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Update 17 - Blackstaff & Balance


This game staff must actually think Coriolis is balanced. CURRRRRRAAAAAAZY!

With them making the bosses and rallies awful, having Coriolis over powered just to speed up the rooms is worth it to me, even if she is hard in PvP, I don’t want to spend 10 minutes a room. Give me fury and fortune and let the row attackers/all enemies do their thing. I probably would’ve quit the game if not for her. Cause I can’t spend 2hrs every day playing this game. 30 minutes is all I want to play. I’m thankful for her.


@Keith please clarify - has Joppa rare spear increased or not. Mine is lv 16 and description still says 175% not 210

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Anyone else getting this glitch on their Daily Quests?


Uhhhhhh, then why does Saarvin not hit himself while dominated with the epic bow if this is supposed to be the case?


I’m fine with a dominated hero that hits their own Pikel being effected by Pikels Dominate Trinket. You should have a few ways to restore Dominate anyways. His own Leg. Helm at level 14 giving dominate immunity to team also prevents it from happening.

Thanks for your Response. I’m skeptical that any of the fixes you stated made it in this update since there were no official mention in the patch notes under bug fixes. And I agree with @DrakeValos A few other hero’s have similar attacks that don’t follow the behavior you described Saarvins row attacks don’t hit himself and I’m fairly positive that Sheveriths Epic wand that hits 5 targets doesn’t hit herself either. Tommus used to Hit himself and Ludia fixed it I don’t get why Nayelli is getting the shaft.

And really??? Boots that melee attack are working as intended??? And are super Overpowered in certain matchups??? Boots with random melee attacks aren’t supposed to be affected by other hero’s When hit abilities even though they are doing massive damage when they hit? Sooo can’t have the damage reflected back and make multiple pieces of gear for reflect damage across multiple hero’s absolutely useless in those match ups??? And similarly the same boots ignore when hit Status effects like Pikels Dominate, And Nayelli’s owl??? This makes no sense at all and gives toons with random melee attacks an unfair advantage. Esp Farideh (skilled archetype) rare boots vs Nayelli (tough archetype) 2 of the major ways Nayelli is effective is the Owl and Reflect damage Halberd. And Farideh already has archetype advantage over Nayelli for more damage and easier to hit so in PvP Farideh’s abuse the move attack boots to deal massive damage from 2 zones away with no Risk of any when hit abilities from the other team. If the boots are hitting another hero then they should be subject to all the same when hit abilities on the other side and not magically just totally immune… :man_facepalming: A lot of the gear choices in this game are Risk/Reward. And with melee boots there’s No Risk and Lots of reward…

If they aren’t ever gonna fix the boots than the percentage chance to proc at 75% needs to be lowered and the ridiculous high damage that Farideh,Joppa, Saarvin and Raika boots need to be lowered at least Hal’s are only 50% but I feel that if they can hit 2 toons than they should be nerfed down to hit only one zone away and not 2…

Yes, that is happening to me as well. And once I click on the quests icon, then everything else becomes inaccessible and I have to reboot the whole game.

@Keith was this Saarvin common ax with fury when special ability procs for 4 attacks now only giving + 1 instead of the full extra special ability on fury 2nd attack action giving x4 + x4 for 8 attacks intended as a fury fix that was stealthily implemented and specifically left out of re balance patch notes??? Or is it a new bug??? Feels like a huge nerf and loss of DPR really hope that it’s a bug and not an underhanded re balance that is tryin to get snuck passed the players without any official announcement of the rebalance… shady as funk…

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It’s very clear, the game staff makes decisions based on what is best to keep players playing and spending money NOT on providing the best playable product.

I’m anticipating another exodus of players after this update. (Assuming there are enough players left to call it a “mass” exodus) Once again they are not responding to player concerns and are instead making a series of non-sensical and undesirable changes. There is no acceptable excuse for not balancing Coriolis in this update. :neutral_face:

But its always nice to see the Ludians confirm things are “working as intended.” :nauseated_face:


Your patch notes of re balanced items have errors…

Nayelli’s most the descriptions of the trinkets abilities and the changes to those abilities are wrong. Her epic restore and heal trinket got a 5% nerf to hp. From 75% down to 70% and not the + 8% someone copy pasted half paying attention as they wrote the notes…

So is the 70% health and not 75% an oversight that will be corrected? Or is it actually a decrease UNLIKE your patch notes claim. They say she got an overall increase which is a very false claim. According to them it should have increased from 75% health to 83%. And her legendary trinket has nothing to do with HP it gives her start of turn block. Mine is only level 13 and is showing 30% block when iirc it used to be 25% and not the copy pasted + 8% hp.

On Saaravin the common hood was not increased it was decreased from 150% to 130%

So Pikel’s Deathward was half fixed it seems. Supposedly able to cast it while disarmed, but I haven’t been able to test that yet. However, it also states it’s a range 2 ability but only reaches range 1. still.

There seems to be strange stuff going on with fortune. When my Cori used her rare belt, moved with the legendary legs and got fury, then attacked, she still had her fortune for another turn. This was supposedly fixed.

Daily quests are Borked

Joppas Shark spear wasn’t changed as stated.

Fury doesn’t work right with saarvin’s common axes

Fury supposedly still triples off of cori’s epic pants’ fury, supposedly.

Dominated allies attacking rows including themselves is working as intended, even though half of the heroes don’t do this, so that’s apparently not working as intended then.

Decreasing most of a heroes abilities is stated as an overall increase.

There’s just… a laundry list that keeps on going and going. What is Ludia even doing?

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A mistake was made in the release notes
Nayeli’s Ring of Vigor before the update healed 50 - 50 - 50 - 75 and has been decreased to 45 - 45 - 45 - 70 apologies for the miscommunication.

@Xtian929 according to what I see, Saarvins hood before the update dealt 100 - 100 - 125 - 125 and was increased to 105 - 105 - 130 - 130. Can you tell me what language you play in?

We are also aware that for a number of players the quest page is bugged, We have narrowed it down to what is causing it and working on a fix. When I have more information I will share that with all of you.

What about Joppa? The numbers promised have not appeared on my Joppa

Doesn’t matter I’ll chalk it up to being old and was misremembering

A perfect summation.

When I read through the hero abilities revisions, I was dumbfounded and dejected that Coriolis, for all intents and purposes, remained unchanged.

And they continue to add new heros without properly addressing the existing hero’s flaws. Another issue the community has friowned on.

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Joppa Silverhand weapon should read 110 not 180 still an increase but not as high as stated in the release notes, updating images now.

Anyone else not able to select the daily task item. I have to reboot every time I try.