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Update 17 - Blackstaff & Balance

Update 17 - Blackstaff & Balance

The Blackstaff & Balance update introduces a new iconic hero (Vajra Safahr) and a new type of Silverhand gear, releases the Forestfall Fen adventure and features a new set of gear balance upgrades.


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Vajra Safahr – the Blackstaff of Waterdeep, the leader of Force Grey, and an icon of the Forgotten Realms – will soon be available to be recruited as one of the Warriors of Waterdeep!


As the youngest Blackstaff in Waterdeep’s history, Vajra Safahr has the patience to ignore the doubts and envies of her skeptics and pursue multiple plans to establish the City of Splendors as the center of magical studies in Faerûn.

Vajra is a human wizard with the Tough archetype. Her greatest strength on the battlefield isn’t just spellcasting and exotic magic items, but also her ability to lead her allies… and keep their secrets.

Early Recruitment

Vajra will soon be available as part of an Early Recruitment bundle for VIP players for a limited time, followed by a different Early Recruitment bundle available to all.

The Early Recruitment bundles include the Vajra hero pack, and three equipment card packs.

Vajra’s first Early Access is scheduled for late March / early April.

Recruitment Event

Like Jarlaxle, Vajra is an iconic character and is never available to players as a Renown reward. Vajra can only be recruited by completing the Academy Exam recruitment event after the early access period.

Unlike Jarlaxle, Vajra’s recruitment event is an exploration event, not a battle event. You will play through multiple stages of adventure and recruit Vajra as one of the rewards.

Similar to Jarlaxle, the Vajra recruitment event will return, so players will have an opportunity to recruit the hero, or collect new gear.

Vajra’s first recruitment event is scheduled for late May / early June, around the 2nd anniversary of the world launch of Warriors of Waterdeep.

Training Adventure

After Vajra has been recruited, either by Early Access or Academy Exam, a two-week special Training Adventure is unlocked. This short exploration event is an opportunity to earn additional gear for Vajra and help level her up quickly.

The Training Adventure is only available once for each player who recruits Vajra.

New Abilities

Vajra introduces 3 new abilities to the game: Secrecy, Command, and Summon Bigby’s Hand.


The secrecy ability hides your hero’s buffs from prying eyes and abilities. While secrecy is active, your opponent cannot see the icons for any active buffs on your hero, and cannot see the effects of those buffs in the hero tooltip.The only buff information that can be seen are the details for secrecy itself.

The only exception to this rule is for stealth and taunt, which have distinctive visual treatments that cannot be hidden.

In addition to hiding the buffs, secrecy also protects the hero’s buffs from being stolen by effects such as Coriolis’ Silverhand wand, or the wight blademaster, and also prevents those buffs being removed by restore effects such as from Joppa’s rare spear, or Nayeli’s legendary class item.

Debuffs are completely unaffected by secrecy, and may be removed by restore effects as normal.


The command ability lets Vajra designate a target on the battlefield and command a number of allies in range to perform a basic attack against that target immediately. Allies who are commanded to attack in this manner still have their normal turn in the initiative order.

If the case that more allies are in range than required by the ability (i.e., Vajra command 1 attack, but 2 heroes are in range), the attacker is selected at random. If no allies are in range, the command ability cannot be used.

Summon Bigby’s Hand

The Summon Bigby’s Hand ability allows Vajra to summon Bigby’s Hand as a new unit to the battlefield, over and above the normal limit of 4 units. This ability is granted only by her legendary class item.

Bigby’s Hand is an independent unit that remains in play for a limited number of turns, or until Vajra is defeated, and cannot otherwise be killed, damaged, or removed from play.

Bigby’s Hand has its own spot in the initiative order, and the player controls which action the Hand performs. The Hand does not have an attack action. Instead, it can perform one of the following actions:

  • Forceful Hand – Move and gain an extra action
  • Clenched Fist – PUSH target in melee range
  • Grasping Hand – PULL target at range 2
  • Interposing Hand – Gain TAUNT

Because the Hand has no basic attack action, it cannot be commanded, disarmed, or dominated, and counterattack has no practical effect. The Clenched Fist and Grasping Hand abilities may cause collision damage with their push and pull effects, but do not count as attacks.

Because the Hand cannot be damaged, it is immune to injure, kill, and lifedrain conditions, and damage-modifying or stat-adjusting abilities may be applied, but have no practical effect. Bigby’s Hand may be targeted by healing, block, and regeneration abilities, but they have no effect.

Bigby’s Hand may be affected by other buffs and debuffs, such as stun, immobile, reflect damage, and may also be affected by actions such as push, or pull.


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The Silverhand Seals are a new type of wondrous item that adds an additional effect to each hero’s attack.

The additional effect has its own chance of triggering whenever the hero hits with a basic attack. This effect is separate from the chance of the bonus effect of the attack triggering. This means that the Silverhand Seal effect can trigger in addition to any other effects of the attack.

But what exactly are the Silverhand Seal effects? Well, the Open Lord of Waterdeep knows how to keep her secrets until the time is right.

Earning Silverhand Seals

Just like Silverhand weapons, the Silverhand Seals must first be unlocked through an event before they can be found in chests or purchased in the Store.


Once unlocked, Silverhand Seals can be found in the Silverhand packs in place of the Silverhand weapon. For example, if Halbenet has their Silverhand Seal and Silverhand weapon available, then either one of those cards may be found in their Silverhand packs.

The first Silverhand Seals will be released in April.


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After the Discover the Swamp adventure, Forestfall Fen has been unlocked as the next full exploration in Warriors of Waterdeep.


Players who have completed Lightfinger Estate will find Forestfall Fen available as a traditional exploration at its planned difficulty level, and with the usual dungeon rewards of chests, leader packs, and a boss pack for defeating the black dragon.

Once Forestfall Fen is completed as an exploration, it is unlocked in Challenge mode, and is available as the free challenge.


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We’ve made the following changes to certain hero abilities based on player performance and feedback in order to ensure a balanced and fun gameplay experience in all game modes.

The changes for each hero’s gear are listed below.


The strength of Joppa’s abilities has been increased overall.



The strength of Pikel’s abilities has been decreased overall.


The strength of Jarlaxle’s common and rare gear has been increased overall.


The strength of Saarvin’s common gear has been increased overall.


The strength of Tommus’ common gear has been increased, and the strength of his legendary weapon has been decreased.Tommus’ abilities have been increased overall.


The strength of Nayeli’s abilities have been increased overall.


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Here are some of the most visible bugs corrected in this update:

  • Coriolis’ Fury buff now gives the correct number of bonus attacks (+1 attack, for a total of 2, not 3)
  • Heroes can now revive on active traps in battle arenas


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The next updates for Warriors of Waterdeep will focus on technical improvements for the game.

The next major update - Valley & Valor - reveals a brand new location for the Warriors of Waterdeep to explore: the northern reaches of Shimmersky Valley!


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Hello Adventurers,
Please note, Warriors of Waterdeep will be under planned maintenance tomorrow March 3rd, 2021 from 9:00 am ET to 2:00 pm ET.


Really??? They are making a hero that has an ability to protect your buffs from being restored From Nayelli Legendary restore all and Joppa’s restore spear and protects them from getting stolen by a Cori SH… Yikes…
Nerfing Pikel quite a bit…His legendary Regen was already one of the lowest amount of health and has a really long cool down of 8 turns now it’s gonna Regen even less… and his Deathward that doesn’t even revive to full health got it’s cool downs increased… 4 turns was fine esp with it being bugged to not be available as an ability when he disarmed even tho it’s not an attack.

They rebalanced a ton but didn’t address the litany of bugs that have been in the game for months and months and months…

Fix the deathward bug. Fix Nayelli hitting herself when dominated. Fix Pikels deathward not being available when disarmed. Fix boots that random melee not getting effected by other hero’s when hit abilities like reflect damage, dominate, and Miss chance. Really hope they Fixed the black Dragon freezing between attacks… With all the rebalancing there’s sure to be More bugs they just added… I’m sure your new hero with Bigby’s hand as an invulnerable extra combatant is gonna be buggy too so it will be super overpowered. With Secrecy ability on top of that to make Cori even better… this update is gonna suck.


Why not decrease the wild magic sorcerer ? That seems to be the one everyone is complaining about. It’s not just the Fury bug.

Also you said you increased the rangers common gear but only one was increased. Every other item got a decrease.


Hello Blazenkks and Zar,
To answer some of your concerns:

Deathward bug: a bug where the game freezes when deathward triggers because a hero disappeared, has been fixed with this update

Disarmed Deathward is fixed with this update

Nayeli is currently working as intended, “because her weapon hits the full row instead of a single target when it procs, it’s normal behavior. A dominated target will avoid attacking their own row if the attack is always a zone attack, but since Nayeli’s attack is only a chance, she just targets the person who attacked her and occasionally procs and hits the whole row including herself.”

Boots currently work as intended.

Coriolis the “Wild Magic Sorcerer” In this update, her fortunes should now be consumed correctly when used instead of lasting multiple turns along with the triple fury which was also corrected, the team is waiting for more data before making any other changes to her.

The update sounds interesting. But can I ask why you chose to do it and lock down the game on the last day possible to complete the combination Rally AND Raid this week? Couldn’t you have waited one more day? Are you planning to extend those for guilds/players (like me) that had planned on finishing them between 9am and 2pm EST today? The rally in particular is kind of a grind this week, and so takes a bit of time to get through 50 rooms, much less 75.

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Agreed… I’m pretty sure this maintenance is going to ruin any hopes of my guild getting this Raid done… I personally went through all but 2 of my 15 keys yesterday/today and was going to hit the Rally hard today to replenish and get back to the Raid… but idk if that’s feasible now…

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I can’t believe what I’m reading. Secrecy??? The very limited ways to challenge coriolis game-breaking op. are now blockable?
The other balancing will have to see. I approve of boosting lower level abilities.
The silver - whats???
I didn’t understand that at al.


Agreed!!! The new “Secrecy” ability sounds pretty cool in theory, but not in a time when Coriolis is currently terrorizing the scene with her insane buffs that she can apply EVERY turn! (Side Note: on the topic of Cori’s rapid fire buff dispensary, now that there are so many being applied, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE either add each buff icon to stay fixed around the hero’s hexagon or speed up the alternating/cycling displays… I’m tired of waiting for all the buffs to cycle and then missing my turn in battle because it took too long… maybe keep them all displayed around the hexagon and alternate between showing buffs vs debuffs…)

Regarding Nayeli’s Legendary Restore, which I use and love… man… it’s only good for one round against Coriolis as it is… now it’s going to become almost useless when this new black staff wizard is protecting all of Cori’s buff with Secrecy…

Here’s an idea to BUFFING Nayeli’s Legendary Restore:

How about when you invoke it, not only does it wipe out all opponents buffs/wipeout allies debuffs as usual, but it also PREVENTS all opponents from receiving buffs for a set number of rounds… maybe even preventing all allies from receiving debuffs as well… can I get an amen on that people!!!


“Nayeli: The strength of Nayeli’s abilities have been increased overall.”

(peruses the endless Nayeli nerf list, coupled with the barely noticeable increases for items that are by-and-large unused)

Shout-out for the Pikel nerf too, and an honorable mention for tommus’ legendary weapon! Way to understand your playerbase, really broken heroes weren’t they?


That’s a great idea! Remove buffs. Prevent buffs for 2 turns.
Please implement this now!

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Thanks for answering questions.
Why drop block from 50 to 45%?? Is this the beginning of incremental creep?

Both the rally and raid have been extended for 24 hours, due to the maintenance.


Good to hear. Thanks, @Keith!

Saarvin definitely seems to be a decrease overall, regardless of it’s heading. Also the common Axe Flurry no longer seems to stack with fury causing a massive reduction in their power. Also there seem to be a change in the current raid boss as he is dominating seemingly more often and is no loner falling previous behaviors. Have bosses been updated too?


With Fortune and Fury fix, I think Coriolis might be pretty ok now. Remains to be seen.

Personally I’m quite happy with the update. And really happy to here there will be a recruitment explore event instead of battle – I’m not very big fan of fighting numerous battles one after another.

Btw I think Pikel shouldn’t dominate dominated allies that attack him? Haven’t seen this mentioned yet.

This is a must. And also a little number to show how many turns are left for it. Like Deathward showing 2 then 1 and then the next turn is 0. Having to check each unit to see what is on is awful, especially when the timer decreases in pvp, having so few seconds to check the opponent and then do one’s own attack is too hard. Just use the hex space that is already there. And a x[Y] like x2 or x3 if there are more than one AC+ or Crit+ AC- Atk- on a character. Even as the owner of Naomlen, half the time I’m wondering how many Crit+ stats or how many AC+ stats Tom or others have given a character. Just make the icons, and add them in the turn code to display correctly. I don’t understand why that can’t be made a priority to improve the game. It would make everyone happy.