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Update 17 - Blackstaff & Balance

Joppa sharks maw should read All levels - Damage increased to 135%
it was 125%

art will be updated shortly

Oh, not to mention Saarvin’s epic bow which had broken animations for a long time, finally was fixed, and now is broken again. How even? How many more bugs can we all find in the next day? I’d say about 5 more at least. QA is a thing, y’know.

I’m pretty sure the fortune fix isn’t that it only works once, but rather that it only works once per turn. Which mostly makes sense, because otherwise a three round fortune buff is kind of pointless.

On the image it says proc damage on sharks maw is increased to 210.
Is this another error on the image???

Yeah. Its broken for me and most of my guild.

Hey Seven_Sent, our team is looking into the quest issue. In the meantime, could you please reach out to our support team at with your support key if you haven’t already?

Thank you.

Same here. Except I can only see one quest.

Uh oh. If that is the case, that’s pretty good, BUT what does that mean for joppa? I wonder how things will work with Ludia’s coding if Joppa moves forward and uses the fortune, but renews fortune with his necklace for the quivering palm strike. will it still 100% with the fresh fortune? Testing must be done…

Same here @MisterCinephile. It makes the page look a bit like a slot machine. Except instead of paying off, hitting this page effectively jams up the game, and as @JenniPowell says, I have to reboot to get things working normally again. And I’m hearing the same story from everybody in my guild.

@Keith, is anything being done to address this?

My issue with the game continuing to add new heroes (which should be a great thing) is that every time I add one, it effectively dilutes the odds of every other hero getting the Legendary or Silverhand gear they need during the rare times those are drawn. I’ve lost count of how many times heroes who aren’t even on my active roster have gotten the premium gear rewards instead of the heroes I actually play with 90% of the time. I wish there was a way to add new heroes on kind of an “optional B list” basis, without effectively slowing down the advancement of all the other heroes in the process.


@gagglefrak I believe I already addressed it unless I am mistaken on what you are talking about

It’s not just the quest page. The store page doesn’t work. The event page doesn’t work. The game is borked up.

Hello, Fortune is now consumed upon the Next activation that is base on a random roll or until the stated amount of turns have passed.

Zar, once you happen to click the quest page - your entire session is bugged and you need to close and restart the app. Once in the game, DO NOT click on the quests page - if you avoid it then everything else is working fine (minus all of the in-game bugs that are being discussed atm).

Keith, what we are saying is that is not how it currently works. If that is the intention it is still bugged.
The way a three round fortune works now is it will cause the first random effect used in a round to auto succeed for three rounds. In other words, three uses of fortune, but only one per round. I tested this by equipping some unleveled gear with 20-25% proc rates and I was consistently able to get multiple rounds of procs over a dozen times.
What I did not test was defensive procs, so I don’t know if it triggers once per that character’s turn, or once for each character’s turn.

It is truly amazing that this is how fortune was intended to work but it took 4months+ to fix it properly… giving players incentive to buy your faulty “product”. How many Gems have people wasted during PvP events grinding through battles and losing to players that got “lucky” and got Cori in their 1/8 roster for those battles. That had Bugged out fortune proc-ing 100% of all their abilities for multiple rounds. 4+ months the company subjected the dwindling faithful daily player base to the frustration and aggravation of a Broken “Premium” toon… Profiting along the way. Why did this fix not happen in a timely fashion (within a month of her original VIP release) Without any statement from the company it seems like we should just assume it was for Monetary gain. Posting this here so when this Next toon comes out borked overpowered and bugged there will be evidence of this malicious pattern for someone to start a class action suit. It’s beyond borderline bait and switch cause not only are they selling a broken toon to the people that bought her they are causing the rest of the players to waste their pay currency during events exponentially increasing the amount of gems it takes to complete the events. I hope someone sues this Vulture of a Corporation into oblivion. You give Dungeons and Dragons and it’s parent Company WoTC a really bad name.


I would suggest the developer should fix these things. Inadequate testing remains a problem. I cannot conceive why people still invest money in this app when the developer puts forth such little effort. This indifference is most certainly tarnishing the WotC brand. The nightmare continues for the brand and users.

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Coding projects aren’t that simple, especially if there’s multiple projects to maintain. Please stop being overtly dramatic and hateful. This is a game after all.

Hopefully the worst bugs will get fixed today and get a nice compensation for this :slight_smile:

I just got stuck in Fens challenge as the game repeatedly stuck in the first dragon. I was almost giving up, but decided to try once more, putting Farideh in the middle in a position where he would get as little as possible to avoid Reflect damage. I also stopped using Tommus’s Taunt with counterstrike; this got me through. I think it’s the dragon’s animations counteracting with these reactions (and perhaps something else too in other creatures) that causes the problems.


It’s a money maker, they don’t care about the negative impact on the gameplay.

I’ll speak for myself only in saying that I forgive typical bugs. Quest pass, freezing, animations, these are pretty hard to pinpoint I would assume, and it would tkae a LOT of testing to find every possible combination of heroes, gear, animations and enemies that might produce a glitch.

What I personally dont forgive are the easy things that a single round of gameplay can tease out.

Coriolis having fortune and fury both broken (in favor of the user) for months is not something they werent aware of. Many many posts and users have complained about her being OP with not even an acknowledgement from Luida that she was broken.

I imagine this led to a large number of users buying her, either with gems and time, or actual money.

I agree a class action feels heavy-handed, but for someone that spent a large amount of money, and basically had what they bought taken away, I understand the anger.

Just look at the known bugs still happening through multiple updates/releases and its clear Ludia does not care about the experience of their players, they only care about what makes them money. But they are a business, and thats what businesses do.

But when you reach out to ingame support, and get a child-like response about cranium rats breaking down your resolve, you go to the only other place where you can get answers, and/or express frustration, the forums.

If its dominated by complaints and abuse, there is probably a reason.

Personally I stopped participating in the forum for a long time because all I did was complain, and it got me nowhere.

But now Im frustrated enough that I had to come here to find out what’s happening with ALL THE BUGS AND ISSUES because ingame support won’t tell you whats happening, and when they do its 2 weeks after the issue is resolved or they tell you, everything is fine and its all working as intended.

If you dont like the complaints, stop reading.

If you dont like the game, stop playing.

If you feel a class-action lawsuit is appropriate, call a lawyer.

Or … you can vent and express yourself the only place you can, to people who know what you are talking about - here.