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[Update 15] Quests & Quarrels

Update 15 - Quests & Quarrels

The Quests & Quarrels update introduces a Quest Pass to the game, and provides a collection of improvements for Battle mode, including the new Warrior Draft battle event!


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Quest prizes are now collected from a Quest Pass system. Under the old system, you collected quest points to earn a card pack, but never knew what the next pack would be. With the Quest Pass system, you can see all the rewards that are planned for the season.

Quest Pass prizes are earned exactly the same way as before - complete quests to earn quest points, which will then unlock the next reward in the list of prizes.

Prizes can range from treasure chests, like those available in the Store, to coins, gems, equipment packs, or even spellbooks.

Warriors List

The basic Quest Pass prizes are always free to unlock with quest points. The Warriors List is a set of additional prizes that you can unlock with purchase during the season.

When the Warriors List is active, you collect both the regular quest prize and the Warriors List prize each time you’ve earned enough quest points for a reward.

As an additional benefit to the Warriors List, you unlock a 4th regular quest slot, to help you earn quest points even faster! This Warrior Quest refreshes every day, and can even be refreshed like other quests.


If you’ve collected all the prizes in the Warrior List, and time still remains in the season, then all your quest points are applied towards a bonus quest prize. Each time you fill the point gauge, you win a bundle of bonus coins.



Q. What happened to the Dungeon Master quest prize, and the other card packs?

A. The quest prize packs have always had the same contents as the chests available in the store. A red Dungeon Master pack contains the same card distribution as a Ruby chest in the store.

Q. Can I unlock the Warriors List partway through the season?

A. Yes! You can unlock the Warriors List at any time during the active season. All the prize slots you’ve unlocked so far are available instantly, so you can collect everything you’ve already earned with your quest points so far.

For example, if you’re at prize #10 when you unlock the Warrior List, you can immediately collect Warriors List prizes 1-9, and then collect the Quest Pass / Warriors List prizes from prize #10 onwards as you earn them.

Q. Does my Warriors List purchase carry over to the next season?

A. No. Each Warriors List only applies to the current season. You must unlock the Warriors List again for each new season to claim the rewards.


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The Warrior Draft is a new kind of Battle event where you and your opponent choose heroes from a pre-built roster of 8 or more characters instead of playing with your own.

Warrior Draft matches emphasize team-building, and give you a chance to play with heroes and gear at a level that you might not have unlocked yet.


Drafting Heroes

During the setup, you are shown two heroes and their principal items: weapon, helmet, and class item. You have a limited time to choose one hero for your team. The other hero goes to your opponent.

Then, you are shown another pair of heroes, and make another choice. If time runs out, the heroes are assigned randomly.

At this point, you know two of the heroes in your party, and you know two of the heroes in your opponent’s party.

The next step is to discover which your opponent chose to keep, and which they gave to you.

Playing the Warrior Draft

Warrior Draft events are always played against real opponents, and matchmaking is based on your performance within the event. In addition, there are no bots in the matchmaking…

Like other Battle events, such as a Test of Might or Heroic Adventure, you do not lose or win trophies based on the results of your matches. Defeated opposing heroes still help you earn Brawl rewards.

Unlike Battle events, you do not earn XP for heroes used in the Warrior Draft, because they are not the heroes from your roster.


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We have made various changes throughout Battle mode to improve the overall experience.

Player Banners

Guild names and icons have been added to the player banner in a Battle match, and Trophy counts have been removed from the display during the match, but still appear at the end of the match.

Matchmaking Changes

Matchmaking takes into account the power difference between the opponents, as well as the trophy count.

In Battle events, the matchmaking now avoids back-to-back matches with the same opponent.

In addition, players who lose matches when they have a significantly higher power level than their opponent will no longer lose trophies. This will help prevent some players from keeping their trophy count artificially low compared to their power level and playing for easy wins.

Win Streaks

Players, who win three or more battles in a row, will earn Win Streak bonuses for each additional win. You earn bonus trophy points for each win while on a win streak.

The win streak ends when you lose a battle. The player who wins the battle that breaks their opponent’s winning streak wins 5 bonus trophies for the win.

Win streaks are only recorded for the main Battle mode, not special events like Tests of Might or Warrior Drafts.

Skip Turn Button

When a hero has no actions to perform during a Battle, a Skip Turn button now appears so the player doesn’t have to wait for the turn timer to run down before moving the game forward.


Fire pits and spike traps are just some of the traps that can now make their appearance in the Battle arena! Watch your step!

Text Emotes

The emote menu has been expanded to include a set of 8 text emotes to use over the course of a match. Now you can wish your opponent “Good luck!” and “Great game!” in addition to sending the red dragon expressions.

Tap the Emote button to open the Emote menu, and scroll through the available emotes to select the right message for the moment.

If your opponent loves sending emotes a little too much, you can tap the Mute button next to their name to hide incoming messages.



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In order to increase the variety of spellbook rewards, effect limits have been added to each type of spellbook:

  • Atlas of Adventure - Total bonus XP earned
  • Book of Bravery - Number of events with Free entry costs
  • Grimoire of Gold - Total bonus coins earned
  • Treatise of Time - Number of Battle chests benefiting from the time speed-up

Reaching the Limit

When the effect limit for a spellbook is reached, the spellbook no longer grants its bonus and is marked as completed, but otherwise remains active until the timer runs out. This means that you can still acquire a matching spellbook and still benefit from the remaining time.


Combining Spellbooks

If you have an active spellbook and acquire another spellbook of the same type, both the time limits and effect limits are combined, giving you more time to benefit from the effects.

If the active spellbook is marked as completed when combined with a new spellbook, the remaining active time is added to the new time limit.


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With all the game events, store offers, and community events available, the number of event billboards that can be displayed at the same time has been increased.

Billboards are displayed in the main menu when you launch the game, and can now also be viewed in the Messages screen.

Tap any small preview image to view the full-sized version with additional information.


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We’ve made the following changes to certain hero abilities based on player performance and feedback in order to ensure a balanced and fun gameplay experience in all game modes.

Changes were made to the gear for Calliope, Halbenet, Jarlaxle, Nayeli, and Raika, as shown below:







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  • In Battle, Dominated heroes can no longer attack their Stealthed allies if other targets are available.
  • Stacked AC buffs no longer cause AC to be reset to 0.
  • Farideh’s Silverhand Gear now displays the correct ability information at all levels

Question(s) still not answered? Then please email us your questions at . are usually delivered within 5 business days (Monday to Friday). However, depending on App updates or unforeseen circumstances there may be additional delays in our response to you.


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A mute! Finally!

I’d rather just set it once, but this is something.


@Keith here a few observations

That already 50% Regen at level 7 are you sure it good information?

The item is not charming lute and if it the epic helm the level 7 is 150% so that would be decrease to 125%

Should read Moonfall’s Shroud checking on the 50% now

I edited my comment about moonfall

And still no solution for cleric thigh bone I’m a bit disappoint


Hi Krom, we have edited the post to Fix Moonfall’s Shrouds name, I am told that a level 5 it will be increased from 100% to 125% with this update. We also removed the Moonstone Pendant from the release notes. Thank you

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No fix to Hal’s thighbone?

No problem @Keith and thank you for being so quick and keeping the communication between player and dev you do a very good job

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Some of the proposed changes will completely cripples the spellbooks. Who cares if the time limit can double for a three day spellbook if it is consumed with 30 minutes. [EXPLETIVE DELETED]

Hopefully the price of these items are slashed

Why do you continuing ruining PvE features. You were contracted to develop a PvE game for WotC and originally promoted this app as such. However, since WotC purchased some of your local competitors, you have continually reduced PvE elements while alternatively implementing more PvP features which will undoubtedly fail as other forums are already rife with conversations regarding forthcoming troubles with these new features.

This app is increasingly becoming a clone of the dinosaur battle apps you market to children, while drifting further from being a D&D game. My interest is waning fast.


I agree. Why do we need to turn the mute each every battle for it to take effect. Another good feature wasted.

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It’s not bugged it’s broken.

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I noticed that as well. The 3 hour book has a 15 ‘use’ limit. That is not worth 40 gems.

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Jarlaxle needs ‘extra action’ added to one of his class items or hats. How was this not an obvious change to make for this update? /sigh

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Oh come on.
Fixing thighbone is the most urgent task. That’s breaking pvp!


I’ve got 2 issues. Quest Pass - an additional costing subscription, which will most likely cost on top of the monthly subscription - a complete insult to those of us who do pay every month and haven’t seen any upgrade in the rewards system for our continued loyalty. I won’t be paying for a second subscription. Bit of a rip off if you ask me.

Quest Pass rewards should be included as standard in subscription.

Warrior Draft - why ever bother spending gems/real world cash to level your warriors up if you can just come on here and play with already levelled and tooled up characters. A complete mockery to the many months of grinding everyone has done.

One additional feature I don’t get why is being missed out. Why can’t we re-do explore mode levels. That’s what everyone wants. it’s a simple implementation that would make the game a lot more fun and rewarding.


Still haven’t fixed the pvp loading bug?
I went ahead and filed a complaint with the Google store.
Here’s the link if anyone else feels that running a rigged event seems unlawful.

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Loading bug was discussed here [News] Server Disconnects & Loading Issues | June 04, 2020 still working on it.

I agree that jarlaxle need some love free action with a buff would make him desirable but for now even if he is my best geared toon he will stay on the shelves for PvP

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