Update 2.12 teaser

If we stick to the old 1 month cycle we should get the update 2.12 teaser tomorrow or next week


I’m not expecting more because I know we won’t get what we want. I’m hoping and also thinking (for low levels) for rare to unique raids.

Perhaps with some luck we get the camp cretaceous smilodon


Probably two more weeks my guess

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Camp Cretaceous comes out December 3rd which is a Friday so chances are that week will be Camp Cretaceous themed, similar to last time I expect them to release an update the week before or even that week


Smilo g2 sounds cool

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I believe there was another leaked E750 clip somewhere

Which means the theory of E750 vs spinosaurus may happen

But we really don’t need scorp g4


by the looks of it it won’t since he isn’t any different from the old scorpius of season 3


Yes… but the second scorpius in season 3 is pretty much identical to the first one, whereas Scorp 2 in JWA is pretty different

I’m pretty sure the E750 section of the trailer is a flashback

Knowing ludia, they might just do that. They also might throw in an indom gen 3 and indo gen 3 too.

Regardless, I’m still excited that we get more scorpius rex in season 4

We don’t even have more gen 3 so we probably not have gen 4 anytime soon

Yeah, not too keen to find out which of my newly minted lvl 30 uniques is about to become obsolete already.

If anything, Im expecting some major buffs. Since were allegedly getting new classes, we could see some major reworks like we did in 2,0

Yep. I would like a buff for refrenatem and coelurosauravus

Why a common?

Just more attack and health