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Update 19

Update 19

Greetings Adventurers! This update focuses primarily on fixing performance and connectivity issues, but includes the following visible improvements:

  • Coriolis’ rare wondrous item (Wind Fan) no longer causes a soft lock when the PUSH effect kills a Boss.

  • Silverhand Events now appear correctly for all eligible players.

  • Starting a Theme Event no longer counts against the limit for the Book of Bravery.

  • Based on player feedback, the weekly Theme Events have been extended to 48 hours on a trial basis.


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Thank you @Keith and Ludia for listening to the players requests to extend the “Return To” events to 48 hours.


Hi, all the maintenance is over, but the in-game redirect is not displaying correctly. Please manually go to your app store and download the newest update to play.

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Noticed an issue since the update. In the Guild Rally, after a Doppelganger changes form and completes an attack, he is sometimes disappearing after the attack. Then, you are not able to advance into the row that the Doppleganger was occupying, even though he has disappeared, and the row is empty. When this happens with a Doppelganger in the row directly in front of you, the movement option is unavailable for your toons, even though there is an unoccupied row in front of them.

This has happened twice since the update. The only option is to exit the Rally, and start over.

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There is a funny bug in the game Thommas keeps running off the screen and when the return the monster is invisible

Hi Chiel, can you provide more details or a screenshot. Did you download the update from your app store? If yes please contact our support team:

The login issue is because you need to update. Have to manually search for update since redirect got messed up it seems.

Also seeing issues with doppelgängers where have to quit game.

Doppleganger glitch:
AoE before its next turn can kill it, assuming other enemies. If they dont kill seems to have a chance to make them reappear.

Unknown AoE damaging monsters.
Appears almost random… did make a glitched doppleganger reappear though

I agree. Great to see a positive response to player requests!

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Yeah I have the same bug where Tommus disappears and reappears later - counterattack is on and the Doppelgänger disappears but is still there as your toons can’t move up. I updated and reloaded from the App Store BTW

Since update I’m getting this error

Hej Keith,

Well, with the update I (and at least one other player in our guild) lost my Shev’s SH misc item which I unlocked her SH trial before. It still shows the SH item but it is greyed out and if I click on it, it says “Gear Under Construction”.

Can you please check if this is a common issue and how to get it back?

(btw, seems almost everybody is having the issue with the invisible doppelgangers)

The team is working on a fix for the doppelganger issue when I have more information I will share, they believe Tommus running off-screen is also part of the same bug.

@ragingfuz the team has also been able to reproduce Shev sh wonderous item and looking into it also.

Thank you

thanks Keith, much appreciated! :+1:

Update: Shevarith’s Silverhand Wondrous Item should now work.
The doppelganger bug will require more work as such, the team is planning to end the current rally (you will receive rewards up to this point) Then start a new Rally with no Doppelgangers that will run for an additional 24 hours to replace the Monday that was lost. We are aiming to have the new rally up by 11 am (one hour from now)

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Confirmed, the Shevarith’s Silverhand Wondrous Item is back.

And the new rally event works well


The doppelgänger issue also occurs in the Lightfinger Estate challenge. A spell that affects an entire row can hit them. Otherwise you have no option against them.

The bug wouldn’t be so bad if you could select them to attack, but the invisibility bug doesn’t let you attack them directly even if you know where they are.