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[Update 15.2] Quest Updates

Update 15.2 - Quest Changes

Greetings Adventurers! This update contains improvements to the quests and quest pass system, as well as technical changes to ensure smooth transitions between seasons.


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Based on an analysis of player behavior, we have updated the quest pool to remove the quests that were most often replaced or left incomplete. The removed quests are:

  • Use Taunt
  • Use Push
  • Use Pull
  • Defeat a specific hero in Battle
  • Inflict damage with a specific hero in Battle
  • Complete dungeons or challenges with all four archetypes

The quests that remain will be easier to complete for players of all levels and play styles to complete and make it quicker for players to collect the Quest Pass prizes.


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After reviewing player participation and the overall performance of the Quest Pass and Warrior List system, we have decided to rebalance the rewards and restructure the system to better reflect the way the majority of players use the feature.

The first change is to remove the Warrior List prizes as a separate purchase, but to include them as part of the bundle of VIP benefits. These VIP bonus prizes are available to all players who subscribe to VIP.

The second change is to rebalance the value and distribution of all the Quest Pass and VIP List prizes for a better fit in the economy of the game and to encourage more players to collect every prize before the season ends.

The Quest Pass contains 20 prizes in 20 steps. The VIP List contains 12 VIP bonus prizes distributed across 22 steps - not every node includes a VIP bonus prize. In addition, the final two VIP prizes are available after the main Quest Pass is complete, extending the life of the VIP List.

This is a preview of next season’s Quest Pass and VIP List.

The final change is to the Bonus Quest Prize for VIPs: the coin chest limit has been set at 5000 coins.

We’re continuing to monitor the performance of the Quest Pass and may make adjustments in upcoming seasons.


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Here are some of the most visible bugs corrected in this update:

  • Shevarith’s weapon and helmet abilities are now correctly categorized as “melee” or “ranged” for the purposes of quests and rust monsters
  • Nayeli’s Silverhand weapon description no longer refers to an ATK bonus
  • Naomlen’s Silverhand weapon displays its correct ability description


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  • Updated in-game terms:
    • The Can’t Move, Can’t Attack, and Can’t Heal labels that appear in combat when a status effect is applying have been replaced by their full status name: Immobile, Disarm, and Wounded.
    • The terms “negative effect” and “positive effect” in ability descriptions have been replaced by “debuff” and “buff”

Question(s) still not answered? Then please email us your questions at Answers are usually delivered within 5 business days (Monday to Friday). However, depending on App updates or unforeseen circumstances there may be additional delays in our response to you.


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Hello Adventurers,
Warriors of Waterdeep will go under maintenance from 8:45am E.T. to 1:30pm E.T. September 30th, 2020 in preparation for update 15.2.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


No need to monitor. This is horrendous. Increasing costs [40% increase from $9.99 to $13.99] and reducing rewards was not the expected result. While I had favored many of the changes as initially described, it is obvious the ‘Devil was in the details.’ Players will now need to grind longer for fewer rewards. I do not believe this is what players were requesting.

It would have been easier to revert to the quest packs which were favorable to most players.

I strongly suggest significant alterations prior to the update. I anticipate a number of players will deny the fee increase request and instead drop VIP.] I reiterate the need to consider player sentiments when contemplating changes.


[Edit - Ludia has clarified the currency shown in the images above is CDN rather than USD and have confirmed there will be no increase in cost for USD VIP passes. :+1: ]


EDIT-----vip is same price, it was just listed in screenshots as canadian dollars.

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Hello Orloch, If you are a VIP there is no increased price, but you gain extra rewards by having the warrior list given to you (Even though the rewards are less, it is still a positive gain for VIPs at no other cost to them). It is true the cost of becoming a VIP is more than that of the original Warrior list, however, becoming a VIP also gives you the additional benefits from being VIP.

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EDIT Keith clarified price was listen in Canadian and not US dollars so price is the same as always for vip

13.99 Canadian dollars which is the equivalent of 9.99 USD. Price for VIP remains the same. Sorry about the confusion.

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ah ok, my mistake. i forget you guys are Canadian. Im not as angry now but i still feel the bug fixes are rather lacking considering the time since last patch happens, still cant use tommus SH weapon due to him triggering counter attacks when charmed by hitting himself and nayeli common polearm still misses all 3 attacks in the first one misses. i do like the change though of the quests, nothing more annoying than killing xyz character and never getting them in pvp or the dreaded use pull 80 times


They are still on our list of bugs to solve. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the next update.

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I see no mention of the free books, any reason why we don’t have them this week (or anymore)?

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@Keith, I mistakenly assumed the price shown in the images was USD not CDN. Past images have always shown USD. Thanks for clarification.

Food for thought … Over the past year, various factors have combined to make it increasingly difficult for newer players to adequately level items. Some of these factors include:

  1. Increased Hero Quantity - The additional heroes have drastically expanded the item inventory. The number of heroes has doubled (or more) since I arrived. Thus it will take twice as long for new players to have their first adequately equipped heroes in comparison to early adopters.

  2. Reward Reductions - Reward collection has diminished due to the implementation of various caps and limits along with direct reward reductions such as that included in Update 15.2.

As a result it has become common for players like myself to encounter PvP players with very poorly equipped level 20 heroes. I suspect many of these players may be frustrated by their inability to compete. Some inadvertent taunting by experienced players in other threads has further compounded this issue for some.

Reducing the quest rewards (yet again) may not impact long standing players, but it exacerbates the above noted item faced by newer players. I suggest the rewards for the quest ladder should, at a minimum, be adjusted to correlate with previously available quest rewards.

@Orloch I find it hard to believe that someone has level 20 characters that haven’t maxed out gear sans Legendary. You have stated that you do not PvP actively. By suggesting that these players that have a level 20 character that is under geared is meaning that they achieved level 20 too fast and didn’t have the opportunity to get the gear needed to compete. As I have stated before epic gear is hands down the easiest gear to get and if using other quality gear you can get from your guild or challenges. As an active PvP player I haven’t seen these players you talk of. I have seen level 17 players under geared but that could be expected.

@JImbolya18, Good points. I agree, some of the players have reached level 20 too quickly. I suspect some have taken advantage of the recent recurring glitch to rapidly improve the related heroes. Often these players can be identified by the specific heroes which are at level 20. Their other heroes are often many levels below. As these players have subverted the system, I suggest they should not be considered in my comments above.

Otherwise, I am confident we are facing significantly different opponents. As you are at, or near, the top of the leaderboard, I assume the majority of your opponents are very well equipped and adeptly skilled.

I, on the other hand, currently try to avoid eclipsing 4700 trophies. This has allowed me to drop from 35 earlier in the season down to 125 on the leaderboard. When I was ranked at 35, my opponents were usually quite skilled and well equipped. After dropping below 100, many of the players are far less adequately equipped. Some of these players have level 20 heroes. The ones I was referencing in my previous post usually use acceptable items, but seem to have poor proc. rates due to incomplete item leveling.

What’s going on with Mirt’s daily gift? Finished this cycle and then the icon disappeared. My guild members are asking the same question.

I believe Mirt’s daily gift will return after the update today. If not please inform me and I will ask the team for more information.
Thank you.

*reminder game will go under maintenance at 8:45a, E.T. roughly 35 minutes from now

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Am I reading correctly that the red chest was completely removed from the free side of Quest Pass?


Look like it and there only 1. Man I wish they had never removed the old pack system. They really reduced the reward we could get


I noticed the same thing. Apparently free to play players lose a nice chest. That is not good and there is no point to do that. That chest means nothing in the big scheme of things, but is a big slap in the face to those who previously received it.

I realize that $5 per month more for some players to move from the Warrior Pass to the VIP may not seem like a lot to Ludia, or $9.99 for the VIP for that matter, but it is for many. While the savings for players who had both the VIP and Warrior Pass is nice, I question their logic here. Many will drop the Warrior and not upgrade. Others will upgrade to VIP. Many of both will be unhappy.

I hope they know what they are doing here. A marginal increase in income is far less important here than a happy active player base. Imo, they would have been far better off to keep the Warrior Pass option and the nice chest for FTP players.