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Update 18

Update 18

Greetings Adventurers! This update contains technical updates to improve performance and network connectivity but also includes some visible bug fixes.


Here are some of the most visible bugs corrected in this update:

  • Saarvin’s common hood and common axes now produce the correct number of attacks.
  • Coriolis’ rare headgear tooltip now lists the correct number of allies gaining random buffs
  • Coriolis’ epic headgear now displays the correct cooldown at all levels
  • Coriolis’ rare class item now has the correct duration for fortune (1 turn)
  • Pikel’s common class item now has the correct target range at level 13.
  • The basic reward list for the Forestfall Fen challenge has been updated based on player feedback
  • Muting the game music and SFX in the settings now works when connected to a Bluetooth headphone


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