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Update 2.0 What I think

After about 6 days of the update, crazy hours put into raiding and team tweaking, let me just put my 2 JWA coins in.


  1. The new interface with the affected stats is cool.It makes planning and doing strategy easier.

  2. Raids is fun. They reawoke many zombie members in my alliance and even friends who needed help. It bonded alliances and even countrymen. Of course Mortem did result in a few players feeling left out and sulking but that why leaders get the title and nothing else right? To sort out such problems.

  3. The rebalances have made arena team building more interesting and changed the set plays that have been around since 1.10. I have found it more fun to have new creatures to beat and even old creatures with new moves and abilities bring new challenge.

  4. With stat boosts reset, I can actually build my dream creatures up for sanc building and have troll creatures set up for when I wanna be a troll and stay in 30s AI timer land.

  5. The change in the spawns has made hunting exciting again. Mammoth in the wild is exciting. Exclusives being huntable is exciting. Actually grinding a unique from scratch and not from saved DNA is exciting. I am stoked to go hunting.

  6. The change in abilities has made battling quite exciting since its a scissors, paper, stone (rock paper scissors) kind of thing. Learning as you play is quite fun.


  1. Lack of change in PvP aspects. Nublar is still 2 min AI timer. RNG still matters more than actual skill. Skill Tournaments are still unplayable. More reasonable and respected players than I have said the AI timer in Nublar is too long. The reasoning no longer even flies since the top players are gonna grind and all making the timer longer does is that less PvP-inclined players are used as fodder for their entertainment. Solutions to the boost farming issue have been put forward such as limiting how many you can get per day. So why the lack of change? Do something about the timer because it will cost you actual top player dollar soon.

  2. Very erratic DNA rewards for Bosses. Getting 16x less of a reward than someone else doing the same job is gonna cause trouble. When I get 10 Mordem DNA from narrowly beating Mordem and someone else does exactly the same battle and has a similar outcome gets 160 DNA, I will be angry. Fix that Ludia.

  3. Raids are buggy. Lobby is Full. Invites disappear. Ludia knows.

  4. Strike Towers giving less coins. This to me is a minor issue but still no logical reason to nerf their output of coins. These towers serve as a small slot machine for DNA and coins so buff them to double their output. It will make 0 difference in reality but the player base will be much happier and you still get all the sales of coins and what not.

  5. A lot of changes but things remain the same. The experience from Friday to Sunday is the same for me. Tournament lose like crap, arena wait to lose like crap, towers few and low level. Same issues we had last week. I dun feel anything has changed on a personal experience. Arena and PvP suck. Bugs persist and have spawn new bugs. I dun see why I should be playing over the weekend since there is nothing new and exciting to do.

  6. Dropping will be an issue. Just like 1.14 and before the issues causing dropping will continue because in 2.0, nothing has changed. Ludia do something about the whole PvP experience so everyone can enjoy this game.

Overall, the update as been okay. Not amazing due to the negative reasons above but not bad. The negatives are longer than the positives because I included solutions and rants.

Ludia has to fix more than the superficial creature balance but make the experience worth dedicating the time for. Not just for the newbies but also for the old vets. The main place to start is the Clog Zone (Gyro, Library and Aviary.) Make the playing experience for them better then half the carried over unhappiness from 1.14 will be solved to an extent.


I think they should make a second arena and I totally agree with you but what does RNG mean.

Random Number Generator. The luck factor. Your crits, stuns working, swaps working, etc…

Ok, I was confused cuz someone mentioned it for an incubator. They need to fix their evasion on that.
it never works.

Some other negatives:

Instant invincibility lasts for anywhere between 1 to 3 turns, you can never know how long

Taunt abilities are needlessly used in the arena and should only be programmed to have use in raids

Speaking of raids, there is too much focus on them, on the one hand they are a nice addition to the game, on the other hand, however, too many creatures are now built specifically for them with no real use in the arena… I feel like the dinos should have different sets of skills for raids if they have a specific role in them (yes, I’m talking about the healers)

Speaking of raids, part 2, the rewards we get from them are just laughable… so much effort for a ridiculously small amount of DNA

The raid lobby desperately needs chat

Tryko and Maxima are uber tyrants with no real counters (I use them and I myself feel that they are too OP)

Jurassic World Alive has transformed into Jurassic Math Alive… seriously, with so many resistances on so many creatures it’s ridiculous how you have to try to find out in 15 seconds what you should do so that it’s effective… imunity was a little OP, but it was so much better than this chaos

Too many creatures have resilient or cunning strikes now and it feels like the game is lacking variety


Skill tournaments still what’s best in the game regarding singles battles :upside_down_face:


Skill Tournaments are the worst part of my playing experience. As I said they didnt change so that is a negative in my eyes.

I do them to grind battles for alliance. Dun have any fun with speed ties and RNG fests. Makes the arena experience actually less messed up. There has not been much skill to be seen when it comes to PvP in JWA. Whoever draws the right dino or gets RNGeus on their side wins.

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Other negatives:

Null Moves (excluding strike) have a 2-turn cooldown

Spyx losing its LW and Debilitating Distraction

Keraptoporky and Monorhino losing LW

Thor losing DSR

ProRat getting gutted

Arena matchmaking is still worse as ever

Speedsters that lost Full Immunity, didnt get compensated with Speed Decrease Immunity

As you said, no cap on the DNA one gets from Raid Bosses (I really feel like they should change the minimum and put a cap on it so its not unfair for other players who worked hard to beat it, only to have their effort in vain.)
How bout this:

Epic: Min. 300 DNA
Max. 500 DNA

Legend: 100 DNA
167 DNA

Unique: 33 DNA
57 DNA

Apex: 11 DNA
19 DNA

Oh, and for some reason Dig In and Instant Invincibility, the shields last for 2 turns…

Ludia only focusing on the new 3 moves: Cunning, Fierce and Resilient. Its like they just want all creatures to just be either cunning, fierce or resilient. Which really kills the diversity in the game.

Dodge mechanics trashed. ES only has 50% chance now. Cloak is barely useable due to every single creature having Resilient Strike. If not, then they probably have SS/SV

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Then I guess those same faces always fighting on top100, top50, top10 must have been very very lucky on draws and RNG every single week for more than a year :upside_down_face:

My play time has been very minimal the last few weeks. Logged in today to do the tournament and feel like I need an advanced degree in game theory to even start to understand all the new moves and resistances. I stopped spending on boosts two months ago. VIP will be next to go.

I’m mixed on raiding.
I don’t like being reliant on others, but since you are raiding from the comfort of your own home and can quickly get a group of people you know and trust it isnt as bad as I’ve expected with the exception of Mortem Rex raids.
Most of my friends are casual and I had to group with others outside of my alliance to do it.
But I learned a lot, played with people who I respect and like from the arena but don’t really know well outside of that.
It was a positive social experience for me which I didn’t expect due to my military culture/humor that most don’t know how to take.
I was able to go outside my social comfort zone, and bring back some tactical know how to my own alliance.
It really was a good concept that will only get better once bugs are fixed.

Well. I like change, but I’m having difficulty UNLEARNING the old game.
When distracted and playing in subconscious mode, I do doable takes and get irritated with myself when things I have baked into my head smack me in the face (I had to remove some dinos like Erlidom from my team completely because I kept forgetting it could be slowed)
I’ve stared to reprogram myself and increasing my win ratio. I’ll have a better idea of meta balance once I learn 2.0
I just don’t know yet.
If the next seasonal has useless rewards as well I’ll continue to experiment and try to build the most optimal team before boosting.
If it’s an awesome reward… I dunno.
I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. I don’t mind a continual drop as long as I’m learning and refining with wuero as a reward.

I dont need them listing every single effect every time I use them.

Supply drops:
No longer rubberband, but still not as responsive as they used to be at moderate speeds. Baby steps.

I’ve never seen discord so active.
It may just be 2.0 newness, but if it stays with such a high social activity it can only help JWA.


You just need time and luck. I got into top 20 for advantage by playing 100s of battles. Not that free to play weekly.

Because advantage is just a matter of how strong your team is. Get to the rank range you belong and that’s it. Fun, lol… But I’m just messing with ya, I know we have different opinions on this. Let’s agree to disagree.

Skill needs time, yes certainly. Luck? Sure, but it’s impossible for the same people to be that lucky over others again and again so many times. There’s skill involved, hence the name x)

This updates good except for the fact there’s a bug where we get locked out for using emojis in a raid… hopefully I’m back in when this minor update drops

Raids were fun, but that will fade within a week or so - especially as most of the reward DNA isn’t actually that worthwhile in 2.0.

Everyone wants Mortem, but given that most of the other components are for nerfed dinos is it worth the time and effort for minimal rewards?

Mammoth in the wild - that’s great if you’re in that zone. I spent many battles against IRG2 at high levels as people living in the zone for Echo could make it a lot easier than anyone else as T Rex was a weekly spawn (granted they needed Blue but it was a seasonal, weekly show case and could be got from sanctuaries).

The RNG lottery is as annoying as ever, but so is the postcode lottery in terms of DNA in your area - especially given COVID and a lack of people being able to get out and about.

Reducing the amount of coins given out is another annoyance.

I’ve seen so many bugs that I can’t even be bothered to report them:

Slowed down Erlidom (which I still think is a complete joke) to 68 speed and yet it still went first straight after!

Dracorat used on me took a fraction of health left not a percentage of max health (made me laugh as I killed the rat but it wasn’t right!)

I really wanted to enjoy this update but so far it’s not leaving a pleasant taste.

The one positive is the alliance I’m in is great and well organised - but that’s nothing to do with Ludia!

There is skill but also a lot of luck from RNG and whoever has the quickest connection to go first in a speed tie. I’d hazard a guess that most people that beat me in those are in the US / Canada.

It is a more open playing field to advantage but I’d use the term “skill” loosely to describe my experiences with it.

You could have a great strategy but it hinges on a stun hitting just once etc. but your opponent avoids that or manages to get a crit when otherwise you were about to finish them off.

Anyway, don’t want to go off topic, but they are still in 2.0.

Trust me, I’m the first one to complain about speedties. I lose 99.9% of them. I live in Brazil and have terrible connection… But I manage to compete among top 100 every skill tourney.

Now I will do 2.1

Skill has its place in the monthly schedule. I dun care for it but I also dun want it removed since it brings happiness to some players.

I prefer advantage minus the boosts.

Of course your alliance is great. It literally doesnt stop raiding and the leader can fall asleep playing raids with his OP Tuora.