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[Update 16] Sorcery & Status

Update 16 - Sorcery & Status

The Sorcery & Status update introduces a new hero (Coriolis, the gnome sorcerer), raises the level caps for players, heroes, gear, and monsters; and adds new roles and search functions to guilds.


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The Player’s Handbook lists nine basic races and twelve core classes for character creation - with the addition of Coriolis, the gnome sorcerer, Warriors of Waterdeep now has a full set!

Coriolis used to spend her days working in the family gearworks in the Trades Ward of Waterdeep and using her sorcery to create sculptures out of spare parts… until a sudden surge of wild magic shifted her to the Astral Plane and showed her a life of adventure!

Coriolis is a gnome sorcerer with the Skilled archetype. She channels sorcery into random effects that either boost her allies or weaken her foes, but her wild magic means that she’s never entirely in control of what happens next.

Early Recruitment

Coriolis will soon be available as part of an Early Recruitment bundle for VIP players for a limited time, followed by a different Early Recruitment bundle available to all.

The Early Recruitment bundles include the Coriolis hero pack, and three equipment card packs.

Recruitment Event

Players can also recruit Coriolis as part of the Wild Surge recruitment event after the early access period. The Wild Surge is a multi-stage Heroic Adventure that offers the Coriolis hero pack as one of the final prizes.

If players do not complete the Wild Surge event, Coriolis will still be available as a Renown reward.

Renown Reward

After January 2021, Coriolis will be available as a Renown reward for players at Renown 16 or lower and distributed to players at Renown 17 or higher.


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The maximum level for gear, heroes, players, and monsters has been raised from 20 to 30 - now heroes can battle against tougher monsters, collect and build up more powerful gear, and reach greater heights of experience and renown!

Gear Levels

The overall level cap for gear has been raised to 30.

Under the original system, each gear rarity had a different level cap: commons at 16, rares at 12, epics at 8 and legendaries/Silverhands at 4. Now, all gear ranges from level 1 to level 30, regardless of rarity.

However, this does not mean that there are as many legendary cards available as there are common cards. Instead, each rarity starts at a different level, as follows:

  • Commons start at level 1
  • Rares start at level 5
  • Epics start at level 9
  • Legendaries/Silverhands start at level 13

For example, look at these starting armor pieces for Coriolis:

This system simplifies power comparisons between cards of different rarities. A common at level 13 is roughly the same power to a legendary at level 13; a rare of level 10 is equivalent to an epic of level 10.

When this new level cap is applied, all the cards currently in a player’s inventory will be adjusted to the new level (for example, a level 1 legendary will become a level 13 legendary), and any cards above the original level cap will be applied to the next level (for example a level 4 legendary with 8 extra cards will become a level 16 legendary with 8 cards in inventory).

The levels at which new abilities are unlocked for each item have been renumbered according to the new scale, but are otherwise unchanged.

Hero Levels

The overall level cap for heroes has been raised from 20 to 30.

When this new level cap is applied, heroes can apply the excess XP towards reaching level 21 and beyond. The maximum level for any hero is still determined by the player’s overall renown level.

Expanding the heroes’ statistics to cover the 30-level scale means there may be some minor variations in the statistics compared to the original 20-level scale.

Renown Levels

The level cap for player Renown has been raised from 20 to 30.

Renown increases as the player level-ups new heroes. Players at Renown 20 have continued to acquire and level-up heroes beyond the current level cap, and so have an excess of hero level-ups to their credit.

When the new level cap is applied, players at Renown 20 will have their renown automatically adjusted to reflect their new status, and will be given as many Equipment pack rewards as they are due.

The Renown level continues to set the maximum level for individual heroes.

Monster Levels

Monsters simply get tougher under the new system. May all the critical hits go your way!


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Guild membership is an important social element of the Warriors of Waterdeep experience for a significant percentage of our players - players can trade strategies, trade cards, and participate in rewarding Rally and Raid events with their guilds.

However, guilds have not always been easy to find or join, so this update contains several improvements to make guild membership easier than before.

New Feature: Guild Roles

New Guild roles have been added to the guild structure so other players can perform many of the same actions as the Guild Leader.

The guild roles are:

  • Guild Leaders - Can create the guild; create and change the guild details; set the guild recruitment status to Open/Closed; accept or reject Join Guild requests; kick guild members; promote or demote other guild members; transfer guild leadership; delete the guild.

  • Guild Co-Leaders - promoted from Veterans. Can change the guild details, set the guild status, accept or reject Join Guild requests, demote Co-Leaders; promote or demote Veterans; kick guild members.

  • Veterans - promoted from Members as a mark of special recognition within the guild.

  • Members - the backbone of the guild.

Guild roles are shown above the player names in the guild membership list, as shown below:

Leaders and Co-Leaders can promote or demote another guild member by tapping on the player’s name and opening the menu.

New Feature: Guild Status

Until now, all guilds were set as “Closed” status, which meant that players had to send a Join Guild request that the Guild Leader had to accept or reject.

Now, guilds can be set to “Open” status, which means that joining the guild is automatic. Open Guilds are marked with an open doorway icon, as shown below:

In the above example, “Second Home” is an Open Guild, while “Pikel Factory” is closed.

The guild status can be set when the guild is created or changed any time in the Settings.

Note: Setting a guild to Open when there are pending Join Guild requests automatically accepts those requests.

New Feature: Find Me a Guild

Players can find a specific guild by searching with the exact name, or can tap the “Find Me a Guild” button on the main Guild screen:

When the player uses “Find Me a Guild”, the system searches for active guilds with an average trophy score that’s close to the player’s trophy score. If any Open guilds are found as a result of this search, the player joins that guild right away.


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Here are some of the most visible bugs corrected in this update:

  • A Dominated Tommus no longer includes himself in counterattacks
  • Stat boosting wondrous items no longer re-apply their bonuses when the game is restored after a crash/disconnection
  • Event popups only appear at the start of the game, not when returning to the main menu
  • The Minotaur’s “Reckless Rage” ability description is updated to define the damage buff (+25% DMG) and weakness (+25% DMG on attacks received) abilities.
  • Updated the ability descriptions for Calliope’s common weapon (Longsword), Nayeli’s common wondrous owl (Serpentine Owl), and Jarlaxle’s rare wondrous item (Wand of Web) to indicate the total miss chance inflicted.
  • The bug where some new players were charged keys but could not participate in Guild Rallies has been fixed
  • The basic statistics for Nayeli, Jarlaxle, Joppa, and Pikel accidentally duplicated Calliope’s base statistics. Now each hero has the correct range of ability scores.
  • The Collect tag no longer appears on the Quest Pass button when there is no reward to collect


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  • Equipped gear mark - your equipped gear cards are now marked with a D&D_RLNotes16_Tables_14 symbol when they appear in reward sequences, or Durnan card trades so you can easily identify which cards are in use.

  • In the above example, the common Jarlaxle armor is already equipped, while the common items for Tommus and Halbenet are new.

  • New Dragon Emotes - there are four new dragon faces to express yourself during Battle:


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For Update 16.1 - Swamp & Scale - we are releasing a new theme and a new kind of event:

  • Forestfall Fen is the dangerous home to the fearsome black dragon previewed in our 1st Anniversary video.

  • Exploration Events are a new way for players to revisit the already completed adventures - or preview new adventures like Forestfall Fen - at an appropriate difficulty level and in parallel with their current progress in the main adventure. Yes, that means you can have two adventures active at once (for a limited time!)


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This is awesome news Ludia!


I’m liking what I see here. No doubt Ludia put a lot of work and planning into this. Looks like perfect preparation for new PvE to me.

Some great changes. Looking forward to new content with U16.1!


Good luck Ludia in selling legendary/SH packs when we’ll need 10k of them to cap one item ROTFL


Is there an ETA on this update?

The PVP leagues are resetting in a week, so…

The update won’t happen this week, we are aiming for next week but it may be pushed back depending on how testing goes.


This looks really cool!
Thanks for this! Alas I was aLMOST at lvl 20, now another year of grinding and spending cash to master the game!

Are the character levels actually going to be important? If they are going to cost 30+k to level Then I would rather just level one of their items for the same benefit.


While most of the changes in this update will not fix many of the current issues, I am nonetheless looking forward to the update 16.1. It has been a loooooooong wait for new content.

Re: Here Levels/Renown Levels:
FYI…Hero level still seems irrelevant. I suggest it may remain pointless to level heroes. Unless there has been a structural change to hero level, these additional 10 levels seem to be a resource grab. I warn players against wasting resources on this scam. Increasing hero level and renown will likely increase opponent difficulty.

Devil in the Details?
Additionally, I have concerns they are again only sharing the good news, with the unfavorable changes obfuscated. For instance the monumental decrease in legendary drop rate for red chests was not identified in recent update notes. [The legendary drop rate has been reduced to 13.8% and the SH rate is now 1%]

[Edit - Others have noted I did not comment on the proposed changes to the pop-up algorithm. When read carefully, the update notes mention ‘Event’ pop-ups will be limited. Other pop-ups (ie. sales, card packs, etc.) were not mentioned. As there was no comment on these I suggest it is possible pop-up harassment may continue]

Previous Improvement Hampering Changes:
I also suggest Ludia revert all of the other bothersome changes which have been implemented over the past year to harness hero improvement. These have destroyed the game for newer players and these proposed changes will magnify this problem.

New PvE Content:
Despite my concerns, I am, pleased to see some new content promised for Update 16.1. This is a good sign the app may have some life left. :+1:


So tell me if I’m wrong but. Will there be more legendary in legendary pack for exemple? Will they be more common because with that system. For level 17 that would be like 20 of those item then 40 for level 18 and so on. You are basicly making legendary less likely to be on par. And if you make the legendary more common well the hardwork of the past year getting them and expensive cost in gems get toss away. You basicly soft reset the game.


I think we are going to have to wait and see how the update effects legendaries. If they increase it beyond needing 17 to max out an item there will basically be no point in even trying to max them

Event popups only appear at the start of the game, not when returning to the main menu

Hurray! @Orloch I’m surprised you didn’t comment on that :wink:

Also looking forward to the new PvE content.

re: the items/levels changes (and adjustments to heroes stats) - there is a lot going on here. I know your team play the game itself to test these things, but I really would suggest you invite a range of forum regulars to be ‘beta testers’ when there are large wholesale changes like this coming. It would be better to spend a week or two testing with fans of the game who will find the imbalances quickly (because that’s what we do…) and can report it back before the changes are released to the population.


It would be nice if we could “see” what the multiple levels of the gear does ie. does a weapon at level 27 have a skill added that is very attractive to you? Until someone in your guild has a lvl 26 of the weapon you can’t hover over the icon and see. It makes focusing on certain items that fit your playatyle much easier.

Another tip… Make guild chat have a Sticky area for tips, tips and other commonly asked questions.


Raiders of Ravenhold


do whatever you want, put 1000 levels, make 1000 new characters, design an 100 more dungeons, add/remove rewards as you wish BUT PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE GEAR. Some of us played a year or more and it’s not worth anything if you make that change, so for the love of some D&D god DO NOT TOUCH THE GEAR.


This times 1,000!


  • I know your team play the game itself to test these things, but I really would suggest you invite a range of forum regulars to be ‘beta testers’ when there are large wholesale changes like this coming.*

I think we are ALL Beta Testers. :wink:

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It would be me to pick the most boring person in months. Recently, I have been so tired that I often pass the Daily Quest.
But, I haven’t told you once to expand the level cap because the gap between light players and heavy players will widen.

Have any of the developers ever made a level 20 character? It takes about a month to make from level 19 to level 20. In other words, it will take a year at the earliest to make level 20 to 30. WOW!
How many characters do we have?

Above all, gear level!
To make one lv.20 Legendary Gear, you need 217!
To make All Legendary Gears Maxed, you need 16,926
(=217x6x13)! WOW!
Have any of the developers ever a Legendary gear maxed?
After the update, the legendary gears will be discarded.
Good bye, Legendaries!

There will be new characters coming out steadily in the future, so if you want to use them on PvP, you won’t be able to use them on PvP until a year after launch? WOW!

I’ll prepare to say goodbye seriously.