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[Update 15.1] A New Hero Joins the Party

Greetings Adventurers! This technical update fixes bugs, adds more network and connectivity improvements, and introduces new Silverhand gear and a new hero to the game.


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The dwarven druid, Pikel Bouldershoulder, joins the Warriors of Waterdeep!

Pikel’s focused interest in the green and growing world so delight the nature gods of Faerûn that they set him on a druid’s path and a life of adventure.

Pikel is a dwarf druid with the Sturdy archetype. Pikel specializes in healing spells and defensive magic to support his allies in battle, helping them weather adversity with the patience of a gardener.

Early Recruitment

Pikel will soon be available as part of an Early Recruitment bundle for VIP players for a limited time, followed by a different Early Recruitment bundle available to all.

The Early Recruitment bundles include the Pikel hero pack, and three equipment card packs.

Recruitment Event

Players can also recruit Pikel as part of the Forest Journey recruitment event after the early access period. The Forest Journey is a multi-stage Heroic Adventure that offers the Pikel hero pack as one of the final prizes.

If players do not complete the Forest Journey event, Pikel will still be available as a Renown reward.

Renown Reward

Starting in Fall 2020, Pikel will be available as a Renown reward for players at Renown 14 or lower and distributed to players at Renown 15 or higher as a free Quest Pass reward.


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This update includes Silverhand weapons for Nayeli and Calliope. Stay alert for the newest Silverhand Trials for your change to earn this new gear!


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Here are some of the most visible bugs corrected in this update:

  • Joppa’s epic weapon counts as a ranged attack
  • Saarvin’s legendary weapon description now displays the correct damage adjustment for the bonus ability at Level 1 (75% DMG)
  • Tommus’ Silverhand weapon does the correct bonus damage at level 4 (250%)
  • Rust Monsters now correctly identifies that only melee attacks trigger the DMG debuff
  • Guild Donations - reaching the daily donation limit now triggers a warning popup
  • The Battle Season end time is now visible in the Battle menu


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  • The effect limit for the Atlas of Adventure has been increased by 50% for all versions, so you can collect more XP.
  • Network and connectivity improvements in Battle mode
  • Improved tracking to identify the source of the loading bug
  • Improved billboard loading times

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Cool fixes. We still need more book tweaks imho. Waiting to put my hands on druid and new SHs already.

Tommus silverhand was it doing not enough or too much ?

My understanding is Tommus’ Silverhand had a skill that was suppose to do 250% damage, but was only doing roughly 200%. With the update it should now perform the correct 250% damage when triggered.

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I am a bit confused by the logic regarding the Fall availability.

Unless I am misunderstanding, players level 14 or below will be given the Druid upon reaching 15 Renown. Meanwhile advanced players above renown 14 need to waste Quest Pass resources to acquire him? This again punishes players who improve their heroes. Should the hero not be given to players above Level 14 the same as those below?

It is illogical and unfair the way this app provides such extreme benefits to players who discontinue leveling heroes at lower levels.

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If you look at your player level prizes sometimes a selection of which hero you would like was made instead of receiving an equipment pack when leveling up. Pikel will be one of the choices you can make to fill your roster. Players above level 14 have already made all their renown character selections. So those players who wish to have Pikel (who did not previously acquire him either by renown choice, completing his event or purchasing him) can get him by completing the free quest pass in the fall. My understanding is players will receive him as an addition to the prize for completing the quest pass. The inclusion of Pikel and other characters in the quest pass will not be replacing a reward but merely be added in addition to the reward you would normally receive for achieving that level of the quest pass.

I hope this help clarify things for you.


Thanks Keith. The information is appreciated. It is good to know collecting the Druid will not impact regular Quest Pass progress.

I am curious, as described it appears I may be able to avoid collecting this hero if I choose. Many players, myself included, wisely managed to avoid collecting Jarlaxle. If Pikel turns-out to be a poor hero like Jarlaxle this will be favorable.

I think all the characters are great and want them all :slight_smile: But I really want Pikel, both because I read the Cleric Quintet when I was younger and also because I think he is super fun to have on your team.

If you are unsure if you want him on your roster. I would suggest maybe entering a draft once the update is out and try him out. Also, you can always choose to simply not place him in your battle roster. :slight_smile:


Well, to be honest, I’m already at renown level 19 and still don’t have Jarlaxle nor Joppa. And many other players are at level 20 already. How are we going to get these characters? Except by spending money/gems.

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Both Joppa and Jarlaxle were available as prizes from events last month or couple of months. They will be available again at some point I’m sure.

Joppa will be available as a quest pass reward in the future. Jarlaxle you will need to complete his event when it eventually made available again.

Different people, different play styles but I for one love Jarlaxle and hope Pikel has a similar combination of interesting and varied equipment. One issue there will always be with new characters is that until you level up their gear they will be weak compared to your other heroes. Comparing Apples to Apples on the otherhand, when all are maxed Jarlaxle is only weak in AC while being middle on Attk/AC and near the top for Damage. Top that off with his Portable Hole which I find to be the best strategic piece of equipment of any character and the Pistol which is the best thematic equipment in the game although admittedly weak in PvP. Anyway, just saying if you haven’t had the chance to play with Jarlaxle you don’t know what you are missing.


Regarding Joppa, Ludia provided the following statement in the notes provided along with Update 14.

Update 14 - Rallies & Reels

Based on this statement, it appears Ludia intend to distribute Joppa to players at or above Level 13 before the end of the summer.

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So no interest in fixing all the useless legendaries?

Wizards has recently revised their policies and practices regarding Ethnic stereotypes and diversity. I find the introduction of this character to be an odd choice for the first character introduced after the policy revision.

Interesting. Stereotypes in real life are abhorrent because there are no inherent differences between races. D&D races on the other hand do absolutely have have advantages of strength, speed, reflexes, intelligence, etc.

To say that because the Drow race is black, live underground, and are evil, is a stereotype related to the discrimination blacks experience in real life and therefore demeaning to blacks is a surprise. Personally my Drow joined my team and worked for good, but that is beside the point apparently. Point is, I had never given any of this a first thought. I never would have imagined that fictional D&D characters could reflect the prejudices of some people in real life. (That Drow character by the way had quite a stereotyped view of other races as well)

I’m speaking of the Drow in D&D’s Baldurs Gate for those who do not know. In the games, as in the books, the characters have voice. In the board game of course the voice is that of the player for those who immerse themselves in role-playing.

Anyway, I’m struggling to see how this new character does not fit into D&D’s approach as explained in their policy statement. Food for thought though. Eliminating the use of any stereotypes in all phases of our life would a good thing. Rich people are…Poor people are…Republicans are…, Etc. Etc. Ty for posting the link to that.


I am part Irish and think its hogwash. Comparing drow elves to real life black people is about as dumb as it can be imo. For one thing, they are fictional and are ELVES which do not exist in real life. Humans on the other hand in D&D are all colors and I have never played a campaign or read any D&D books where black humans were treated different because of the color of their skin. I think this is all ridiculous and just placating a small minority of people.


Hey guys, Ludia in no way supports racism. The inclusion of Pikel was because he is a well known and beloved DnD character.

That being said, these are the release notes and not the most subtitle environment to be discussing race and racial representation. Further discussion should be moved to DM’s for those who wish to continue.