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Update 16.1 - Swamp & Scale

Update 16.1 - Swamp & Scale

The Swamp & Scale update introduces a new exploration to challenge your heroes - the menacing Forestfall Fen - as well as a new way to play old explorations - Exploration Events!


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After revealing Jurrgal the rakshasa’s impersonation of the missing Lord Lightfinger, and defending the Lightfinger Estate against the pit fiend Kurgaloth, the Warriors of Waterdeep are sent to the outwardly calm patch of marshland called Forestfall Fen.

Behind the outer ring of healthy trees that hold back the swamp, Forestfall Fen is a world of danger and mystery, with new and updated dangers to challenge any party of adventurers.

All players will have a chance to explore Forestfall Fen through the Discover the Swamp exploration event, described in the next section.

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Exploration Events let players replay parts of an exploration - from Sharpstone Keep to Heartcoil Deeps to the upcoming Forestfall Fen - and collect rewards from a custom Reward List. Players can revisit old adventures they’ve already completed, or visit new adventures still to be unlocked - and the monster levels are adjusted to match the party power for a fair fight (well, as fair as monsters fight, anyway)!

As a general rule, Theme Events are available to players who have completed the Frostsilver Mines adventure.

Playing an Exploration Event

Exploration events are found in the Explore section of the game. Tap the Explore button to go to your current exploration, and then tap the Special tab to see all the available Exploration events.

After choosing which Exploration Event to play, tap the Play button (and pay a cost, if necessary) to enter the chapter map for that exploration and begin playing!

Each node on the Prize list represents the reward for completing a dungeon on the chapter map.

Balancing the Difficulty

The monsters in an Exploration event have their levels raised or lowered to match the power level of the party.

The table below shows examples of a Hidden Forge event and a Heartcoil Deeps event with heroes at level 7, level 12, and level 20.

Replaying an Exploration Event

Once an Exploration Event is complete, you may be able to pay a one-time replay cost to replay the event from the beginning and collect new prizes.

Note: The replay cost is not affected by the Book of Bravery.

Replaying the event may change the available prizes and/or increase the strength of the monsters, depending on the event.

Discover the Swamp: The Forestfall Fen Exploration Event

The Forestfall Fen exploration will be released for all players over the course of a five-part Discover the Swamp event.

The ten chapters of the Forestfall Fen exploration will be released in 5 two-chapter blocks during this event.

Players will have a limited amount of time to complete the chapters and collect the rewards. The first playthrough is always free. If time remains, players can pay the Replay cost and replay the block.

When time on the current block runs out, there is a short break before the next block is activated.

When the next block in the sequence is active, players can play the new block, or complete any incomplete previous blocks in the sequence.

Once all five blocks of the Discover the Swamp event have ended, Forestfall Fen will be unlocked as a regular exploration after Lightfinger Estate. The difficulty will be set to its normal baseline - not matched to the party power - and players will collect dungeon chests and leader packs for completing each dungeon.


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Here are some of the most visible bugs corrected in this update:

  • Fixed the behavior of the Dominate ability
  • Fixed the infinite extra actions from Coriolis’ legendary boots
  • Fixed the extra attacks from Saarvin’s epic bow
  • Fixed the Durnan’s Trades error where some items could not be traded


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  • Pikel’s Silverhand weapon has been added for an upcoming event


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For the next major update - Winter & Wizardry - we will release a new iconic character to join Jarlaxle and the rest of the Warriors of Waterdeep!


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Surprise Adventurers, Update 16.1 is rolling out, check your respective Ap stores and it may already be there!


Lol, doesnt work

Does this mean that once the full version is released, we’ll all be at square 1 of the swamp?

I’m hoping that’s the case so we can have the proper challenge and collect the regular campaign rewards.

Any estimate on when part 1/5 of the event will start?

My understanding is yes you will be at square 1. Of note, you will need to have completed Lightfinger Estate at that point to enter Forestfall Fen.

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So am I missing something. I have fully completed lightfinger months ago and downloaded the new patch. I can access the explore mode but there is nothing there to start. Is this an error or are we getting the new stuff at a later time?

Also everyones pikels silverhand weapon they earned last weekend is now gone. The patch notes mention his weapon being added to an upcoming event, but we just did an event and earned it.


You have to wait for the 10 chapters of Forestfall Fen to roll out first before it is added to the exploration after Lightfinger estate

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when is that? its not on the weekly events obviously but neither was the patch!

It will be sometime after Dec 16th

Makes very little sense why they would take away our Pikel Silverhand weaps. And as usual patch notes are vague. Maybe it’s values were wrong but if that’s the case just be transparent about it and let us know.

So will we get our SH back ?

It is interesting that the challenge rating is scaled relative to party strength, meanwhile the rewards are not. Yet another reason not to improve ones party. While this will likely benefit those like myself [assuming my current suspension will eventually end] who have long been aware the app punishes improved heroes. I will reiterate how unfair and counter-intuitive these mechanics are.


Welcome back Orloch, This is done for the new Exploration events so as many players can take part. I believe the contents of chests (number of items received + amount of gold) also scales with player level as it does everywhere else in the game. Finally, once the event is over, to do the normal exploration of Forestfall Fen you will need to have completed Lightfinger Estate which requires at least some leveling to complete otherwise the fights are much harder than need be.

The team is aware, they have discovered the cause of the Silverhand being grayed out, and are currently trying to fix it. Hopefully it will be usable soon.

Having just seen the explorer tab active for the above release I confess to being more excited than a baby at a topless bar. A major upgrade to the game. Well Done Ludia and the development team. Looking forward to it!

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In this update you guys said we could play areas we havent beat. Than ypu say you have to jave beat the area to play it. So what is it? You guys shouldn’t say you can plau areas you havent made it to than take it away in thw few sentences.

I think there are timed events to play a certain area, but there is also the existing explore progression. @Keith it sounds like scaling is based on character levels. It has been discussed quite often that this is a poor measure of power in this game, and would be better to scale based on a gear score. To be fair, I understand that scaling on level is simpler. A future enhancement to scale based on a gear score would make sense though.