1313, you might have to check your app store and manually update the game from there.

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iOS App Store is showing the last update 2 months ago. Nothing to download. For me anyway.

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My game still says under maintenance. What should I do?

I reinstalled and it worked.

Josh, were you on iOS or Android?

There’s STILL no update in iOS app store.

please don’t uninstall if you don’t have your game signed up with facebook or google, you could lose your account!

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Hey wathombe, as J.C had suggested, please do not uninstall your game unless it is linked to your Facebook or Google play account.

We’ll give an update here asap once we have more information for iOS players. Sorry about that!

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Very frustrating! All the members of my guild on Android are posting pictures of the tokens they are earning!

I am on Android, and I am stuck at the "gathering Information stage. So it isnt just apple

The last version in the apple App Store is listed to be 2 months ago. I have also refreshed my app updates and this one did not show up.

This one is not an Apple only glitch. All of my Android devices are also down after the update. Also stuck at the “gathering information” stage.

Why was an update released while staff away from office under lock-down?

We’re also about to miss today’s Moment of Glory event. Updates, please?

So can I start a guild event as a guild master or is this all run centrally? If the latter - meh. :frowning:

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I don’t know how long ago maintenance ended, but I’m still getting under maintenance message when I try to log in. I’m not linked to Facebook or Google so I can’t uninstall. Any other options? Thanks.